Super Mario 3D Land Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

World 7 Star Coins

Level 7-1

Star Coin #1 – This is a water world. Star Coin #1 is easily found behind the breakable boxes you encounter on the main path, the Coin Boxes will provide you with a Fire Flower if you aren’t Fire or Boomerang Mario already.

Star Coin #2 – After exiting out of a tunnel, you’ll have the ability to go forward deep into the level, or down where you encounter some red eels (enemies called Unagi). First you want to take out the second Unagi with a ton of fireballs until he perishes. This will open up a tunnel, follow it until you get the Star Coin.

Star Coin #3 – Next, directly following the events above, swim directly up, this will lead into another tunnel where you can nab yourself the third Star Coin! Just be careful of the giant Unagi at the end! To exit out of the stage, simply swim up from here.

Level 7-2

Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is located where you find the Chain Chomp below the giant Red Exclamation Point block. Hit the block to build yellow Happy Face blocks leading to an alcove above that contains Star Coin #1!

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is found in a really cool section that features rolling spike bars on a tilting metal platform! Carefully maneuver your way to the Donut Blocks on the right side where you’ll see this Star Coin hovering.

Star Coin #3 – Star Coin #3 is hard to miss. You’ll find it floating over a spike pit with retracting spikes and swinging Spike Bars! Treacherous! Carefully time your leap as Tanooki Mario to float through safely and grab the final Star Coin!

Level 7-3

Star Coin #1 – This level costs 70 Star Coins in order to unlock! You should have around 113 Star Coins if you’ve been following this guide so far. The first Star Coin is easily obtained by leaping into the air on the diagonal Tightrope.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is located inside a Magic Box. You’ll notice the Magic Box hovering above the blue Arrow Blocks which you need to hit from below to raise them, giving you access to the Magic Box. Once up in the clouds, collect the Starman and make off towards the right to find the Star Coin.

Star Coin #3 – Once you fall from the Magic Box, look in the Binocular Pad to see the third Star Coin. Look high above you to the right and you’ll see a group of Toads that’ll drop two Super Mushrooms. As you are ascending the ropes in the next area, you’ll come across the final Star Coin in clear view. Nab it!

Level 7-4

Star Coin #1 – You’ll come across the first Star Coin once you reach a climbable pole. You’ll need to make sure that the swinging platform is below you beneath the Star Coin before you make the leap of faith, or you could fall to your death!

Star Coin #2 – Star Coin #2 is easily found once you make your way through the glass structure. As you are making your way through the top and you come back out from inside, you’ll notice the Star Coin above you right before a Transportation Block. Jump up and collect it!

Star Coin #3 – Once you jump onto the L-shaped clock-like platforms, jump up onto the second one forward from you (instead of left) and when it ticks around (facing up), you’ll see the Star Coin which will be obtainable.

Level 7-5

Star Coin #1 – This cool stage features the return of the Ground Saws from Super Mario Galaxy! These saws will cut off part of the platform you are standing on, so be quick! You’ll find the first Star Coin located at the end of the long stretch of platforms that make up the first section. As soon as you see the Star Coin leap over to the platform it’s on before the platform is sawed off and starts to fall! As soon as you grab it leap for dear life towards safety ahead of you!

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin can be seen in a similar fashion. As you are making your way along the main path, you’ll notice it in the distance. There are three small rectangle wood pieces and two smaller square pieces at the end, the left most which the Star Coin hovers above. As soon as you run, Saws will start cutting through the wood platforms, take note of them and then charge towards the Star Coin and then quickly leap to the right and safety (along with the Checkpoint Flag!)

Star Coin #3 – You’ll find the third Star Coin during a final section with a large piece of wood that moves forward, and several saws that cut it. The Star Coin will be on the far left, so make sure to use the far left piece of wood to get the final Star Coin.

Level 7-Airship

Star Coin #1 – Before you can blink you’ll discover Star Coin #1, found on the rotating piece of metal towards the screen. Run and grab it.

Star Coin #2 – This stage features your first (regular) encounter with Magikoopa! This enemy is a Super Mario Bros. classic who first made his debut in Super Mario World, and is a hooded Koopa magician that shoots magical beams at you! Along with the second Magikoopa enemy’s appearance, you’ll find the second Star Coin; located at the end of the spinning red platforms. Simply be careful not to fall, avoid the Magikoopa or take him out, and nab Star Coin #2! If you have Boomerang Mario it’ll make things a lot easier, as you can get the Star Coin by simply throwing you Boomerang into it! You can also easily take out he Magikoopas with a toss of your projectile!

Star Coin #3 – When you reach the red-colored end of the ship and the Green Pipe, DO NOT enter the pipe. Instead head up to an upper level, where you will see a red spinning object which contains a Cardboard Goomba and the final Star Coin! Carefully make your way on top of the spinning object and collect your prize!

Enter the Green Pipe to take on the boss! Or should I say BOSSES! It’s double the trouble as you face both Pom Pom and Boom Boom at the same time! Take them out the same way as before. Luckily for you they are both on different levels and don’t interact, so its not too difficult. Victory is yours! Avoid the plan once more, as it’s only a Tri-Coin Block worth three Coins. WORLD 7 COMPLETE!