Super Mario 3D Land Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

World 8 Star Coins

Level 8-1

Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is found where you see the large red Exclamation Block directly above to rising yellow platforms and shadow Fuzzies that make their way around a rectangle box full of coins. Leap onto that platform above the left yellow platform (there is an invisible block where the right platform stops that holds a Super Leaf) and hit the Exclamation Block a bunch of times to create a bridge of Happy Face blocks that create a bridge. This bridge leads directly to Star Coin #1!

Star Coin #2 – After hitting the Checkpoint Flag, use the lone breakable brick in the corner to climb atop the platform and make your way forward and to the right, where you’ll find Star Coin #2!

Star Coin #3 – After making your way down the giant ramp and avoid getting hit by the rolling spike balls, you’ll reach a Green Pipe and a Canon. Hop in the Cannon and point yourself to the upper left, towards the ramp. You’ll see Star Coin #3! Line up the crosshair exactly overlaying the Star Coin then shoot yourself out. You’ll collect it, but then have to run down the ramp again. Take the Green Pipe to go to the exit Flagpole and get that dang Coin Box off your head!

Level 8-2

Star Coin #1 – Star Coin #1 can’t be missed, you’ll find it after climbing the third pole. Just be sure that the blue flares of fire are not shooting out when you jump to nab the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – Likewise Star Coin #2 is also easy to find. You’ll locate it after the second spinning wheel, where you’ll notice the Star Coin off to your right floating above some Donut Blocks. Just be careful not to fall and jump to get the Star Coin then quickly leap back to the wheel, making sure that there is a platform beneath you, of course.

Star Coin #3 – Like the Star Coins above, this Star Coin is a cinch to find. You’ll see it in plain view. It’ll be on the left side of some Donut Block platforms. Just be sure not to fall when you go for the Star Coin and keep running then jump onto the pole before it gets too far ahead of you.

Level 8-3

Star Coin #1 – To unlock this level you must pay a fee of 80 Star Coins! You’ll find the first Star Coin high above the odd-shaped green spinning platform, which can be reached easiest as Tanooki Mario, you’ll see a Wheel you can spin that takes you to the top. Alternatively, you’ll see a Tri-Coin Block, use that and the wall on the opposite end to get on top of the wall. Slide down one side then jump to the other and slide down it, finally jumping again to reach the top and the first Star Coin. It’s easier to get up here using Tanooki Mario.

Star Coin #2 – Once you reach the section with multiple spinning green-and-yellow-colored platforms, and two Rocky Wrenches, you’ll find the Star Coin located on the upper left platform. You’ll need to wait until it rotates, revealing the Coin. Be careful of the Boomerangs from the Rocky Wrenches and go for that Star Coin!

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin is almost impossible to miss, it’s right before the Teleportation Block. Simply land on it from above and its yours!

Level 8-4

Star Coin #1 – This is another Ghost House stage. The first Star Coin is part of the stage, you’ll see it when you first start riding the Green Arrow platform. It will move around and stop at the end, simply Wall Jump to reach it.

Star Coin #2 – This Star Coin is right in broad daylight, and you’ll notice it on the spinning checkerboard platform in the corner. Simply run up and get it. It’s like they’re GIVING Star Coins away for FREE! Gotta love dem Boos!

Star Coin #3 – Once you are on the moving piece of floor, you’ll find Star Coin #3 easily enough, it’ll simply come into view. Run up and grab it in the upper left before the Big Boo appears!

Level 8-5

Star Coin #1 – This is where the going starts to get rough! This stage features falling stone Donut Blocks along with Switching Panels, the blue and red variety you’ve encountered before, that switch each time you jump. Be cautious! The first Star Coin is located on the final switch panel (blue) in the first section with the two flying Para-Goomba. Simply stop on the platform to the right of it, with the Coin Box and jump so that the red switches to Blue. The Blue Side will make the Star Coin appear. Run up and jump to grab it, making sure you land back on red when jumping so you don’t fall to your doom. Also take out the Para Goombas before you attempt to grab the Star Coin if possible.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is easily spotted in the section with many Switch Panels and Rocky Wrench enemies. You’ll spot the Star Coin above the first Rocky Wrench. Hopefully you grabbed the Boomerang Flower Power-Up you just encountered, if so, simply throw the Boomerang to take out the Rocky Wrench when STANDING on the Red platform. Now walk to the edge of the Red platform, then jump and toss the Boomerang again so it hits the Star Coin, adding it to your collection, whilst holding forward a bit so your jump lands you on blue. Time this correctly or death! Alternatively, you’ll need to leap or float over to the Rocky Wrench to get the Star Coin. If you got Fire Power, take him out with a Fireball before leaping by bouncing the Fireball into the foe. Be sure if you jump for it that you land on the platform of the Rocky Wrench, because the Switch Panel under your feet will switch when you jump, leaving an empty abyss ready to swallow you whole!

Star Coin #3 – The third and final Star Coin is located within the Purple Block. Jump into it, and then Wall Jump off the wall and into the Star Coin. Take out all the Rocky Wrenches to clear the Box. Be very careful of the large Bonzai Bills in the next section!

