Halo Anniversary Walkthrough

This Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this remake of the first Halo adventure; an iconic Xbox icon that made the original Xbox1 a household.

The game was never re-released at retail for the current-generation Xbox 360; until now (it’s important to note that the original Xbox game was available digitally as an Xbox Original on the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 and was released for PC).

The original game that made the “Master Chief” a household name and videogame titan and the original adventure that put the Halo franchise on the map and the Microsoft-developed Xbox console into the hearts of gamers everywhere, has finally been given its due in this spectacular remastered remake of the original million-selling platinum hit.

Released in order to kick off the celebration of Halo’s tenth anniversary, the game has been brought into the current-generation with a host of new features including online Co-Op over Xbox Live, and remakes of all the great Halo 1 multiplayer maps gloriously re-produced using the engine and features from Halo Reach. The game even includes new story scenes to discover and all-new challenges to master!

Halo Anniversary is rated M for Mature. So please note that viewers must be at least 17 years old or older to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Blood and Gore, Violence.

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Halo Anniversary Walkthrough

Immerse yourself in the landmark campaign that defined a genre, a platform, a brand and a bonafide gaming icon. This remake remasters the genre-defining first-person shooting action in both single-player and multiplayer that sparked one of the most popular science fiction universes of all time. And now it has all been enhanced with a bounty of new features, challenges, story, modes and online gameplay that propels the original Xbox hit into today’s current-generation of excellence. All thanks to a top-down recreation of every bit of the game by developer 343 Industries.

Return once more to the ringworld of Halo as the member of an elite military force, who must defend the Earth from aggressive alien species, who are after an ancient alien artifact known as “Halo”. Fight your way in the single-player campaign through mountains and underground labyrinths and uncover the hidden secrets of a mysterious alien world; with the ultimate goal of being the sole protector of the human race and its fight for existance. Your mission will require cunning wit and a major arsenal of deadly firearms. Of both human and alien design!

In the game players will switch seamlessly from onfoot missions to vehicle-based sorties, and pilot all manner of buggies, tanks and flyers or joining a squad of men as they man the guns. Of course, players can also have a friend hop online or off to join the ride in either Co-Op campaign mode or all sorts of multiplayer action! All of which have been remade and enhanced for this 10-year anniversary remastering!

Key Game Features:

  • The original vision of Halo has been recreated for current-gen gamers in a stunning remastering. Relive the award-winning campaign that defined a decade, breathed with new life thanks to breathtaking current-gen graphics and completely remastered audio; all built from the ground up for Xbox 360 and running on the Halo Reach engine!
  • Take on the alien enemies as players engage in battles of an epic-scale against the stunning backdrop of the Halo ringworld. Relive your favorite classic moments and nostalgic memories with an all-new twist, as players can toggle on-the-fly between the Classic Mode (the original version) or the all-new remastered version!
  • For the first time ever, fans can relive that classic Halo 1 Co-Op with online play and engage in the epic story with a buddy!
  • Your favorite classic multiplayer maps from Halo 1 have been re-imagined and remastered using the Halo Reach engine! Wag war across six detailed remakes of the beloved classics, which rank as some of the best Halo maps of all time. You can even play on an all-new Firefight Map! Now you can relive the epic confrontations like never before!
  • An enhanced story along with new challenges await fans! 1,000 new Halo-1 related Halo Achievements are unlockable and never-before-seen backstory is revealed; told via a cool motion-graphic story form. This new story gives a foreshadowing of the upcoming Halo 4!

Intro – Prologue – Mission 1: The Pillar of Autumn

Mission 2: Flawless Cowboy

Flawless Cowboy Part 2

Flawless Cowboy Part 3

Flawless Cowboy Part 4

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