Assassin’s Creed Revelations Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

DNA Sequence 4: The Uncivil War

Memory 1: The Prince’s Banquet

The Templars are planning to attack the Ottoman royal family. Join Yusuf, protect the Ottomans, and gain their trust.

Full Synchronization: Beat Yusuf to Topkapi Palace.

Memory 2: An Uneasy Meeting

Suleiman is investigating the attempt on his life. Eavesdrop on his conversation with the Janissary Captain, Tarik Barleti.

Full Synchronization: Do not be detected.

Memory 3: The Fourth Part of the World

Sofia’s delivery is caught up in red tape. Recover it for her.

Full Synchronization: Get in and out of the port without being detected.

Memory 4: Signs and Symbols, Part I

Find the book “Mission to Constantinople” by Liutprand of Cremona.

Memory 5: Galata Tower

A clue left behind by the Polos has brought Ezio to Galata Tower. Investigate the tower, but be careful…

Full Synchronization: Complete the level within 6 minutes.

Memory 6: Mentor’s Wake

Altair has killed his mentor Al Mualim for betraying the Assassins. Make sure Al Mualim is truly dead and that the Assassins understand why.

Full Synchronization: Do not lose more than 3 synchronization points.