Assassin’s Creed Revelations Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

DNA Sequence 5: Heir To The Empire

Memory 1: The Janissaries

Ezio and Suleiman suspect that the Janissary Captain, Tarik Barleti, is involved with the Templars. Find and tail him to learn more.

Full Synchronization: Distract 2 guards with bombs.

Memory 2: The Arsenal Gates

Tarik has sent a man named Manuel into the Arsenal. Incite a riot to distract the guards and gain access.

Full Synchronization: Make sure 40 or more rioters survive.

Memory 3: Arsenal Infiltration

The riot has destroyed the Arsenal gates. Discover the purpose of Manuel’s visit.

Full Synchronization: Perform an Air Asssassination from a zipline.

Memory 4: Portrait of a Lady

Someone has broken into Sofia’s shop and stolen a painting of considerable value. While she works, recover the painting.

Full Synchronization: Steal the painting without the merchant spotting you.

Memory 5: Signs and Symbols, Part II

Niccolo Polo hid a book near Valens Aqueduct containing clues to a Masyaf Key’s location. Use the Polo Symbols to reveal it.

Memory 6: The Forum of the Ox

A clue left behind by the Polos has brought Ezio to the Forum of the Ox. Unfortunately the Templars are searching here too…

Full Synchronization: Do not take any damage.

Memory 7: A New Regime

Altair and Maria have returned to Masyaf after a 10 year absence to find their youngest son dead, and Abbas in charge. Confront Abbas and bring him to justice.