The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

20 November 2011
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Our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this megaton Wii adventure, the latest in Nintendo’s long-running Zelda series and the Wii’s swansong.

Enter the world of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with full-motion control thanks to the Wii MotionPlus, and get into adventure with the newest installment of the long-running action RPG titan series.

With WiiMotion Plus, the every movement of your gestures is matched with exact precision in the game, Link swings when you swing! From left to right, up to down. This precision applies even to enemies and titanic bosses, as new strategy must be used to take them down and defend against their attacks with your very motions!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 years and older.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword released exclusively for the Wii console is an epic adventure that all players, regardless of the type of video games they enjoy, can pick up and play.

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is expansive. The game takes players flying in the air, searching through dungeons and exploring on land. Players help heroic Link explore volcanoes, forests, deserts and the sky itself. The epic quest lays the foundation for the events in the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and marks a turning point for the franchise.

The game uses the motion controls of the Wii Remote Plus controller (or a Wii Remote controller with a Wii MotionPlus accessory) to immerse players in the action. Every motion, whether swinging the sword to fight enemies, shooting arrows or tossing bombs like you would bowling balls, feels natural and intuitive. Players must solve each battle by analyzing enemies’ attacks and defenses and coming up with effective countermeasures.

Introduction & Frequently Asked Questions

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game boxart

“Skyloft — an island in the sky blessed by the Goddess.

Link, a student at the Knight Academy, is about to participate in a special ceremony that tests the bond between the majestic Loftwing birds and the people of Skyloft. Success will see Link become a Knight and earn him a gift from his childhood friend, Zelda, who is also taking part in the ceremony by playing the role of the Goddess. And so their destiny begins…”

Here’s the game’s beautiful introduction cinematic.

In this section we’ll add frequently asked questions by you, dear readers. You can ask questions in the comments section below.

What are Loftwings?

The people in Skyloft have their own individual guardian birds, known as Loftwings. Dive from a ledge above the clouds and whistle to call your Loftwing – then prepare to soar through the sky on its back!

Link travels to different points in the world below by way of the sky, as Loftwings are the game’s main mode of transportation.

…How to get back up in the air?

At save points on the ground Link can also catch an updraft with his Sailcloth to ride the wind back up to the sky.

…How about when you’re walking?

Holding the A button while walking lets Link dash, adding a new element of speed and convenience to his travels.

Who are Groose and his sidekicks?

Groose, who is Link’s classmate at the Knight Academy, always appears with his two accomplices and treats Link as his ultimate rival. In actual fact, it’s Groose’s feelings towards Zelda that make Link a rival in his mind, as Link and Zelda enjoy a close friendship. Groose will be taking part in the Loftwing ceremony along with Link and Zelda, and it seems like he might have something up his sleeve…

How to use your sword and shield?

There is a Sparring Hall next to the Knight Academy. Here, you can learn the finer points of swordplay from the Knight Commander. Swing the Wii Remote Plus vertically, sideways, and diagonally and Link’s sword will mirror your motions. You can also thrust the sword forward by doing the same with the Wii Remote Plus. Move the Nunchuk as your shield – time it right, and you can even deflect incoming attacks!

What can you do in the Bazaar?

In the Bazaar, located in the centre of Skyloft, there are various stores which help you through your adventure. You can buy items from the Gear Shop, repair your possessions and upgrade weapons at the Scrap Shop, or store items at the Item Check. You could even ask the fortune-teller to reveal something of what lies on the path ahead!

Gondo runs a Scrap Shop in the Bazaar, where you can use treasure found in the land below to upgrade your shield and other items.

Beyond strength upgrades, Link will be able to increase the potency of potions, increase the endurance of his shield, make some items more useful, and much more.

Who is Fi?

One night, Link wakes up and sees the mysterious spirit which resides in Link’s sacred sword, Fi, appear before him. Fi reveals to Link the great destiny that lies before him. With the guidance and support of Fi, Link sets out for the land below Skyloft in search of Zelda.

Fi is an invaluable companion on Link’s adventure. She appears any time new events present themselves, providing helpful info. While she is dependable, she approaches every situation with a purely logical perspective — anyone looking for an emotional companion will have to search elsewhere.

Where can I play minigames?

Not far from Skyloft is a small island where you can play a minigame called ‘Clean Cut’. The aim of the game is to cut a long bamboo stick into as many pieces as possible. It’s a real test of your swordsmanship skills!

Link can also try his luck at the Thrill Digger minigame within Eldin Volcano, which involves digging holes in the game area to unearth Rupees. Link can keep digging and racking up the Rupees until he comes across a bomb – then it’s game over.

How to battle Bokoblin?

Faron Woods is home to monsters, and of all the different kinds you can encounter, Bokoblin are the worst. They don’t just attack you in large groups, but also block your attacks using their own weapons. The key to defeating these monsters is to watch where they are blocking and attack as soon as you glimpse an opening.

What are those cute Kikwis?

The Kikwis live in Faron Woods, and are an intelligent race capable of communicating with Link. They’re also quite cowardly, however, and at the first sign of danger they will use the lump on their backs to camouflage themselves among the vegetation. As they live in the forest, they might have an idea where Zelda is…

How does Dowsing help you find anything you need?

Team up with Fi and she’ll teach you how to use dowsing to lead you towards objects you are searching for. Point Link’s sword at different parts of the environment and listen for sound clues to close in on your target. Dowsing could come in handy in the Faron Woods as Link starts his search for Zelda.

Dowsing (or is it Dousing?) will be an extremely useful tool to find precious materials necessary for weapon/item upgrades in the Bazaar.

