Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS)

World 8 Star Coins

Level 8-1

Take the Green Pipe to go to the exit Flagpole and get that dang Coin Box off your head!

Level 8-2

Level 8-3

Level 8-4

Level 8-5

Level 8-Bowser’s Castle

Level 8-6

Level 8-King Koopa’s Keep

Now…. The final showdown. Be sure at the end, when you are in the Canon, to shoot yourself through the Red Coin Ring, and collect all the Red Coins as soon as you land! Do so successfully and you’ll be rewarded with a Super Leaf and Tanooki Mario!

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – This last battle with Bowser is intense! Although the same strategies as before apply. When you reach the point with a Coin Block, hit it and quickly grab the Super Leaf! You’ll need it. If the ground is broken in front of you, do a Longjump followed by hovering, and you’ll barely make it to the other side. If you are close to Bowser, beware because he’ll swing his tail (no Tanooki this time…). If you are close and he’s shooting Fireballs, then stand still for a second, and run to a different spot just as the Fireball is shot out. Run again as the second comes toward you; repeat. There are no shockwaves this time, good thing, although Bowser will try different tricks, and the ground will break away at different points as you speed ahead to the goal. Be quick and if there is an opening run past Bowser. At one point he will roll spiked balls towards you, and at another he even throws a Barrel at you! In a subtle homage to Donkey Kong! For the final stretch of bridge, you will seemingly hit a dead end of stone. Wait until Bowser turns around, and have him shoot a Fireball at you. Dodge it and it’ll break through the barrier, revealing the Bowser Button that will send your foe to his doom! The next part is BOMBASTIC, but you’re on your own! 🙂

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