Assassin’s Creed Revelations Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

DNA Sequence 6: Fortune’s Disfavor

Memory 1: Into The Shadows

Ezio wants to interrogate Tarik Barleti for the location of the Templar army. To get close to Tarik, acquire a Janissary disguise.

Full Synchronization: Assassinate a target from a hiding spot.

Memory 2: Honor, Lost and Won

Follow the Janissaries to their compound and locate Tarik Barleti to learn where he has sent the weapons purchased by Manuel. Be careful, your disguise is not perfect.

Full Synchronization: Perform an air assassination on Tarik.

Memory 3: Bearer of Mixed Tidings

Ezio has discovered the location of the Templar army, but has killed an innocent man in the process. Speak with the Suleiman about this tragedy.

Full Synchronization: Do not kill anyone.

Memory 4: A Little Errand

Run an errand for Sofia while she locates the final Polo book.

Memory 5: Signs and Symbols, Part III

Niccolo Polo hid a book near Little Hagia Sophia containing clues to a Masyaf Key’s location. Use the Polo symbols to reveal it.

Memory 6: The Maiden’s Tower

A clue left behind by the Polos has brought Ezio to the the Maiden’s Tower. Investigate the tower, but be careful…

Full Synchronization: Obtain the Masyaf Key without falling into the water.

Memory 7: The Mentor’s Return

Altair has returned to Masyaf after two decades of self-imposed exile. Gather allies and eliminate Abbas.

Full Synchronization: Do not kill anyone except Abbas and his Captains.

Memory 8: Setting Sail

Manuel has fled the city by sea and the Janissaries want Ezio dead. Evade the Janissaries and leave the city in pursuit of Manuel.

Full Synchronization: Do not kill anyone with blades.