How can you save your game and quickly move around the world?

You will occasionally see a Bird Statue as you explore, and you can use such statues to save your game. The Bird Statue is also a portal via which you can go back to Skyloft.

You’ll also find Bird Statues inside dungeons. Use them to save your game and to escape from the dungeon you’re in.

When returning from a break, Link can choose to be briefed on “The Story So Far” in case he has trouble remembering where he has to go next.

What’s the Lighting Round Challenge?

Deep in the Lanayru (Desert) Province, an exciting challenge awaits those who wish to truly test their fighting skills. The Lightning Round lets Link fight past boss battles in quick succession.

Chapter 1: Skyloft

Skyloft is an island high up in the clouds, blessed by the Goddess. It is the place that Link and Zelda call home.

Getting Started

Wake up! Check your dresser before heading out of the room to find a blue rupee. Leave the academy and instructor Horwell will call out to you from above. Target him to speak with him, then climb up the boxes and jump across the gap to reach him. Talk to him again and accept to help get Mia off the roof. Climb up the wall behind Horwell to grab the ledge left of the door and shimmy over to the platforms on the left. Jump across and climb up the vines to reach the roof. Push the box against the wall, then climb up and pick up Mia. Go back down with her and get her to Horwell.

Now proceed up the stairs at the back of the area to reach the emplacement of the ceremony. After the cutscene, go back to speak with Horwell. Also talk to the girl in front of the door; she’ll mention an important person; Pipit. Go inside the academy and head downstairs. Speak with Fledge, the guy in front of the barrels. He will try to tell you something, but not of much help. Also talk to Pipit, near the classroom. Leave the academy again and walk into the village.

Finding Your Loftwing

Head for the plaza, near the huge white tower. A cutscene will automatically start where you will meet Groose. He’s obviously not a friend. After the scene, speak with a guy sitting on a bench around the plaza, he will mention Pipit again. Head back to the academy to talk to the girl from before. She will tell you Pipit was looking for you near the Sparring Hall. It’s the little house to the right of the academy. If you try going back to the ceremony area, Pipit will call out to you. Go down to talk to him and Fledge to learn about the location of your loftwing.

First, you’ll need a sword. Enter the Sparring Hall behind them and talk to the Knight Commander. Go in the back room and open the chest to get the Practice Sword. Try it out if you want, then leave. Go to the waterfall in the west part of town and jump across the step stones. Go up to the cave and slash the wooden barrier in front of it with your new sword. Inside the cave, follow the path to a slope. Run up the slope holding A to dash and you’ll get to the top. Then head for the exit which leads you out to the back of the island. Zelda will meet you up there. Head down to find your loftwing locked up behind a barrier. Slash the ropes holding the wooden beams with your sword to free him. You will then get a tutorial on how to fly with the loftwing.

Bird Flying

Back in town, the ceremony can finally take place. You’ll need to race out with the other students and catch the yellow loftwing holding the statuette. Dash and make sharp turns to catch up to it. Press A when you get close enough. You’ll need to catch him twice, since Groose will try to get in your way. Once you win, Zelda will give you the Sailcloth. Press B to open it and land from high heigths. You’ll need to land right in the middle of the circle on the ground. Tilt the wiimote to direct your fall and open the sailcloth before touching the ground.

The Goddess Sword

After another cutscene, you’ll wake up in your room again. Leave and you’ll see a spirit waiting for you up the hallway. Follow it outside, and to the outskirts of the island. Climb around until you reach the summit and follow it inside the statue. To retrieve the sword from its pedestal, hold the wiimote upside down and slowly raise it like you were taking the sword out of the ground. You now have the Goddess Sword. Fi will then hand over the Emerald Tablet, which opens up a path to the world below. Take your sword out and raise it to the sky (keep the wiimote up straight) to gather light energy to it. Then target and strike the skyward emblem at the back of the room to light it up. Place your piece of the tablet into the wall to open the portal.

The next morning, you will finally get your trademark green clothes. Leave the academy for good and speak with Owlan outside to get a free Wooden Shield to equip. Now take a look in the distance and you should see a green pillar of light emerging from the sky. Follow the light and jump down to call your loftwing. Then fly to the green light and head down into the hole to reach the sealed grounds.

Sealed Grounds

When you land into the Sealed Grounds, make your way down the path, slashing the Deku Babas on your way. You need to pay attention to their mouth and slash them the right direction (horizontally or vertically). After a little cutscene, you’ll notice a sealed door behind you. Since you can’t go in there yet, walk to the edge of the area and jump down all the way to the bottom, using the Sailcloth. Raise your sword to the sky to gather energy, then unleash it on the statue in the center of the area to obtain a new power; dowsing. You can use this to locate Zelda and other things. It will beep stronger as you get close to the right location.

For now, head back to the sealed door from before by using the air drafts to go back up. Use Dowse on the door to open it and go in. The sage inside will teach you how to place beacons on your map. Also open the chest beside her to get a revitalizing potion, then head out through the door on the right. You’ll find a Goron merchant being attacked ahead. Defeat all the enemies around him to help him out, then push the log at the end of the path so you can climb up and reach Faron Woods.

Skyloft – The Lumpy Pumpkin Heart Piece

If you fly south from Skyloft, you will come to a small island called Pumpkin Landing. Inside The Lumpy Pumpkin bar is a Piece of Heart sitting atop the large chandelier in the main room. Go upstairs and roll into the balcony three times to shake the chandelier and make it fall down. You can now collect the Piece of Heart on the floor.


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