Super Mario 3D Land Special World Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

Special World 3

Special World 3-1

Star Coin #1 – I highly suggest you go back to World 1-1 to nab yourself two Statue Tanooki Suits before attempting to collect all three Star Coins in this stage. You’ll definitely want the floating power. The first Star Coin is hard to miss, you’ll see it simply floating in the air between two swinging platforms. Use the floating ability of Tanooki to grab it without problem.

Star Coin #2 – Likewise, you’ll find the second Star Coin floating above a Coin Box. Simply float to it and it is yours.

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin is found following the long string of Donut Blocks that fall after you stand on them. You’ll then see a series of swinging platforms, with the third Star Coin located below you where you see another swinging blue platform on the lower level. You’ll want to make your descent towards it when your platform is swung all the way to the left side. Walk of the right end and let yourself drop a bit then hover for a few, then drop a bit again. Time it correctly and you should collect the Star Coin while landing safely on the swinging platform.

Special World 3-2

Star Coin #1 – You’ll easily find the first Star Coin a bit beyond the long green spinning platform. You’ll see it off to the right floating above the blue platform.

Star Coin #2 – You’ll find the second Star Coin on the same platform as the Checkpoint Flag, along with the Piranha Plant. You’ll notice it floating above you. Leap off the three bricks at the top to reach it.

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is found during the final stretch of spinning platforms. You’ll find it at the very end located on the upper left spinning red platform. Simply take a leap and it is yours!

Special World 3-3

Star Coin #1 – You’ll find the first Star Coin at the first section with all of the horizontal ropes leading up, and one diagonal rope. To you’re upper left you’ll see Star Coin #1 floating on a small wooden platform above a Venus Fire Trap enemy. Carefully take out the evil plant and the Star Coin is yours!

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is found in plain view, in the corner of the large wooden platform at the end of the rope jumping, where you’ll see a Teleportation Block.

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is found during the final section, carefully squeeze your way past the Shadow Fuzzies (carefully grabbing the Stone Leaf is possible, wait until it goes around and is heading up on the left, then slowly go in for it) and you’ll find it near the top to your right in plain view.

Special World 3-4

Star Coin #1 – You’ll find the first Star Coin in plain view along the main path when you reach the section with smaller, slower-swinging Spike Bars. Carefully navigate your way by jumping over them and grab the Star Coin!

Star Coin #2 – Star Coin #2 is found in an outdoor area of the castle where you see rolling Spiked Balls and a tilting metal surface. You’ll find the second Star Coin at the end in the archway. Simply leap above the pit and wall jump off the wall to grab the Star Coin and land your feet back on solid ground.

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is located in the section with Spike Bars that swing a full 360 degrees around. You’ll notice the Star Coin floating above some Donut Blocks. This means that you must be quick because as soon as you touch the Donut Blocks they’ll start falling, you also must be very careful to avoid the Spike Bars!

Special World 3-5

Star Coin #1 – I suggest entering this level powered up with Tanooki power (go back to Level 3-2 to easily grab two Statue Tanooki Stone Leaf Power-Ups, just be sure to finish the level to retain them). You’ll find Star Coin #1 after you enter the first door. You’ll see a Wallop (a walking Thwomp; stone slab enemy that moves to block your way and jumps when you do) run towards you. The Star Coin is found hovering right near the door, so have the Wallop jump by jumping yourself, then leap on top of him and jump again. This will allow you to reach Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – Star Coin #2 is found directly after exiting the area above, or going through the third door. You’ll see it floating above the colored vanishing platforms. It floats above the middle yellow platforms, so time your jump correctly. My advice is to try jumping just as the blue platform is about to disappear, right before it vanishes leap towards the yellow platform and the Star Coin. As soon as you land do a running leap or Long Jump to land beyond the vanishing blue platform.

Star Coin #3 – Star Coin #3 can be hard to grab if you are not Tanooki, as the floating will make this much easier. You’ll find the third Star Coin during the final stretch with the curved vanishing platforms. Where you see the second double-sided spinning Spike Bar, you’ll notice the Star Coin floating above the middle block that the Spike Bars spin around. It’ll take a very dangerous Long Jump or a floating jump to reach it.

Special World 3-Airship

Star Coin #1 – In this very fast-moving Airship, you’ll find the first Star Coin easily enough, found above the Bullet Bill-firing set of three Cannons.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is also easily found. You’ll spot it when you run into your first encounter with Rocky Wrench, the mole enemy that appears from under a manhole cover. Focus on jumping to the raised platform behind him and then jump up and into the second Star Coin.

Star Coin #3 – Following the above part, in the immediate next section, where you see some boxes in the upper part and double Bullet Bill Blasters in the back, you’ll notice you can see an area below you. As the screen is moving forward, drop into the gap and you’ll land in a lower section with two blue flares and Star Coin #3!