Super Mario 3D Land Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

World 5 Star Coins

Level 5-1

Star Coin #1 – This fun stage features an ALL-NEW Power-Up to the Super Mario series! Collect the Boomerang Flower to become Boomerang Mario! You can throw a Boomerang by pressing Y or X. Fling a Boomerang and leap over it to have it come back to you or keep flying, destroying any enemies it touches! Use the Boomerang to take out the Pokey’s; Cacti enemies that are stacked cacti on top of each other. Destroy the lower cactus and the enemy will still move. Lethal to the touch, you must take out the head to best this enemy, who was first introduced in Super Mario World and is a Super Mario series classic enemy! After defeating a few Pokey, go left and you’ll enter an alcove with a Green Pipe. Collect the Star Coin to the left atop the breakable bricks.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is located above the second Tanooki Thwomp you encounter. These Thwomps with tails can be helpful, as you can leap off of their tails to get some height. Stand atop the Thwomp and wait until he moves close enough for you to leap and grab Star Coin #2!

Star Coin #3 – After entering the door and hitting the Checkpoint Flag, you’ll ride atop a moving elevator platform that rises up. As it does, spiked balls will fall. As soon as you get on the platform, swing your Boomerang to take out the Boomerang Brother’s boomerang projectile AND him. If done immediately he’ll turn into a Boomerang Flower which you can leave resting at the top in case you need it. When the Sand Blaarg appears, wait for its shadow to go under you, then carefully but quickly walk away (walk not run), turn around and throw your Boomerang to kill it. If you are only Super Mario or another Powered Up Mario, then take out the Boomerang Brother with a careful stomp and collect the Boomerang Flower to morph into Boomerang Mario. The third Star Coin will appear on the right side of the platform, so keep an eye there and grab the Star Coin by running over to collect Star Coin #3 once it appears. Be careful of the Red Coin Ring, if you choose to collect the Red Coins it’s a TRICK that can cause you to lose sight of the Star Coin which appears soon after the Red Coin Ring. When it does, carefully leap to the right and then left to collect it and land back on the rising platform.

Level 5-2

Star Coin #1 – Try to enter this stage as Fire Mario, you’ll need Fireball power to get all the Star Coins. However you can easily earn a Fire Flower Power-Up found within a hidden block in the first room. You’ll find the hidden block in between the Tri Coin Block and the normal Coin Block! This awesome stage is played from an isometric perspective, with each area a self-contained single-screen room. You’ll need to move to the gaps on the sides to head to the next adjacent room. The first Star Coin is located in the room with the double-sided spinning Spike Bar, and exits on all sides. Exit downward (jump onto the ledge) to reach the Star Coin, to your right is simply a Coin Box, while up is the main path. — Big thanks to Rumzeus for the Power-Up tip!

Star Coin #2 – You’ll need to be Fire Mario to get this Star Coin. If you need Fire Power, press Start and tap “To Course Select” to exit back to the World Map. Tap the World 1 (W1) tab at the top to go back to World 1 and enter stage 1-2. This is the underground stage. Smash the first Coin Blocks you see to reveal a Fire Flower. If you entered the stage as Boomerang Mario and you collect the Fire Flower, it’ll put the Boomerang Flower in reserve. Beat the level to retain Fire Mario and return to World 5 and level 5-2. To find Star Coin #2, you’ll want to be in the room mentioned above with the four exits. This time head to the right, into the room with a lone Coin Box. Notice something here? There are four torches in each corner, light them by shooting a Fireball with Fire Mario at each one, this will open the gate! Be sure you don’t touch the fire by leaping towards the Torch in the process or you’ll get it. After lighting all the torches you’ll then hear the “Secret Discovered” ditty from The Legend of Zelda as a homage to that series’ puzzles! Awesome! Head into the next room to collect the Time Coin and Star Coin #2!

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin is located in the long vertical room with the long rolling Spike Bar. Simply keep running upward all the way until the dead end and you’ll see Star Coin #2 floating there. Carefully jump up and grab it.

