Super Mario 3D Land Star Coins Locations Guide (3DS)

World 2 Star Coins

Level 2-1

Star Coin #1 – Right off the bat, stand on the Binocular Pad and locate Toad, who is up high in front of you, near the Goal. Toad will throw the first Star Coin down, which you can see atop a green platform in the distance. Go for it! Head to the back (be sure to get a Power-Up from the Slot Block which will give you a random item) and bounce up the orange platforms to reach the platform with the Star Coin. Jump up and collect Star Coin #1.

Star Coin #2 – Directly following the above, head to the stack of Goombas and jump on all their heads to earn a 1Up, or simply enter the Green Pipe. Do not miss this Green Pipe, as it is easy to forget about it as you continue on through the level. Inside you’ll find a bonus area with Star Coin #2. Step on the Viewpoint Switch to gain a switch in perspective that makes it easier to grab the coin. Then climb the blocks and long jump or float to it.

Star Coin #3 – After popping back out of the pipe from the above, head over to the blue POW Switch and step on it, follow the music notes and collect them all for an easy 1UP (and a fun ditty from Super Mario World that plays as you collect them, paying homage to that legendary game). Where the last music note appeared, you can only just notice a hole in the wall. Press right or left on the Dpad to switch your view and see it more clearly. Hold L to make Mario duck and then walk forward (alternatively, Dash by holding Y and then press and hold L to slide into the gap) to earn a second 1UP. After continuing a short ways, you’ll notice a real Goomba next to a cardboard cutout Goomba. The cardboard Goomba is directly across from Star Coin #3. To get it, you can float over if you’re Tanooki Mario, easily clearing the gab and grabbing the coin. Alternatively, head left and into the back behind the platforms (you’ll see a Coin sticking out, indicating the secret), which leads all the way to this Star Coin! Woot! Remember to head back around instead of trying to make the leap over the gap to where the cardboard Goomba is. As it’s dangerous and you can easily die trying.

Level 2-2

Star Coin #1 – In this level, you’ll want to stay Tanooki Mario throughout if possible. Try not to collect any other Power-Ups, and if you’re not Tanooki Mario, look for a Super Leaf power-up to become him. Star Coin #1 is obtained within about a second of the level starting. You’ll see it in the background. The real way to get it is to hit the Green Switch, follow the green platforms to the other side, then hit the other Green Switch to activate another set of green platforms that take you right to the Star Coin. Of course, it’s easier to simply leap toward the Star Coin and grab it that way while on the first green platforms.

Star Coin #2 – Directly following the Checkpoint Flag, you’ll see a Green Switch and a Torch. If you have a Fire Flower you can light the Torch, which will reveal an opening to the left that you can leap up to. Either way, leap up the wall to your left directly opposite the Torch, where you’ll find Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #3 – The third Star Coin is located at the end after you enter the pipe and go back to the surface. This Star Coin can only be grabbed by Tanooki Mario. After exiting the Green Pipe, you’ll see the Flagpole ahead of you, with some breakable bricks at the bottom of the wall. As Tanooki Mario, smash them with your Tail (press Y) then get a running headstart and hold L to crouch and slide into the gap. Alternatively just hold L and walk into the hole, which will take you to the other side where you can grab Star Coin #3! Also grab the Time Coin, which will add 100 seconds to the clock!

Level 2-3

Star Coin #1 – Enter this level as Tanooki Mario or have Tanooki Mario in reserve if possible. The first Star Coin can only be obtained as Tanooki Mario. From the start, head down to Mario’s right foot, swing your tail to bust the breakable block and reveal a wooden Wheel. Turn the Wheel by swinging Tanooki Mario’s tail. Keep swinging to raise the platform all the way to the top where it snaps into a Luigi-patterned area! You’ll then see the Star Coin which you can jump to collect along with a Time Coin. Be sure to use your tail to float back down to safety from where the platform that raised you up was. Head forward a bit and break the blocks to collect the Propeller Block power-up, which propels you high and fast into the air upward with every jump.

