Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS)

Our Super Mario 3D Land walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this epic 3DS platformer that re-invents the Super Mario series!

Be sure to check out our Star Coins guide for information pertaining to exactly where to find each and every Collectable in the game. The Star Coins will be referred to in this guide as simply “Collectables” and will be overlooked, although I’ll mention the general direction you can go to find them. This walkthrough concentrates on tips and secrets for the levels themselves, like where to find hidden 1Ups and the location of Power-Ups, as well as strategy and tactics for how to best beat the level.

The Super Mario series put open polygonal worlds on the map and revolutionized the genre of exploring a fully polygonal 3D environment. Now, for the first time ever, players get to explore a new kind of environment, one that is fully three-dimensional in glasses-free stereoscopic 3D. This game is a full evolution of the classic Super Mario platforming that features all new levels and challenges in a new perspective for players to tackle!

Super Mario 3D Land is rated E for Everyone and is safe for the whole family.

Without further ado, I present the Video Games Blogger Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough! If you need help anywhere, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough

Everything fans love about Mario has been reinvented with Super Mario 3D Land. For the first time explore a platforming environment in true 3D, without special glasses being required. Through this new perspective on a stereoscopic 3D world, players get an exhilarating new experience with a full sense of depth, speed and distance that is unparalleled as they run, jump and stomp on enemies through a variety of worlds and levels.

Key Game Features:

  • Tanooki Mario Returns! – The fan-favorite Tanooki Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 is reintroduced into the world of Mario! Wake enemies with your tail and float from heights, allowing you to smoothly make your way through new worlds of wonder.
  • 3D Revolutionizes Perspective – The stereoscopic 3D visuals in Super Mario 3D Land allow players to judge distance and depth more easier than ever before. Whether this means more accurate jumping or judging a Question Mark Blocks distance more easily, perspective makes everything.
  • New And Familiar Elements Return – All-new yet familiar abilities add new yet unique gameplay strategy and tactics to this action adventure. And new moves like a rolling somersault attack change things up whereas the Dash returns!
  • Great Control – The Circle Pad on the Nintendo 3DS gives complete control to players, allowing you to move Mario through these new worlds through challenging and fun environments.
  • All-New Enemies – A whole new batch of enemies are here to defeat including Tailed Goombas, Stacked Goombas, and Oil Spitting Piranha Plants.

Level 1-1

As one would expect, the first level is a pretty easy one. However, even so, you’ll need to be careful because you can and will get hit by enemies if you aren’t paying attention. For example the bridge with the Coins are easy to collect, but watch out for the fish who comes directly after the Coins pass through. After passing the first tightrope, run to the tree in the corner and enter the small gap by holding L to crouch and walking, and you’ll earn yourself a 1Up. If you’re only Small Mario or Super Mario, you can break the box after collecting the 1Up in the tunnel by running then crouching and pressing L then Y, this will cause Mario to do the dash attack and break through the box. Mario’s roll (run then press L and Y) is also a great way to get around quickly.

After getting to higher ground and hitting the Checkpoint flag (if you die after hitting the Checkpoint flag, you’ll start the level again at this point), climb the lone tree on the left and follow the path to the Magic Box. After returning. In the tunnel, be careful of the Goomba because it is NOT a normal Goomba! It’s a Tanooki Goomba, and like its name suggests, it will swing its tail at you! Be sure to take him out because he’ll drop a Super Leaf, allowing you to turn into Tanooki Mario! As Tanooki you can swing your tail to break the blocks for coins, and reveal a wooden wheel. Spin the wheel with Mario’s tail to raise the platform. You’ll be able to collect a Time Coin. These new coins add time to the clock, this big Time Coin adds 100 seconds to the clock.

The Binocular Platform allows you to see Toad and a collectable. Take the white Music Note block to reach the higher ground and collect it. Be sure to head backward for a Coin Box which will reveal a Super Leaf Power-up. Hopefully you haven’t lost your Tanooki power yet, if not you’ll have a Super Leaf in reserve! (Tap the screen to use it). Land from above on top of a giant Tanooki Goomba and collect Coins on your way to the Flagpole! Take a leap and float to land on top of the Flagpole to earn a 1Up! Keep this in mind! Always try to land on top of the Flagpole!

Level 1-2

The first Coin Box row you encounter holds a Power-Up, collect the Fire Power if you like. I suggest keeping the Tanooki Suit, although you can access some special features if you have the Fire Flower as you can use Fire Mario’s Fireballs to light the unlit torches you see along the way. The Fire Flower also allows you to take out the Ink Piranha Plants before they get a chance to spit ink at the screen. This way you don’t have to get close to them. After picking up the first Collectable where you see the rotating platform, drop down and enter the pipe for a classic Super Mario Bros.-style bonus area full of coins. Hit the block in the corner for a multiple Coin Box. At the end of the pathway collect the lone Coin against the wall and follow all the Coins and you’ll hear some applause.

In the next room you’ll see two Coins on the wall where the entrance is. Jump up there to reveal hidden blocks and a Starman. Before collecting the Starman you might wanna hit the Coin Box beside the Tri Coin Block for a power-up. Collect the Starman and concentrate running as fast you can to the right. Avoid the enemies and instead concentrate on running through the giant spike balls (just be careful not to fall into the holes of the abyss!). This will destroy them. You can also easily take out all the Piranha Plants this way. Once you’ve taken out a bunch of them, backtrack for the Collectables.

