Halo Anniversary Skulls Locations Guide

20 November 2011
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Halo Anniversary Skull Location screenshot

This Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Skulls locations guide will show you where to find all 13 Skulls in the Xbox 360 FPS game. There was a 14th skull for early bird pre-orders.

When you find the Skulls, they will unlock the ability to enable game-changing features to make the game more fun and generally tougher to play, they are listed below.

Finding all Skulls unlocks these Achievements:

  • “Looks like the Oddball (10G) – Find your first campaign skull.”
  • “Skulls Taken! (25G) – Locate half of the skulls hidden throughout the campaign.”
  • “Headhunter (50G) – Locate all the skulls hidden throughout the campaign.”

Index of Halo Anniversary Guides:

Halo Anniversary Skulls Locations #1-13

1. Bandanna Skull: Supplies infinite ammo for weapons in the campaign.
2. Black Eye Skull: Shields only recharge when you do melee attacks on enemies.
3. Boom Skull: Explosion radius will increase two-fold.
4. Eye Patch Skull: Auto Aim Features are disabled for all weapons.
5. Famine Skull: Weapon drops have less ammo.
6. Fog Skull: Disables the motion tracker.
7. Foreign Skull: Players will be unable to pick up or use Covenant weapons.
8. Grunt Birthday Party Skull: A Grunt’s heads will explode in a shower of confetti with a headshot.
9. Iron Skull: Dying in co-op forces all players to restart at the last saved checkpoint. Dying in solo play forces the player to restart the entire level.
10. Malfunction Skull: A random part of the HUD will disappear at every respawn.
11. Mythic Skull: It gives all Covenant AI twice the health, and all Sentinels now have energy shields.
12. Pinata Skull: Punching Enemies will make grenades drop.
13. Recession Skull: Every shot is worth twice the ammo, thereby taking only half as long to empty out a weapon.

Only people who pre-ordered the game were given this skull:

14. Grunt Funeral Skull: A Grunt’s methane tank will explode similar to a plasma grenade when killed.

Big thank you to NextGenWalkthroughs for the guide video.

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