Level 8-Bowser’s Castle

Star Coin #1 – You need a total of 90 Star Coins to unlock the final Bowser’s Castle! Pay the fee to unlock Koopa’s Keep and get prepared for the final showdown! The first Star Coin is found on the second climbable pole. Fire will shoot up on both sides, once the fire retracts, quickly climb down to the bottom and you’ll run into this first Star Coin!

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is easily found, you’ll notice it when you are fighting the group of Boomerang Brothers. It is between a space with platforms on either side. Take out the Boomerang Brothers first. You’ll be tempted to want to Wall Jump or slide down to get the Star Coin. Instead you need to shoot a fireball as Fire Mario or throw a Boomerang as Boomerang Mario and have the projectile hit the Star Coin to collect it for you. Simply stand on the platform in front and projectile your way to victory! Second Star Coin Get!

Star Coin #3 – Stand on the Binocular Pad and you’ll be able to see the Star Coin in the distance. It will be on your left side. Once Bowser appears, carefully hop across the spinning platforms. Obviously this is easiest done with Tanooki Mario. Otherwise, try Longjumping. Make it across to the solid unmoving platform and run to the end. Use a Boomerang Flower in reserve or throw a Boomerang when jumping and you’ll earn the final STAR COIN! HELL YEAHHHH! As for the Bowser fight, the only real strategy is to leap as soon as Bowser lands with a big jump, as he’ll send out shockwaves that can easily do you in. Good luck!

Level 8-6

Star Coin #1 – What’s this? There’s more?! HELL YEAH! This stage features much rolling geometry. The first Star Coin is found once you reach the giant screw (a homage to Super Mario Bros. 3!). Stand on the LEFT side to move the screw backwards, and into the floating Star Coin. Carefully leap to nab it!

Star Coin #2 – To find this Star Coin, you’ll be on a giant rolling round steel object with a grated surface. As you are rolling it across the lava, you’ll notice a structure in the background with a Time Coin on top and the Star Coin inside, you must sink it just far enough to get the Star Coin while escaping death. Good luck! Just kidding. Be sure to wait for the fire in the middle to subside, then leap towards it. As it is sinking, as soon as the Star Coin is nabbed, quickly leap back out and onto the rolling object. Phew!

Star Coin #3 – The final section features a gigantic rolling cylinder that you must run along. As you are going forward, keep rotating the cylinder (careful not to fall off). Eventually you’ll see the Star Coin appear. Roll the cylinder until the Star Coin is level with you so that you can grab it without too much trouble. Then carefully maneuver you way to the Star Coin. Star Coin #3 is yours!

Level 8-King Koopa’s Keep

Star Coin #1 – The FINALE IS HERE! You can almost taste it! Pay the fee of 100 Star Coins to unlock King Koopa’s Keep and LET’S DO THIS! Be sure to enter this stage Powered Up with a Power-Up in reserve or YOU ARE DIE. This stage features a ROLLER COASTER OF DEATH, as you ride a bony platform through a rail course; with fireballs heading towards YOUR FACE. Carefully jump to avoid them! Star Coin #1 is not too far into the level, keep to the middle of the platform and leap for it when you’re in range, carefully and repeatedly leaping over the incoming Fireballs, one of which will be directly under the Star Coin! Once you land jump again to avoid the final Fireball and survive with the Star coin intact!

Star Coin #2 – This Star Coin is a piece of cake compared to the first one! You’ll find it on the second wooden platform with the Dry Bones enemy, in the series of three wooden platforms. Simply jump up to grab it!

Star Coin #3 – The FINAL Star Coin is located during the last section, the RIDE OF DEATH. Here you will need to make careful adjustments of the Circle Pad, to WALK (not run) back and forth, dodging the incoming Fireballs heading TOWARDS YOUR FACE! You will see the Star Coin incoming as well. To get it, leap over what would be the final Fireball, which will send you careening into the Star Coin as well as surviving the roast of foot. CONGRATULATIONS! All Star Coins are yours! Be proud of yourself!

Now…. The final showdown. Be sure at the end, when you are in the Canon, to shoot yourself through the Red Coin Ring, and collect all the Red Coins as soon as you land! Do so successfully and you’ll be rewarded with a Super Leaf and Tanooki Mario!

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – This last battle with Bowser is intense! Although the same strategies as before apply. When you reach the point with a Coin Block, hit it and quickly grab the Super Leaf! You’ll need it. If the ground is broken in front of you, do a Longjump followed by hovering, and you’ll barely make it to the other side. If you are close to Bowser, beware because he’ll swing his tail (no Tanooki this time…). If you are close and he’s shooting Fireballs, then stand still for a second, and run to a different spot just as the Fireball is shot out. Run again as the second comes toward you; repeat. There are no shockwaves this time, good thing, although Bowser will try different tricks, and the ground will break away at different points as you speed ahead to the goal. Be quick and if there is an opening run past Bowser. At one point he will roll spiked balls towards you, and at another he even throws a Barrel at you! In a subtle homage to Donkey Kong! For the final stretch of bridge, you will seemingly hit a dead end of stone. Wait until Bowser turns around, and have him shoot a Fireball at you. Dodge it and it’ll break through the barrier, revealing the Bowser Button that will send your foe to his doom! The next part is BOMBASTIC, but you’re on your own! 🙂

Up next is the Super Mario 3D Land Special World Star Coins Locations Guide! 😀

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