Super Mario 3D Land Special World Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

Special World 4

Special World 4-1

Star Coin #1 – I highly suggest going back into Level 3-2 to earn youself two Statue Tanooki power-ups before entering this stage. You’ll find the first Star Coin in the section with the tall walls that feature retracting spikes. It will be floating atop the right wall, leap onto the top of the wall as soon as you see it come into view as the platform rises.

Star Coin #2 – Following the above section, you’ll soon see an orange bouncy platform come into view on the left side. You can clearly see the shadow of the Star Coin being cast onto the platform from above. Simply leap onto the platform and bounce up to collect the Star Coin. Beware of the Magikoopa’s who soon appear.

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is found in the same area as the goal. When you get to the room with the Flagpole after taking the Teleportation Block. You’ll see three moving platforms. Get up to the top one and make a run towards the end then a leap towards the roof of the castle. You’ll find the Star Coin on the right side.

Special World 4-2 – Ghost House

Star Coin #1 – You’ll find the first Star Coin located near the circling group of Boos. This time the Star Coin isn’t within the line, but rather floating precariously above a gap. What you want to do here is stand on one side of the gap, and leap towards the other side, jumping the full length of a vanishing platform, just be sure you time your leap when there is a gap in between the Ghosts. Don’t worry, a platform will appear beneath your feet as you land on the other side with the Star Coin in tow!

Star Coin #2 – As you move along the main path, you’ll see the second Star Coin floating above some Donut Blocks. But as you move to get it, you’ll see it start to float away! Follow the Star Coin until it stops behind the Coin Boxes on the large platform with the Boos. Be sure to grab the Starman from the middle Coin Block and use it to destroy the Doppelganger Mario! Afterward proceed along the main path in the upper right.

Star Coin #3 – During the final section (where a Big Boo would chase you in the original version), you’ll see the Star Coin floating to the right of you. Stand to the right or leap towards the Star Coin and a platform will appear, allowing you to grab it before you proceed down towards the end of the level.

Special World 4-3

Star Coin #1 – Note that you are required to be Boomerang Mario to get all three Star Coins in this level (the third one in particular). Although you can find a Boomerang Flower Power-Up on this stage. Star Coin #1 is easily found behind the waterfall. Simply enter the waterfall and you’ll collect the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – After the part with the giant Banzai Bill, you’ll cross another long bridge right. Once you see the green ground appear again, you’ll notice the Star Coin floating below you. Simply do a small jump then Wall Jump back up, collecting the Star Coin in the process. Beware of the Banzai Bill though who will still fly across above you.

Star Coin #3 – Star Coin #3 is impossible to obtain without Boomerang Mario or Luigi, whom you should easily obtain by one of the Question Mark Blocks in the level. Once you have Boomerang power, keep it until the very end. You’ll easily notice the Star Coin, it is floating below a natural arch in the geometry near the end of the level, that creates a bridge leading to the Flagpole. To get it, position yourself diagonally from the fence and towards the Star Coin. Throw a Boomerang so that it hits the Star Coin, adding it to your collection!

Special World 4-4

Star Coin #1 – This is a timed stage, although it is a unique one. In this level, you won’t find Time Coins laying around, instead you must squash the Goombas or otherwise take them out, to earn 10 points to the timer. The first Star Coin is so easy to find a first grader won’t have problems getting it. Simply run, quickly, down the left side of the opening area and you’ll see the first Star Coin in plain view.

Star Coin #2 – You’ll find Star Coin #2 located at the part where the path branches up (towards a Goomba on a metal grating) and right. Head right and you’ll find the Star Coin floating above three bricks, the middle being a Coin Block (ignore it and leap towards the Star Coin!)

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin can be difficult to grab without Tanooki power. You’ll find it as you are going down for the final stretch. Be sure to leap towards it from above and float down on top of the Star Coin. It’s easy to overshoot your jump, so be careful. This is much easier to get with a Tanooki Suit.

Special World 4-5

Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is easily found second section where you see the Dry Bones and the row of breakable blocks with a Question Mark Coin Box at the end. Jump over the blocks and on top of the platform and you’ll find a platform behind that contains this first Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – Star Coin #2 is found following the Checkpoint Flag. You’ll reach a section that requires you to Wall Jump up a long pathway, with the Star Coin hovering in plain view at the top. Wall Jump once more to grab it!

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin is easily found in the section with the Big Boo. After going across some of the crumbling Donut Blocks, you’ll see where the crumbling Donut Blocks form a square, with the Star Coin floating above. Jump up and grab it!

Special World 4-Airship

Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is located in the section with the Spike Dragon and the Hammer Bros. You’ll see a Red Exclamation Block here, hit it three times to create yellow Happy Face Blocks leading to a regular Coin, with the first Star Coin floating above it!

Star Coin #2 – Soon after the above, you’ll notice the third Star Coin in the background. Don’t allow that to distract you away from Star Coin #2, which is found at the end of the ship where you see the red Exclamation Block. Instead of crossing over to the next ship by going upwards (as described below), hit the Exclamation Block to create a bridge leading up to Star Coin #2. Use a Boomerang to collect the Star Coin in the safest manner.

Star Coin #3 – Star Coin #3 is located on the next ship directly across from Star Coin #2. Take out the enemies and cross the bridge to the ship in the background (beware of the Spike Dragon and be aware that destroying the boxes reveals a gap, a hole you can fall into if you aren’t careful). Once on the other boat, walk the plank (carefully) and you’ll see a red Exclamation Point Block that you can hit from below to reveal a bridge of Happy Face Blocks leading to the Star Coin. If you have a Boomerang Flower Power-Up, you can toss a boomerang to collect the Star Coin, without having to cross the whole distance of timed Happy Face Blocks, which will disappear if you aren’t quick enough.

Boss Strategy
The Boss(!) is easy to take out. There are spikes that will stick out from the middle or the outer sections. As soon as you see an opening to jump on Boomer’s head, do so. If the middle spikes are out, you can stand back in the outer section after stomping him and he’ll bounce around harmlessly. Be careful of jumping because you do not want to jump onto the spikes or have them appear as you are jumping on Boomer’s head. Hit him three times and he’s done for. After taking him out you’ll face the female Boomer! And this boss fight is made much harder due to falling Donut Blocks. The same strategy as during the first quest applies here. Jump on her head and then run around or run between two spots (just be careful they aren’t on the Donut Blocks, which will fall once you touch them. The platform on the right is a good spot). Mix and repeat and she’ll be done before you know it. In the next section you’ll find the Flagpole. I suggest just leaping towards it without going after the Coins, they aren’t worth the risk!