Super Mario 3D Land Special World Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

Special World 5

Special World 5-1

Star Coin #1 – I highly recommend entering this stage with a Tanooki Suit. The first Star Coin is easily found on top of a platform where you see a row of bricks (one of which contains a Power-Up). Simply use the bricks to get on top of the platform and jump for the Star Coin!

Star Coin #2 – In the next section, after taking the Teleportation Block, make it past the initial rolling Spike Balls that come towards the screen and onto the main path. Spike Balls will appear from the left and roll towards the right at you. Head towards them and you’ll find the Star Coin in the corner.

Star Coin #3 – You’ll spot the third Star Coin below you on the main path. As you’ll notice, this features switching Red and Blue platforms, two inner red (that would allow you to get the Star Coin) and two outer blue. To get the Star Coin, make sure the Switch Platforms are on Blue when you jump. That means it’ll change to Red as you fall, then run towards the Star Coin, without jumping, and take a running leap as you jump into the Star Coin towards safe ground.

Special World 5-2

Star Coin #1 – Star Coin #1 is located in an alcove in the wall, with steps leading to it build by hitting the giant red Exclamation Block. However you must be careful and hit it as quickly as possible because of the Doppelganger Mario who is hot on your tail. Additionally, you’ll need to jump and float as soon as you get the Star Coin, ensuring you leap over your evil twin as he is closing in from behind. Thus, it’s best to have Tanooki when you go for this Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – You’ll find the second Star Coin located above the Donut Blocks in the section with the tilting metal platform and the rolling Spike Bars.

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin is easily located hovering above a retracting Spike Pit. Make sure the spikes are in when you leap towards it. It’s best to leap as soon as they retract, then quickly hop back out or make a circle (it’s helpful to make a circle so Doppelganger follows you in a circle, buying you some time) while being careful to avoid getting hit by the Spike Bars.

Special World 5-3

Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is on a very hard to reach rail. As you start the level you’ll see two rails above you, with a Waterspray that will naturally lift the Arrow Platform onto the SECOND rail. As you might expect, you want to be on the first rail. But it can be hard to manuever the Arrow Platform onto it. You need to make enough momentum, so one way to do it is to have the Arrow Platform go up to the second rail first, then go backward to gain some momentum and allow the Waterspray to carry you over to the first rail. From here, you’ll see the Star Coin floating above a Coin Box. Carefully move the Arrow Platform back and forth by jumping on the two arrows until you think you have enough space to jump onto the Coin Box and grab the Star Coin without the platform falling off. Star Coin #1 is yours!

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin cannot be missed, you’ll find it along the main path as you are about to hit a dead end of spikes, you’ll see it where you find the floating Para Goombas. DO NOT hit the Coin Box because you’ll find a Poison Mushroom inside!

Star Coin #3 – After going on the upper rail and beyond the section with multiple blue flares in a row, you’ll fall off that rail to a lower rail, and hit a dead end if you keep going right. Here you’ll find the third Star Coin hovering above some Donut Blocks.

Special World 5-4

Star Coin #1 – Keep your eye on the bottom section of the screen as that’s where you’ll find the first Star Coin. It’s found right near the end where you’ll see a Bee enemy, and then the first Teleportation Block at the end.

Star Coin #2 – As you are making your way up through the treat tower, you’ll see this Star Coin located on the right side.

Star Coin #3 – A little bit up from the previous Star Coin, you’ll also find this Star Coin on the right side. Be sure to leap up and collect it from the right, while making your way left, to avoid being pushed out.

Special World 5-5 – Ghost House

Star Coin #1 – This is a very odd stage. From the beginning, enter the Teleportation Block on the right. From here on out, every Teleportation Block on the right or in the background on the upper level (inside the Bookshelf) will take you to the next section. Outside a few occasions where it’ll be a different block (trial and error will get you through). The other Teleportation Blocks will take you back a room. You’ll hear a ring if its correct, or the sound a Boo makes if not. You’ll find the first Star Coin located in the room with the Checkpoint Flag. Kill the lone Goomba and he’ll give you the Star Coin. This is the only level where you are required to defeat enemies to make the Star Coins appear.

Star Coin #2 – You’ll find the second Star Coin by killing the lone Goomba in the room with all of the spinning Ghosts.

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is found in the following room from the above, in a room full of Boo’s. Kill the lone Goomba once again and he’ll drop Star Coin #3!

Special World 5-Bowser’s Castle

Star Coin #1 – This is another timed stage where you must kill the Goombas to earn points on the clock. Thankfully finding all of the Star Coins here is a cinch, as all of them are in the same location as before! So you’ll find the first Star Coin located at the bottom platform in the series of floating metal platforms that move vertically.

Star Coin #2 – Soon after the above, you’ll come across metallic platforms that are floating left. You’ll find the Star Coin at the end. Leap just as the final platform starts to sink to gain this Star Coin.

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is located after you face off against Dry Bowser (A revived Bowser who has turned into a Dry Bones-style bag ol’ bones!), you’ll see it floating above Dry Bowser’s fireballs! It’ll be on the right side floating above the bricks. Act quickly and you can get it without a problem.