Tekken Tag Tournament HD Unlockables, Secrets & Tips (PS3)

Our Tekken Tag Tournament HD Unlockables, Secrets and Tips guide shows you how to unlock various modes, characters, stages and more.

How to Unlock the Tekken Bowl

The Tekken Bowl extra mode will be unlocked once you unlock True Ogre as a playable character.

How to Unlock Theater Mode

The Theater Mode allows you to view any of the game’s cutscenes, openings or endings at your leisure. To unlock it simply beat the Arcade Mode one time.

How to Play As the Secret Character Unknown

You can unlock Unknown as a playable character by beating the Arcade Mode times. To play as Unknown, highlight Roger on the Character Select Screen then go over right once.

How to Unlock the Tekken Bowl JukeBox

You can unlock the Tekken Bowl Jukebox by earning 200 Points in Tekken Bowl Mode.

How to Unlock the Gallery Mode

You can unlock the Gallery Mode by unlocking Devil as a playable character.

How to Unlock Armor King’s Alternate Costume

You can unlock an additional secret outfit for Armor King by beating the Arcade Mode with Armor King. Now, simply press the Star Button to choose your character on the Character Select Screen; in lieu of pressing a different button, and you’ll have Armor King’s hidden costume when the match starts!

How to Unlock An Alternative Opening Movie

You can unlock an additional Alternate Opening movie scene by unlocking all of the animal characters in the game; Kuma/Panda and Roger/Alex. Once this is done, then you’ll see an alternative opening movie that replaces the human characters training with the animal characters! However the animal opening will only play occasionally.

Stage Select For Practice Mode

You can use a cheat code that allows you to select whichever level you want for the Practice Mode, the level you’ll get depends on the number of times you hold the L2 button and press R2 while highlighting the Practice Mode option on the Main Menu. This list shows you how many times you must press R2 for the corresponding stage.

Law’s Level (New) – 1
Yoshimitsu’s Level (Light Snow) – 2
Xioyou’s Level – 3
Hwoarang’s Level – 4
Lei’s Level – 5
Ogre’s Level – 6
School Level (Evening) – 7
Jin’s Level (Evening) – 8
Nina’s Level (Daylight) – 9
Eddy’s Level (Sunrise) – 10
King’s Level – 11
Heihachi’s Level – 12
Eddy’s Stage (Daylight) – 13
Unknown’s Level – 14
Law’s Level (Old) – 15
School Stage (Daylight) – 16
Jin’s Level (Daylight) – 17
Nina’s Level (Night) – 18
Yoshimitsu’s Level (Heavy Snow) – 19
Paul’s Level – 20

Here is a video of the game in action.