At the part with the Spikeballs and Ink Piranha Plants, if you have the Tanooki Suit, you can simply float to the other side to avoid the Spikeballs. At the end of the level you’ll see an unlit torch. Light it with Fireballs if you still have the Fire Flower and you’ll earn some bonus Coins. Nifty! Remember that you can light torches with Fire Power, this will be useful later on.

Level 1-3

Use the Binocular Pad at the start to find Toad who’ll drop the first Collectable. Which is easy to get, simply follow to where it lands. As you move down be sure to hit the Slot Block, which randomly shifts to different Power-Ups, time your jump to get something you want. Continue downward on the left side to find the Purple Mystery Box. Jump inside and immediately head straight to the last Coin Box on the left, hit jump as many times as you can to get a ton of Coinage. After coming back out, you’ll notice an enemy stack of Ladybug enemies, I recommend AGAINST trying to smash them. Just run past. As you’ll likely get hit.

Once you reach the Checkpoint Flag, you’ll hit a spot with several Fire Piraha Plants. Be careful around these guys as they spit out fireballs. Take them out from afar if possible. When you see the first two wooden stakes in the ground, you can Butt Stomp the right one (Jump in the air and press L) for a Power-Up. The other stakes just give you Coins. Follow the path right (don’t go up yet) and enter the Mystery Box by jumping on it. This will take you to a bonus area in the clouds. Collect the Starman from the Coin Box then run like mad to the right and leap into the Collectable at the end. Make sure you also collect the 100 Point Time Coin.

Once you are back on solid ground, you’ll need to think for a second. If you head left you’ll go back the way you came. You’ll see a Red Coin Ring floating on two cloud platforms. If you go through the Red Coin Ring you’ll make Red Coins appear. Collecting them will make a 1Up Mushroom appear, however I suggest against attempting this, as you’ll likely fall in the process, or the 1Up Mushroom will roll off into the abyss. If you do not have a Tanooki Suit or Super Leaf in reserve, then you’re better off not attempting going back the way you came. If you head up at the branching path, you’ll reach a section where you must float down to land on moving clouds. Doing so will give you the third Collectable. If you’re Fire Mario, Super Mario or Small Mario, then simply head up after landing back from the Magic Box.

When riding the green Arrow Platform, I suggest you ignore the lure of the Coin Boxes, as it’s too easy to fall trying to get them. A simple jump or walk off several edges will lead you to the Flagpole!

Level 1-4

This stage features a green-colored Arrow Platform that you ride throughout the level, you stand on the front arrow to move the platform forward, and the back arrow to move it backward. You’ll ride on tracks at different levels, using watersprays to life you to higher tracks, or falling to land on a lower track. Use the Watersprays to find the two collectables, and at the part where you fall to a lower track, carefully move backward for the second Collectable.

In this stage I highly suggest you do as little jumping as possible. Ignore the allure of Coins on the track and especially Coin Boxes and blocks, as jumping for them can easily get you killed. Instead, focus on surviving and avoiding the Goombas. Only jump if you think you’ll hit a flying Para-Goomba. Soon after the second Collectable and the Checkpoint Flag, be sure to stop at the piece of ground and leap into the Mystery Box. Inside the Mystery box hit the Tri Coin Block on the left for a Power-Up. When you reach the two Watersprays, have the left one float your platform up to find the Collectable. Avoid the second one and keep going forward to find a Time Coin, then make your way back and have it lift you onto the upper track.

Josh’s sage advice: In stages like this, it’s important to err on the side of caution. Stand towards the front at the end when you go down a steep hill to collect the Coins, for the final stretch be sure to ride the platform all the way until it stops, DO NOT jump off to try and make it to the end. Patience is a virtue. Remember this.

Enter the pipe and you’ll be at the Flagpole!

Level 1 Castle

This stage is an easy one. Obviously touching lava or fire is a no-no, so be careful when you are hopping about. Enter the stage as Tanooki Mario (and have a power-up in reserve if you can) to make things easier on you. Although you’ll earn a Power-Up from the first Tri Coin Block you see. When you reach the Thwomps (classic Mario enemies that are spiked stone slabs that slam down on you when you approach them) go behind them for coins. Go behind the second one and Wall Jump to the top (jump towards a wall, hold the stick so you start sliding, then jump again, repeat) at the top, head left to find Cardboard 1UP Mushroom cutouts and a real 1Up Mushroom in the middle. Slide back down the way you came to exit, being careful not to clip the edge when you try to go back to the main path (be careful not to stop under the Thwomp).

Once you reach Bowser, you want to run along the left side and Long Jump the gaps (run, press L to crouch then immediately press Jump to perform a Long Jump, allowing you to cover greater distances) to avoid his fireballs. When he starts shooting Fireballs at you, stand in the same spot until he shoots one, then quickly move out of the way, stand still again, then as he shoots again run to avoid it. Basically you want him to shoot them at the spot your standing in and then move. You can use Bowser’s Fireballs to destroy the stone towers at the back. The one furthest down will provide you with a Power-Up (the others just give single Coins).

It’s important to note that you CANNOT take Bowser out with Fireballs or Tail swings in this game. Your goal is to run past Bowser and step on the black Bowser Switch to send him to his doom! Although Bowser has a Tanooki tail during this fight, he won’t use it. If you get close to Bowser he will eventually jump back. Keep this up until you can leap onto the Bowser Switch and the Koopa King will be roasted.