Super Mario 3D Land Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

World 3 Star Coins

Level 3-1

Star Coin #1 – To get the first Star Coin, run around the stage until you find a Propeller Block. Then start heading up the large main structure (close to the Cannon). You’ll notice a white Music Note Block close to a Thwomp ahead. With a yellow platform on the right along the side of the building. Use the Propeller Block to propel yourself on top of the Yellow Platform, where you can grab Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – Star Coin #2 requires Tanooki Mario. From the first Star Coin, head off of the structure and run around starting where the Yellow Platform was. Once you are all the way around, you’ll see a Breakable Brick at the bottom of the structure. If you’re Tanooki Mario, break it with your tail. If not, and you still have Propeller Mario, get on top of the Coin Blocks and propel yourself to the level above them. Where you’ll find a Super Leaf Power-Up that’ll turn you into Tanooki Mario. Break the brick and enter to find Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #3 – After heading up the structure follow the path through all of the doors until you reach a final room with many mini-Thwomps and a giant Thwomp at the end of the blue room. Wall jump on top of this Thwomp and let him raise you up. From here you can Wall Jump to grab Star Coin #3!

Level 3-2

Star Coin #1 – Play this level as Fire Mario. You’ll come across the first Star Coin behind a gate, it looks caged. Keep going a bit and you’ll see a hole you can enter that leads to the first Star Coin.

Star Coin #2 – Star Coin #2 requires Fire Mario. When you reach the part with the red Eel, shoot fireballs at it to knock it back into its hole. This will reveal a path on the ground that leads to a green Pipe. Enter the Warp Pipe and you’ll be taken to a hidden area with the second Star Coin!

Star Coin #3 – The end of the natural course features a green pipe with a vertical purple Eel. Instead of taking the green pipe, swim up where the eel is and keep going. When you leap out you can grab Star Coin #3!

Level 3-3

Star Coin #1 – Be sure to enter this level as Tanooki Mario or have a Super Leaf in reserve. If you don’t, exit the course and head back to stage 3-1, and head around the structure (grabbing the Propeller Block before you do) and use the Propeller Block power-up on the Coin Blocks to reach an upper level, where you can grab a Super Leaf. Now beat the level to retain Tanooki Mario status. Back in Level 3-3, cross the Donut Blocks (which fall if you stand on them for a few seconds, although they reappear in a few seconds after falling) to the first section and head to the other side of the wall to find a Wheel. Spin the Wheel with your Tanooki Tail to reach a green pipe. Enter the pipe, break two blocks (Side Flip by running then pressing the stick in the opposite direction and Jump to reach the first level of blocks) and you’ll see Star Coin #1 at the top of the stack of bricks.

Star Coin #2 – On the main path, you’ll eventually reach a branching path of Donut Blocks. If you go right it leads up. Go left instead. Wall jump up (collecting the two 10-Point Time Coins) and you’ll reach Star Coin #2!

Star Coin #3 – Use the Binocular Pad and look at Toad whose on top of the far wall just ahead. He’ll drop the Star Coin in an easy to retrieve spot. Go get it! Simply float down from above onto it.

Level 3-4

Star Coin #1 – To get Star Coin #1, continue along the main path until you reach a part where the ropes branch. Instead of going right, go left. Use the orange platform to reach the tightropes, then keep ascending until you see purple arrow blocks. Hit them from below to raise them up, and use them to reach Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – A bit ahead from Star Coin #1, you’ll be crossing a Tight Rope where you’ll pass an arrow block pointing right and a Magic Block. Jump atop the Magic Block by using the arrow block to reach it. Once in the clouds, collect the Starman Power-Up and run to the right until you reach Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #3 – When you reach the point where you can see three swinging Spike Balls on different rope routes, directly after following the Music Notes for a 1UP. You’ll also see a floating Coin Block come onto the platform. Wait until it reaches you and then stand atop and ride it. It’ll take you directly to the third Star Coin and a Teleportation Block that takes you directly to the Flagpole. Huzzah!

Level 3-5

Star Coin #1 – This level can only be unlocked by collecting at least 15 Star Coins. Although you should have far and away more than that by now if you’ve been following this guide, so pay the fee to unlock the level! Try to be Tanooki Mario for this stage. This level is an automatically scrolling level, where platforms float from the left as the level scrolls to the right. It’s important to note that the floating platforms on this stage do NOT allow you to jump through them. Keep this in mind as you are playing. The first Star Coin can’t be missed, it’s sitting atop a stack of breakable blocks. Don’t break them, jump on them to get it.

Star Coin #2 – Likewise, you’ll encounter Star Coin #2 as you are hitting a multiple Coin Block. You’ll be tempted to keep hitting it below as the level keeps scrolling so you can get all the coins, instead go forward a bit to stand on the Donut Block. You’ll see the Star Coin below. Allow the Donut Block to fall until you can reach the coin, then leap back to safety or use the Ladybug enemy to help you get back up.

Star Coin #3 – This Star Coin is also in plain view. You’ll find it at the point where white chocolate bar platforms are coming down on you in different variations. You’ll see the Star Coin on the left side. Wait until there is safe ground to stand on before jumping to collect Star Coin #3! Easy as pie!

Level 3-Airship

Star Coin #1 – This Airship marks your first encounter with Bob-Ombs! The classic walking bomb enemies of the Mario series. Right off the bat, you’ll notice huge giant spikes that fly towards you at quick speed (also making a very cool 3D effect!), obviously touching these is fatal, so avoid them at all costs. You’ll see the first Star Coin soon after starting out, to your left. Simply navigate to it while avoiding the giant spiked column, and Star Coin #1 is yours!

Star Coin #2 – Stand on the Binocular Pad and you’ll notice a caged Star Coin straight ahead of you. But don’t stop looking there! Look up and you’ll spot Toad, who will throw down a Super Mushroom. Exit and stand still to pick it up. Now head on the main path. When you get to the part with many spiked columns that shoot towards you from the background, run quickly while they are pulling back in and stop at the lone Coin. The Coin represents a safe spot, stay there until the spiked columns come at you again, and run the spiked columns are retracting. Run to a spot ahead that looks the same only without the Coin, this is another safe spot. Head towards the screen and you’ll reach an area with the Star Coin #2 resting on a Donut block. Grab it!

At the end of the path, collect the Super Mushroom in the box above and enter the Green Pipe to face the boss, it is Boomer! Or rather, “Boom Boom”, who has returned once more! Boom Boom makes his long-awaited return after his debut in Super Mario Bros. 3, where he guarded the Fortress and Tower stages, and manned a few of Bowser’s fleet. To defeat this easy boss, stand away from him until he spins his arms. This will make him dizzy, when he’s dizzy jump on his head or Tanooki tail him. Then avoid his shell. Mix and repeat. If you have a fire flower, you can keep shooting him until he retracts into his shell. Note that he will spin for a longer period after hitting him twice. After being the boss, enter the Green Pipe.

Star Coin #3 – After beating Boom Boom, head up the Airship until you see the plank that exits off the screen. Carefully walk it to reach the third Star Coin! World 3 Airship is complete!