Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS)

World 4 Star Coins

Level 4-1

Level 4-2

Level 4-3

Level 4-4 Ghost House

Level 4-5

Level 4-Airship

Don’t forget to go beyond the Green Pipe at the end of the level to the lower level for a 1UP. Enter the pipe to take on Wendy O’Koopa, the only female Koopa Kid. This Koopaling is lethal with a Boomerang. Avoid her throws and jump on her head. She’ll then retract into her shell. Instead of bouncing of the walls, she’ll swoop above you and try to smash you from above. Don’t leap, instead keep running into a circle, she’ll smash down and miss smooshing you. As soon as she stops to come out of her shell, leap for her head again. Mix and repeat until she’s a goner! When you exit out of the Green Pipe, simply avoid the plank altogether as it only offers a Coin and is dangerous. Leap up to the top of the Flagpole. World 4-Airship COMPLETE!