Super Mario 3D Land Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

World 4 Star Coins

Level 4-1

Star Coin #1 – You must be Tanooki Mario to get this first Star Coin, so enter the stage as Tanooki Mario or have a Super Leaf in reserve. When the stage stars, immediately head straight up towards the walking Koopa Troopas and Goombas in water. You’ll notice a breakable block on the wall. Bust it with your tail and enter to collect Star Coin #1! After grabbing it, head to the right side of the huge field (touch the green leaves at the bottom to pop out some Frogs, who you can Butt Stomp for major coinage, you can also use the Binocular Pad to find Toad at the very top who’ll drop down a 1Up Mushroom) and jump on the right-most tree. Ascend to the top and do a hand stand to hit the Coin Block and reveal a Propeller Block Power-Up. Propeller Get!

Star Coin #2 – Along the main path you’ll come across a Magic Block above an orange bouncing platform. Take it and you’ll be in the clouds. Make it to the top to find Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #3 – After falling from the clouds, you’ll land on the Checkpoint Flag. Star Coin #3 is immediately to your left. Go left and jump in the Cannon, pressing the L Button to enter. Put the cursor exactly on the Star Coin and shoot out to collect Star Coin #3!

Level 4-2

Star Coin #1 – As you are ascending, you’ll notice a Star Coin on your left that you can’t reach. That’s actually Star Coin #2, keep going from there and you’ll see a giant Goomba Stack (stomp them all in a row for a 1Up). You’ll notice a gap below that you can fall through which will allow you to collect the first Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – To find the second Star Coin, head across the Happy Block bridge made from hitting the Red Exclamation Point block and you’ll see another Goomba Stack with a hole behind them (run to the back here where the Coins are and jump to find an invisible 1Up block). Crouch down with the L shoulder button and walk to enter the whole, which will take you to the Star Coin you saw earlier but couldn’t reach. Use the Orange Platform at the back to leap upwards and out, getting a 100-point Time Coin in the process.

Star Coin #3 – At the point where you see a Goomba 3-Stack and a red Exclamation Point block, the Goomba Stack once again indicates a hidden Star Coin. Defeat the Goomba and hit the Red Exclamation Point Block to create three yellow Happy Face blocks, which allow you to wall jump and reach Star Coin #3! Woot!

Level 4-3

Star Coin #3 – This stage requires 30 Star Coins to purchase! Pay the price of 30 Star Coins and you’ll unlock the level! This level features spinning blocks that you can run across and to the sides to an extent, although you must be careful or you’ll fall! This blocks are taken from Super Mario Galaxy! The first Star Coin is so easy to get a 2-year old could find it. You’ll notice it on the second spinning block that’s a light blue color. (between the two red spinning blocks). Run to the end and grab it! As you run ahead, you’ll notice a stack of blocks, one with eyes! Destroy him before he comes alive, these Block Goomba are a homage to Super Mario Bros. 3, which featured the enemy! At this point, don’t try to jump to the spinning green block, instead get to the area above the enemy you just killed and leap from there onto the spinning green block.

Star Coin #2 – Directly after the spinning green block mentioned above, you’ll see a purple colored Magic Block. Jump on it. You’ll be in the clouds. As in the past, collect the Starman from the Coin Block and run to the right until you reach the Star Coin at the end!

Star Coin #3 – After hitting the Checkpoint Flag, stand on the Binocular Pad and look at Toad to the upper right. He’ll drop down Star Coin #3 onto a blue block right in front of you. Go and get it!

Level 4-4 Ghost House

Star Coin #1 – Enter a Boo House for the first time! Boos are a classic Super Mario enemy introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3, with Boo Houses first introduced in Super Mario World. This is your first encounter with Boos in Super Mario 3D Land! If you stare at a Boo, they will hide their faces and stop. But if you turn away from them they’ll chase you. This stage features platforms that only appear if you are standing next to them. Follow the main path until you reach a point where you’ll see a group of Boos making a circle that spins. You’ll notice the Star Coin amongst them. Simply carefully run through and grab Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – Once you reach the Checkpoint Flag, grab the Starman and take out the Boos. You’ll be on a platform that has Coins in each of the four corners, indicating for different paths to take. The lower left path doesn’t lead anywhere, avoid the upper left path as it makes two more Boos appear if you collect the Coin. The main path continues if you go upper-right, but instead take the lower-right path. Stand at the Coin to make a platform appear, and follow it until you see a Green Pipe Cardboard cutout. Break it to reveal a Green Pipe. Enter it and you’ll be in a bonus area where you can grab Star Coin #2! Float over to get if possible instead of trying to Long Jump it.

Star Coin #3 – As you come out from the pipe, you’ll notice the Star Coin nearby to your upper left. Simply follow the path then leap to get it. A platform will appear to land on.

Level 4-5

Star Coin #1 – For the first Star Coin, you’ll reach a point where you’ll see a Purple Block, don’t jump into it. Instead hit the Green Switch on the right (not the left) which will create a rolling wall. As the Green Platforms roll out, leap towards the wall and wall jump then float as Tanooki Mario to get on top and grab the first Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – For Star Coin #2, head along the main path until you reach the end of the rolling Green Platforms. You’ll see a yellow platform that moves along a path with a Teleportation Block at the end. Do NOT take the Teleport Block! The second Star Coin is located behind it! Ride the yellow platform and leap over the Teleportation Block to grab Star Coin #2. Then take the Teleportation Block.

Star Coin #3 – After taking the Teleportation Block above, you’ll be on a long platform that features a pair of two Green Switch Blocks in front of you, and a pair in the corner to your left. Go to that corner. Hit both blocks and ascend the rolling Green Blocks. One of them will create an upper level that you can take to reach Star Coin #3!

Level 4-Airship

Star Coin #1 – Another Airship, this time you have lots of Rocky Wrenches to deal with as well as the Switching Red & Blue Platforms that switch colors and locations when you jump. The same ones from Super Mario Galaxy and that you had to deal with in level 2-4. Obviously these features make this a tough little level. The first Star Coin is easily visible, be sure to jump while you are on the red platforms to land on the blue platforms as they appear under Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is easily found once you drop to a the lower level. You’ll then see another part you can drop to a further lower level and Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #3 – Star Coin #3 is also easily obtained. You’ll find it in the section with the Boomerang Brother and the Switching Platforms. Take the Boomerang Brother out first if you can. You must jump until the Star Coin appears from a Red platforms bottom to the top of the switching Blue Platform. Run over and grab it.

Don’t forget to go beyond the Green Pipe at the end of the level to the lower level for a 1UP. Enter the pipe to take on Pom Pom, the debut of a girl version of Boom Boom! (whom I’ve always mistakenly called “Boomer”). This boss is lethal with a Boomerang. Avoid her throws and jump on her head. She’ll then retract into her shell. Instead of bouncing of the walls, she’ll swoop above you and try to smash you from above. Don’t leap, instead keep running into a circle, she’ll smash down and miss smooshing you. As soon as she stops to come out of her shell, leap for her head again. Mix and repeat until she’s a goner! When you exit out of the Green Pipe, simply avoid the plank altogether as it only offers a Coin and is dangerous. Leap up to the top of the Flagpole. World 4-Airship COMPLETE!