Assassin’s Creed Revelations Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

DNA Sequence 2: The Crossroads of the World

Memory 1: A Warm Welcome

Constantinople: May, 1511. Master Assassin Yusuf Tazim has welcomed you to Constantinople in Turkey and would like to give you a tour. Get to know him and the city. Do not wander far from Yusuf as he’ll guide you to “Istanbul’s” Assassins’ Headquarters.

Full Synchronization: Do not wander far from Yusuf.

Memory 2: Upgrade and Explore

Ezio’s equipment is not in good condition. Explore Galata District and upgrade his equipment.

Tip: Armor Upgrades provide bonuses to your Maximum Health. Armor receives damage each time you are hit. Repair your armor at Blacksmith shops.

Memory 3: The Hookblade

Follow Yusuf to learn how to use your new hookblade.

Full Synchronization: Perform every hookblade move successfully at least once.

Memory 4: The View from Galata

Ezio is now the proud owner of an Ottoman hookblade, and needs a bit of training to master it — training Yusuf is more than happy to provide. Let’s climb the Galata tower.

Full Synchronization: Climb the tower in under 60 seconds.

Memory 5: Advanced Tactics

Word has reached Yusuf that the Templars are attacking two separate Assassin Dens. Follow Yusuf while he conceives a plan.

Full Synchronization: Perform a zipline assassination.

Memory 6: On the Defense

The Templars are preparing to attack the Galata Assassin Den. Lead your fellow Assassins in its defense.

Memory 7: On the Attack

The Galata Den is now secure, but Yusuf has not returned from his fight. Go to the Imperial North Den near the Bazaar to find him. Once there, try not to create any conflict.

Full Synchronization: Do not creat any conflict in the Imperial North District.