Star Coin #2 – After collecting a Propeller Block (remember you can still swing your tail and float with the Propeller Block on your head!) on the Mushroom Area, head down until you reach the point where you see a sky blue platform and a yellow platform with a ParaGooma (flying Goomba) and a golden ring in the middle. Slightly below the golden ring is Star Coin #2. To get it, you must have the Propeller Block Power-Up. As you probably guessed, leap into the golden ring and as soon as you collect Star Coin #2, B to jump and have the Propeller Block propel you back up to the yellow platform.

Star Coin #3 – Once you reach the final section, a classic Princess Peach area, head over to the lone breakable block to your left and use your tail to smash it. This will reveal a Wheel. Turn the Wheel by swinging your Tanooki Tail and you’ll raise the red part of the platform. Make sure you still have the Propeller Block, and you’ll be able to rise up through the rings to collect Star Coin #3. This was a fun level wasn’t it! Paying huge homage to the original Super Mario Bros.! Awesome! Gotta love the classic ditty as you enter the final section and hit the Flagpole, done in complete classic Super Mario Bros. style!

Level 2-4

Star Coin #1 – This stage features Red and Blue platforms that switch sides from right to left whenever you jump. Whether you are jumping towards them or not, leaping causes them to switch. Keep this is mind as you play the level. As such, it is helpful to enter this stage as Tanooki Mario from the beginning. Fans of Super Mario Galaxy will remember these switching platforms from that game. The first Star Coin is found soon within the level beside a spiked bar. To get it jump to switch the platforms to blue. Then leap again to the red platform. Then jump again to blue onto the platform with the Star Coin #1, obtaining it in the process.

Star Coin #2 – Directly following the above, you’ll find a Magic Block. Jump up and take this Magic Block to reach a bonus cloud stage, which leads to Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #3 – To get this Star Coin, you’ll notice a floating Coin Block at the end of a section with switching platforms. You’ll see the Star Coin in the corner. To get the Star Coin, be very careful, and try to leap up and land onto the Coin Block when the platforms are switched to red. Then leap again up to get the Star Coin, which will turn them blue, allowing you to safely land. Alternatively, you can stop the Coin block while it is under the Star Coin, then jump to red, then back to blue being sure to land ontop of the Coin Block. Which sometimes takes a side leap. Either way, be very careful! Death is easy at this part.

Level 2-Airship

Star Coin #1 – This stage marks your first encounter with the classic Bullet Bill enemies launched from cannons. At the very end you’ll even encounter Tailed Bullet Bills or Tanooki Bills! The first Star Coin is easily found here. Once you see the yellow Teleportation block, leap into it to be taken to another section, where you’ll see Star Coin #1 along with a Time Coin.

Star Coin #2 – The second Star Coin is also easily found, you’ll locate him when you reach your first encounter with a Rocky Wrench (an enemy that comes from under a manhole cover and throws wrenches at you). Instead of leaping off him to grab the floating Star Coin, simply leap onto the higher up section on the right and then leap to the left to grab Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #3 – For Star Coin #3, you can easily collect the Star Coin if you are Tanooki Mario. Directly after the part above, after your encounter with Rocky Wrench, you’ll use a bridge that leads to the next part, however a sharp eye will notice some Coins in a section below. Carefully drop off the bridge (Float if your Tanooki Mario) and you’ll land on a lower section where you can jump to get Star Coin #3. Or for a safer route, run to the end of the Airship until you see the Green Pipe, instead of taking the Green Pipe, use the platforms to reach the lower level, allowing you to run left and grab the Star Coin.

Don’t forget to hit the Invisible Blocks near the pipe, which will give you a 1Up Mushroom. There’s also a 1Up after you beat the boss as you are heading to the Flagpole, you’ll see a bridge on the far left, carefully walk out it and you can grab a 1UP Mushroom.