The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

20 November 2011
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough artwork

Chapter 13: Volcano Summit

Eldin Volcano Revisited – The Third Trial

Warp to Volcano Ascent, which is where the trial gate is located. Play the harp and follow along the tune to open the portal and get started. This Trial is definitely the hardest of all. The Tears are scattered far in between and you can’t just go anywhere because of the lava. Concentrate on following the paths as you know this area and try all of them as they all have Tears somewhere. None of them are hidden, so as long as you check all the paths, you should get them fine. The only hard one to find is located atop a cliff on the sand slope where you slide down with some air currents. Remember sometimes you might have to get very close to a Watcher to pick up a Tear, but as long as you then run and grab another Tear, they will stop chasing you. Have a look at the video for the locations of the Tears.

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  • Once you succeed the Trial, you will receive the Fireshield Earrings. This item allows you to survive in extreme heats and will also block enemies from burning you, although you are not immune to fire attacks. Sorry, no walking in lava. It will let you reach a new area, nonetheless. Make sure to bring an Empty Bottle with you before continuing.

    Volcano Summit

    From where the trial gate was, go right and blow up the boulder blocking the path. Jump into the big air draft on the left to reach the area above, where you’ve been previously, but couldn’t go any further because of the heat. Head right and up the slope. Go through the passage here to reach the Volcano Summit. Jump down into the area behind the save statue on the right and cross the lava to the left. Go through the doorway to end back up outside. If you dive off the platform to the right here (see video) and land behind one of the rock columns, you can find a Goddess Cube. Then you can go back up using the Clawshots on the vines around the cliff to find a treasure chest with a Silver Rupee behind a bombable wall at the top. But the important thing here is to scoop some water from the waterfall along the rockface. Use one of your Empty Bottles to gather the water, then go back inside the volcano.

    Head up the slope on the left and enter the passage up there. There’s a path blocked by fire and a frog head statue on the right. Target the frog and and pour the water from your bottle into its mouth to remove the fire barrier. In the next room is another fire barrier, so go back outside to get some more water. Return to the room with the frog and clawshot the vines up the left wall. Then jump over to the platform above the frog face and pour the water into it from above. You’ll then reach the Fire Sanctuary, but you can’t proceed yet, and the frog here requires a lot more water. More than you can carry by yourself. Before leaving, you can get up to the window in the tower to the left of the entrance and then clawshot the vines on the cliffs to reach a Goddess Cube.

    If you go back to the outside area where you scooped the water, your Mogma friend will give you a hint. Now you must warp back to Lake Floria and speak with the Water Dragon to borrow her water basin. While you’re at Lake Floria, land in the area at the Ancient Cistern entrance and use the Clawshot to climb up some vines at the top of the wall leading to the water dragon’s lair. There’s a Goddess Cube up here on the left and you can also use the Beetle to go nab a Gold Rupee up the cliff to the right. Then hop down and go talk to the Water Dragon. Scrapper will help you carry the water basin to the Fire Sanctuary, so fly back to Eldin Volcano afterwards. However, due to a mistake, you’ll need to lead Scrapper up to the volcano, while defending him from the enemies on your way. Argh.

    Getting Scrapper to the Volcano Summit is a lot harder than it seems. To make things easier, upgrade your bow to the Sacred Bow if possible, buy the Quiver and upgrade it to the Large Quiver so you can carry the maximum number of arrows. This will really, really help. Scrapper can only take a few hits before you have to start everything over, so it’s important he doesn’t get hit. Choose your favorite path to get up to the volcano and use your Bow to shoot every enemy in your range, before attempting to go any further. You can even kill the Moblins with a few hits from the Sacred Bow. The Bobkoblin Archers are the biggest threat here though, so make sure to take them out from afar. Take your time to clear the areas before moving out until you get to the summit. You’ll need to take out two Lizalfos at last, then lead Scrapper to the Fire Sanctuary and he will pour the water onto the frog to open the way. All done! Now enter the temple.


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