Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS)

World 2 Star Coins

Level 2-1

As soon as the level starts, stand on the Binocular Pad and use to look high up at Toad who’ll drop down the first collectable. This is an easy stage so you shouldn’t have any problems. In the initial area you can find a Power-Up both in the rightside plan before the group of three Coin Blocks, as well as inside the middle Coin Block. Why these are here is a mystery, because right ahead you’ll find a Slot Block allowing you to pick whatever Power.

Be sure to enter the Green Pipe to find the second collectable. Two easy 1Ups can be yours at the part with the Green Pipe. On the left side of the stairs you’ll find a POW Switch. Step on it and follow the music notes for a 1Up (be careful of the Goomba on the step, you’ll accidentally hit him while going up if you aren’t careful). And then, right where the 1Up appears, crouch and enter the tunnel for a second 1Up!

At the end of the path, opposite the Cardboard Goomba, you’ll find the second collectable. In the grassy area beyond the yellow platforms, kill the Tanooki Goomba for a Super Leaf! Ignore the enemies at the top and make a beeline for the Green Switch and the Goal!

Level 2-2

This is another extremely easy stage. Note that you’ll need the Tanooki Suit to get all the Collectables here (for the third one specifically). Don’t forget after getting the first Collectible to drop down and enter the Pipe, this will take you to a bonus area for some Coins (spelling out “3D”! :D). Use Wall Jumps or a powered Jump (squat for a few seconds then let go, just like in Super Mario Bros. 2!) to reach all the Coins. Be very careful in the part with the purple poisonous gas. If you fall into it you will die instantly.

It’s best to walk, not run, along the Green Platforms, ignoring the Coin and focusing on safety. When you are back on dry land, you’ll see some Coins making an arch to a Coin Block, hit to reveal a Power-Up, although I suggest sticking with the Tanooki Suit if you already have it. Although don’t forget you can tap the screen to swap out Power-Ups (So if you are Tanooki Mario and collect a Fire Flower, you’ll revert to Fire Mario. However tap the screen and use your Super Leaf in reserve and the Fire Flower will be sent to your reserve box, so you keep both Power-Ups).

Collect the lone Coin at the Checkpoint Flag to create a stream of Coins. You’ll then see an unlit torch in the corner. Light it with a Fireball as Fire Mario and you’ll create some Coins leading to a secret. Jump into the gap in the wall directly opposite the torch for a Collectable and Time Coin (this is the secret it points to, however you don’t need to light the torch to jump in this hidden room). In the next section with the rolling Green Platforms from the Green Switch, walk and ignore Coins and Coin Boxes, focus on getting to the end. Also ignore the Para (Floating) Coin Box, and resist your urge to jump on top and ride it. As it leads to the other side the same place the Green pads lead. Better safe than sorry (risking falling off the platforms). Enter the Pipe and you’ll be at the Flagpole, however you can use Tanooki Mario to break the breakable bricks at the bottom of the wall to grab the final Collectable.

Level 2-3

You’ll want to enter this level as Tanooki Mario if you are to get all the Collectables. Right off the bat, you can hit the POW Switches to make some Coins appear, collect them quickly before they disappear. In the bottom right, Mario’s right foot (very cool looking stage eh?!), break the block to find a Wheel. Spin it to raise it up and find the first Collectable and a Time Coin. Be sure to float back down to safely from where you were raised up.

Collect the Propeller Block and use it’s power to reach the high platform just off the edge. This will create music notes, collect them all for a Power-Up. Remember that you can still use the Tanooki powers (floating and tail swinging) from under the Propeller Block. Float to safety and land on a Goomba to restore your ability to zip up. On the retro mushroom, hit the POW Switch to create a line of Coins. And break the brick to find a Wheel you can rise leading to a Red Coin Ring and a 1Up if you can collect all the Red Coins.

Carefully float down to the next section and continue floating to each colored block. You’ll find the second Collectable in between the Yellow and Blue-colored blocks with the golden ring and Para Goomba. Take out the Goomba first and land on the yellow block, then walk off the edge and zip back up to the yellow block to grab the Collectable. At the retro Princess Toadstool sprite, break the block to find a Wheel, spin it to the top and go through both golden rings to earn a 1Up and the final Collectable. In the middle of the heart made of Coins you’ll find a Starman. Collect it to become invincible, smashing the frogs to create a ring of coins (alternatively, Butt Stomping them by jumping and pressing L will make them spit out the Coins).

Take the Teleportation Block to arrive a retro-themed Goal! But that’s not all! Instead of entering the pipe, go into the Castle door to find a 1Up Mushroom sprite along with a real 1Up Mushroom. Huzzah!

Level 2-4

Enter this level prepared with Tanooki power and a Super Leaf in reserve. This stage is made complicated (and easy to die) because of the Switching Blue and Red Platforms which switch whenever you jump. Fans of Super Mario Galaxy will recognize these. This means that your every leap must be carefully judged, because whether you are jumping towards one of the platforms or not, jumping will cause all of the platforms to shift!

You’ll find the first Collectable easy enough, behind the Spike Bar. Just be careful with your jumping. Once you get beyond the Bee enemies you’ll find three breakable boxes with a Power-Up. Take to the skys by entering the purple Magic Box and you’ll be taken to a bonus area for the second collectable. Once you land from the Magic Box, break the breakable brick in the middle to find a Wheel.

Raise the platform and hit the Question Mark block for a 1Up Mushroom. The second collectable is found where you see the floating Coin Box. Get on top of it to reach the collectable, but be very careful to judge your jump correct. You cannot get on top with a normal jump, you’ll have to perform a Side Flip (run a full speed, then quickly press the Circle Pad in the opposite direction and jump) in order to ride the Coin Box to the Collectable.

Level 2-Airship

This stage is easy. Enter the Teleportation Block in the back above the Bullet Bill cannons to find a bonus area with the first Collectable, lots of Coins, two 10 Point Time Coins and a Slot Block. When you face the Rocky Wrench enemy (who pops out of a manhole cover and throws wrenches at you), jump behind him and leap off the ledge to find the second Collectable. Jump on a Tanooki Bill to earn a Super Leaf power-up! Nifty!

Once you reach the end of the ship, do not go in the Green Pipe. Jump up behind the platform the Green Pipe rests on to find two Invisible Blocks, one with a 1Up Mushroom. Then head to the back to go under the ship for the final Collectable. Now enter the ship to fight Boomer!

Boss Strategy: This Koopaling will come at you with a furious spin of the arms. Back off and wait until he gets dizzy, then jump on his head. After this he’ll go into his shell and bounce around the room. Dodge his attacks. Repeat this two times and he’s history. After popping back out of the pipe, walk to the end of the plank and keep going to find a 1Up Mushroom! Jump at the Flagpole and World 2 is COMPLETE!