Assassin’s Creed Revelations Codes, Cheats & Tips for Unlockables

18 November 2011
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Our Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Codes, Cheats and Tips list will show you how to unlock various Weapons, Items, Abilities and Uplay Rewards.


You will need to fulfill certain conditions as described below

1. Altair’s Sword – Complete Assassin Challenges Set #3.
2. Broadsword – Complete Mercenary Challenges Set #3.
3. Buns of Steel – Earn 100% Completion for Sequence 2.
4. Calling All Assassins – Earn 100% Completion for Sequence 5.
5. Desmond Miles Skin – Finish the Desmond Memory Gates.
6. Hired Mercenaries Can Stop Beggars – Complete Mercenary Challenges Set #2.
7. Hired Romanies Can Poison Guards – Complete Romani Challenges Set #2
8. Hired Thieves Can Pickpocket Akçe (Money) – Complete Thief Challenges Set #2.
9. Infinite Ammunition – Earn 100% Completion for Sequence 7.
10. Ishak Pasha’s Armor – Find and Collect each of the 10 Memoir Pages.
11. Killing Spree – Earn 100% Completion for Sequence 3.
12. Ottoman Mace – Complete Thief Challenges Set #3.
13. Permanent Secrecy – Earn 100% Completion for Sequence 6.
14. Romani Stiletto – Complete Romani Challenges Set #3
15. The Old Eagle Outfit – Earn 100% Completion for Sequence 8.
16. Ultimate Guild – Earn 100% Completion for Sequence 4.

Uplay Rewards & Cheats

Watch this video to see some Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Cheats and Rewards linked to Ubisoft’s Uplay service, which allows you to unlock special rewards and extras by earning Achievements or fulfilling certain conditions in Uplay-enabled Ubisoft games, of which Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is one of them.


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