Super Mario 3D Land Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

World 6 Star Coins

Level 6-1

Star Coin #1 – Right off the bat, you’ll find Star Coin #1 located behind the rocks behind you. Simply leap ontop of the rock behind you and you’ll notice the Star Coin. Grab it!

Star Coin #2 – This stage features the classic flying Cheep Cheep enemies, fish that would leap up and try to hit you originating in the original Super Mario Bros. for NES! You’ll have to contend with them leaping fish here too, this time in stereocopic 3D! Thankfully this homage features the Cheep Cheep leaping at set spots and not randomly. You’ll find the second Star Coin well into the stage, located in a pipe below the Binocular Pad.

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin is easily found on an upper tightrope. Simply hit the Question Mark bock and use it to leap up to it while going on the main path, this is the Star Coin you can see from the Binocular Pad.

Level 6-2

Star Coin #1 –This is another cool single-screen stage. The first Star Coin is easily found in the room with the Spike Dragon that floats throughout. Avoid the spikes and take out the Pokey to enter the alcove with the first Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – After entering the elevator and being taken down a room, you’ll enter a room with some Pokeys and a floor that raises up with different tiles at different heights. Stand on the tile in the upper left corner and it’ll take you all the way to the next floor. You’ll notice a breakable brick in the wall. You know the drill by now! It’s important to note though that the brick can also be broken with Boomerang Mario, in addition to Tanooki Mario. Exit by going through the hole in the wall to your right.

Star Coin #3 – Once you reach the elevator shaft with two lifts, you’ll find this Star Coin by going left once you reach the top. As soon as you grab the Coin, quickly run right to avoid getting hit by the spiked ball and go into the background which is safe spot.

Level 6-3

Star Coin #1 – This crazy stage is a Ghost House. It starts off really unique, by standing on the hole in the floor at the bottom, you’ll be teleported to one of the three pictures. Take the Teleportation Block behind the Piano picture for Star Coin #1. You’ll be taken to a giant haunted piano. You’ll see the first Star Coin clearly visible and hovering. Time a careful jump and grab it!

Star Coin #2 – Enter the second picture, and you’ll be taken to a 3D block much like the Mystery Box levels. You can simply wait and the Star Coin will eventually rotate around the structure, allowing you to nab it. Simple and easy. To exit, take the furthermost block in the upper left.

Star Coin #3 – Take the final picture and run up the bookcase, you’ll see the Star Coin floating above you. Grab it!

Level 6-4

Star Coin #1 – Now we’re getting to more Super Mario Galaxy-style levels. This stage features interesting music where three different colored platforms appear and disappear to the beat of the music. The first Star Coin is easily found by following the main path to the end, and then using the Thwomp to reach the ledge with the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – This Star Coin is located through the door and in the next area from the one above. When you reach the next door after the colored platforms, you won’t be able to see what is on the ledge above. As you’d expect, it’s the Star Coin! To get up there, make sure you’re Tanooki Mario and slide off the wall, then jump and float to get above and grab the Star Coin!

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin can’t be missed. You’ll locate it near the end of the level where you see two spinning Spike Bars and colored blocks. Use the colored blocks to reach the solid block with the Star Coin.

Level 6-5

Star Coin #1 – This stage costs 60 (!) Star Coins to unlock. You should have over 100 by this point! You’ll find the first Star Coin once the moving platform stops. Before jumping on the next platform. Fall down to the orange bouncy platform below and nab this Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – This Star Coin will be found along the main path, where you’ll see two wooden walls you can Wall Jump up. Do so and reach the top to nab this Star Coin, but be careful and quick, as it’s easy to fall. If you miss it and still have Tanooki Mario, you should be able to float back over and try again.

Star Coin #3 – Along the main path, where you can hit a snow-covered three-block Tri-Coin Block, you’ll notice two flying Goombas and the ability to leap off the orange bouncing platform and into a snowy ledge. That’s the way you need to go, the Star Coin however is below you. Float down to where you see the moving orange platform (which obscures the Star Coin at one point) below the Para Goombas and float or fall so you land directly ontop, collecting the final Star Coin.

Level 6-Airship

Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is extremely easy to find, it is located behind the group of breakable boxes. You can see it shimmering so it shouldn’t be hard to get.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is located above the purple Arrow Blocks. Try to hit two of them to raise them a bit, then jump on top and grab the Star Coin!

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is located in the upper left hand corner after you get passed two spiked columns, you’ll need to wall jump and float with Tanooki Mario to reach it.

When facing the boss, Pom Pom once more, you’ll have to fight in a hellish room full of flaming fire between the platforms, it is much harder to dodge her attacks here. Her boomerangs shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if you float or jump slowly as Tanooki Mario when she is slaming down with her shell, you’ll get hit easily. Once again it only takes three bops on the head to do her in. To avoid her shell, try jumping between two platforms until she stops. Once you beat her, avoid the wooden plank again, because there is nothing on it.