The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Heart Pieces Locations Guide

Welcome to our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Heart Pieces locations guide where we’ll point out the Pieces of Heart we come across in our travels across the epic Wii-exclusive adventure world.

Each time you find a Piece of Heart, the game will tell you to “Collect four to increase your heart capacity.” Meaning four Heart Pieces combine to add one Heart Container to your health bar. A whole Heart Container is also your reward for defeating a boss. Enemies in this game are also tougher, which is why you start out with six Heart Containers instead of the usual three Heart Containers.

Index of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Guides:

“Skyloft” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: If you fly south from Skyloft, you will come to a small island called Pumpkin Landing. Inside The Lumpy Pumpkin bar is a Piece of Heart sitting atop the large chandelier in the main room. Go upstairs and roll into the balcony three times to shake the chandelier and make it fall down. You can now collect the Piece of Heart on the floor. – Thanks for the tip No.

Location: After breaking the chandelier in the Lumpy Pumpkin, talk to the owner who will demand that you pay it back by running a few errands for him. First, deliver a bottle of Hot Pumpkin Soup to Eagus at the Sparring Hall in Skyloft. Then check back later (after doing a dungeon or main area) and the owner will now ask that you carry pumpkins to the storage without making them fall (talk to his daughter to start this). Lastly, (after another dungeon or later in the game) check again and the owner will ask you to play the harp in front of an audience. Successfully completing all these quests will earn you a Piece of Heart.

Location: Obtain 10 Gratitude Crystals from helping villagers or found around Skyloft and bring them to Batreaux under Skyloft to receive a Heart Piece. You can find his hideout by pulling the top-left corner tombstone in the graveyard at night (to access night-time, sleep in any bed found in the village).

Location: Beedle sells a Piece of Heart at his shop for 1600 Rupees. You will need to buy or obtain the larger wallets before you can get this, so this may be the last item you buy.

Location: Once you have the Clawshots, climb to the roof of the Academy and target the chimney there. Get inside Zelda’s room from there and examine her closet to find a Heart Piece.

Location: Score 600 Points at Fledge’s Pumpkin shooting mini-game in Skyloft. First you will need to help Fledge get stronger by visiting him at night in his room at the Academy. Bring him a Stamina Potion (bought from the bazaar), then visit him again the next night and give him another Stamina Potion. You will then find him in front of the Sparring Hall during daytime. Play his mini-game and win to earn the Heart Piece.

Location: Win Dodoh’s Drop mini-game at FunFun Island (west of Skyloft). First you will need to help him out by getting back the fan that fell in Lanayru Desert. Warp to the desert entrance and hit the timeshift stone to change the landscape. Climb up the vine wall and follow the path to find it. Scrapper will help you get it back to FunFun Island.

Location: To find this Heart Piece, you will need to activate a Goddess Cube in Faron Woods.

The Goddess Cube is located in front of Skyview Temple in the Deep Woods, on the edge of where the path ends. After hitting the cube, go back to the sky and fly to a small island south of Skyloft to find a Goddess Cube with the Piece of Heart inside. (Use the map to locate it)

Location: You can find a Heart Piece on Beedle’s Island, but you will need to have the Clawshots. To access Beedle’s island, sleep in Beedle’s bed inside his flying shop and choose to wake up at night. The Goddess Cube linking to this chest is located at the Temple of Time grounds in Lanayru.

Location: You can find a Heart Piece at Strich’s Bug Paradise at the end of the game once you can enter the Thunderhead. You will first need to hit a Goddess Cube in Eldin Volcano to be able to open the chest containing the Piece of Heart on bug island.

“Faron Woods” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: You can find a Piece of Heart in Faron Woods earlier on.

When you go up the cliff left of Machi, the first Kikwi. Head up the slope leading to the tree (where the hole in the ground is) surrounded by a stone wall, but instead, go left and walk across the rope. You will then find a Piece of Heart next to the huge tree in the center.


Location: You can find a second Piece of Heart in Faron Woods once you have the Bombs later on.

Head back to the mushrooms field where you met the first Kikwi and look on the left side for a cracked wall. Blow it up to reveal a Piece of Heart inside the alcove.

“Skyview Temple” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: Here’s the Heart Piece in the Skyview Temple.

The Piece of Heart in Skyview Temple can be found locked in behind the dome in the open room. To obtain it, use the Beetle to fly up to the very top of the dome and look for an opening in the wall. Hit the switch in here to open the gate so you can grab another Piece of Heart.

“Eldin Volcano” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: In the first area of Eldin Volcano, just before the spot where you had to roll a bomb flower across the bone bridge to unclog the lava, climb up around the cliff to the right and follow the path to the top. Once at the edge, look down to see a Piece of Heart at the tip of a ledge below. Jump down to collect it.

“Lanayru Desert” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: In the north-eastern part of the desert, if you check the map, you’ll notice a curved path. Follow the submerged pathway under the sand to get to the right side of the curved path and blow up the cracked wall with a bomb to reveal a passage leading to a chest containing the Piece of Heart.

“Lanayru Sand Sea” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: In the Sandyard, you can replay the Goron’s mine cart mini-game by talking to him after completing it and finish the hardest course in less than 1:05 to win a Piece of Heart.

“Sandship” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: On the deck, climb to the very top of the middle mast and shoot the eye on the mast at the back of the ship, then use the pulley to cross. Drop down on the deck below, then use the Clawshots on the target on the pole at the very back of the ship. Drop down again and open the blue chest down there to get a Piece of Heart.

“Fire Sanctuary” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: This Heart Piece is not missable as it is essential in completing this dungeon. Near the end of the sanctuary you will come to a Mogma running away from you in one of the underground puzzle rooms. Catch him and he will give you the Piece of Heart.

“Volcano Summit” Piece of Heart Locations

Location:Once you have the Mogma Mitts, you can get a Piece of Heart back at the Volcano Summit in Eldin Volcano. Just warp to the Fire Sanctuary entrance and head back inside the volcano from there. Look on the left for three holes around a spot with butterflies (you can play the harp here). Dig into the middle hole and cross the burrow to find a hidden cave with a Heart Piece and some fairies.

“Sealed Grounds” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: You can only get this Heart Piece after rescuing Levias later in the game.
Go behind the Sealed Temple where Faron Woods connects to the Sealed Grounds. Play the harp on the wall where the butterflies gather near the Goron. Then draw an arrow (a line and a triangular tip will do) on the goddess wall and the Goron will give you a Piece of Heart.

“Lanayru Gorge” Piece of Heart Locations

Location: At the end of the game, win four boss replay fights in a row from the Thunder Dragon’s boss Challenge to receive a Piece of Heart.

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