Assassin’s Creed Revelations Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

DNA Sequence 3: Lost and Found

Memory 1: The Prisoner

A man has been arrested for stealing food. Show him some mercy.

Full Synchronization: Pickpocket the guard to retrieve the key.

Memory 2: The Sentinel, Part I

This Apprentice is concerned about some suspicious activity in this district. Hear what he has to say.

Full Synchronization: Use you Assassin Signal at least 1 time.

Hint: What’s great about using the Assassin Signal, is that your Assassins get Experience each time you call them to fight.

Memory 3: Guild Contracts

Send your Apprentice on a contract mission to earn him more experience.

Memory 4: Bomb Crafting

The Assassins now have control of the Imperial North Den and Yusuf is at ease. Learn more about Bomb Crafting before setting out.

[You can see the guide for Bomb Crafting in the Guild Contracts video above, at 2:40 minutes into it.]

Memory 5: A Familiar Face

The Polo’s former trading post may contain hints as to the location of the Masyaf Keys. Investigate he area to reveal any secrets.

Memory 6: The Yerebatan Cistern

The secret door in Sofia’s shop has brought Ezio to an underground cistern filled with Templars. Investigate the cistern, but be careful…

Full Synchronization: Do not be detected.

Memory 7: Quid Pro Quo

Having found one of the Masyaf Keys and a map of the Constantinople covered in strange symbols, Ezio decides to return to Sofia’s bookshop to show her what he has discovered.

Memory 8: The Mentor’s Keeper

Masyaf 1189, Altair at 24. Masyaf is under attack by Crusader Templars. Fight your way up to the fortress and save Al Mualim.

Full Synchronization: Save all citizens under attack. Please note that the citizens referred to are in the town are not the people the Crusader kills (as you can’t save all of them). Just keep looking in the town until you see soldiers attacking peasants and kill the soldiers. You’ll know you’ve got the secondary objective when it comes up. There are 3 citizens to save this way. – Thanks for the tip Swaz90

Memory 9: Curse of the Romani

A group of Byzantine Templars have stolen a chest of Romani gold. Poison all those who dare touch the chest, to creat the illusion that it is cursed.

Full Synchronization: Poison all of your targets while blending with the Romanies.

Memory 10: The Sentinel, Part II

One of your Assassins has learned more information about the man known as The Sentinel. Time to take care of this traitor.

Full Synchronization: Do not be detected while you search for the prisoners.