Level 5-3

Star Coin #1 – To unlock this level you’ll have to pay a fee of 40 Star Coins! Phew! The first Star Coin doesn’t come until after the Checkpoint Flag, you’ll find it floating on a platform in the middle of a blue swinging platform, simply jump up and hit the platform with the Star Coin above it from below to nab it. Or, easier, quickly leap on the platform as soon as you see it before the blue platform swings.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is located on top of a pole. Simply climb up and leap into the Magic Box to be taken to the clouds where you can collect the Starman and get the Star Coin located at the end.

Star Coin #3 – The final Star Coin is found at the section that features two yellow platforms moving on rails beside each other. Stay on the left platform and you’ll be taken right to Star Coin #3.

Level 5-4

Star Coin #1 – This underground stage features a light around Mario and dirt with holes. As such, you will meet your first encounter with the classic Super Mario World enemy Monty Mole! To find Star Coin #1, from the start of the level, after the second set of dirt “stairs”, head upward. Leap off the Coin Blocks and you should see Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – Soon after the above, head to the right and you’ll come across Star Coin #2. It’s below you, with a Monty Mole above, simply crouch and walk into the gap to grab the Star Coin.

Star Coin #3 – After falling down the huge hole and landing in a new, watery area. Head to the right and you’ll see a series of Green Pipe cardboard cutouts with a real pipe and a Rocky Wrench. Don’t take the Green Pipe yet, instead keep heading right. You’ll see the Star Coin behind a wall. Head left in order to get up, beware of the Mini Monty Moles that leap out on both sides of you, and head up beyond the group of three Monty Moles. Enter the gap, and you’ll be able to fall down in order to get a Time Coin on the bottom and Star Coin 3 on the upper path through the small gap.

Level 5-5

Star Coin #1 – The first Star Coin is located near a giant Tanooki Goomba. Get rid of the Goomba and you’ll see the Star Coin below you in a gap with regular Coins leading down to it. As should be obvious, you need to use your Propeller Block Power to float down to the Coin and shoot back up to safety.

Star Coin #2 – Use the Binocular Pad to zoom in on the second Star Coin, which is easily visible located on the side of the structure, indicating you’ll have to float down to it then zip back up to safety thanks to the Propeller Block Power-Up. Head down the main path and you’ll see a section with far off Orange bounce platforms. In the middle of them is Star Coin #2. Use the Propeller Blocks power and floating abilities to nab the Coin then float to safety. Do this by first jumping WITHOUT using your zip up power, and float into the Coin, then zip high up and onto the orange platform on the other end.

Star Coin #3 – During the final stretch where you’re floating down to far off platforms and blocks, you’ll see the final Star Coin in the distance. You’ll want to float from the nearest green platform straight into Star Coin #3 and onto the Orange Platform. Be careful!

Level 5-Bowser’s Castle

Star Coin #1 – To enter the final stage of World 5, a Bowser Castle, you must have collected a minimum of 50 Star Coins which are required to unlock this stage. If you’ve been following our VGB guide you’ll have way more than that! You should have 84 Star Coins (I also have 99 lives at this point…). The first Star Coin is easy to find, you’ll locate it atop the middle of the three Thwomps. Use the breakable bricks on the left side and jump in the middle for a 1Up and another invisible block. Use them to get on top of the Thwomps and grab the Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – Star Coin #2 is located directly after Star Coin #1. Leap down from the last Thwomp and float (If you’re Tanooki) near the back of the platforms that are floating forward. You should be able to easily land on the Star Coin #2 to collect it.

Star Coin #3 – Star Coin #3 is located beyond the next two Thwomps. You’ll find it at the end of the floating platforms. The floating metal platforms fall into the lava right under the Star Coin, so use Tanooki’s floating ability to jump up, grab Star Coin #3 and float back down to safety. Alternatively, stand on the platform and as it’s sinking into the lava leap up and grab the Star Coin!

The boss fight is so easy you won’t need any help.