Super Mario 3D Land Cheats, Codes & Tips List (3DS)

Unlock Super Mario 3D Land cheats to secrets with the tips in this guide. This includes how to unlock the Special World and Statue Mario for the Tanooki Suit(!), how to unlock the Poison Mushroom and Doppelganger Mario, how to earn unlimited/infinite or 999 extra lives and various tips for this all-new Mario platformer for Nintendo’s 3DS portable.

Index of Super Mario 3D Land Guides:

How to Unlock the Special World

You can unlock an altered dimension called the Special World by beating the game! You are NOT required to collect all of the Star Coins to unlock the Special World (collecting all the Star Coins in the first quest doesn’t do ANYTHING unique). To enter the Special World, finish the game and then select your Save File. You’ll notice a Green Warp Pipe has appeared in the slot of what would be “Level 1-0”, the starting off empty spot on the World 1 Map. Enter that pipe. You’ll then see Mario falling through the Warp Pipe and into the Special World! The Special World features altered levels with all-new challenges, Star Coins in different spots, and all-new elements as described below! You will now have a new quest and will have to collect every single Star Coin over once again!

How to Unlock the Statue Mario Ability!

You must unlock the Special World, as described above, and start playing the first level of the Special World. You’ll default to Tanooki Mario who is wearing a red scarf! Why a red scarf? That tells you that this is the special Tanooki Statue Mario! This Tanooki Suit allows Mario to perform his unique ability that was originally available in Super Mario Bros. 3! The ability to turn into a statue! You can morph Tanooki Mario into Statue Mario by jumping in the air and pressing L, this will cause Mario to slam down, defeating the enemy! Mario is also invulnerable when he is Statue Mario!

How to Unlock the Poison Mushroom

The evil and deadly Poison Mushroom the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 (Called Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels in the West) returns in the Special World of Super Mario 3D Land! You’ll encounter the Poisonous Mushroom, which is purple in color, as you are playing through the first stage, Level 1-1, of the Special World 1! Be careful not to collect the Poison Mushroom as it will kill Mario in one hit!

How to Unlock Doppelganger Mario!

The evil Doppelganger Mario from Super Mario Sunshine, and seen in the Prankster Comet levels of Super Mario Galaxy, returns! To face off against him, complete the regular quest to unlock the Special World as described above. You will then have to face off against this evil Mario in certain levels. Just like in Super Mario Galaxy, this fake Mario will chase after you, mimicking your every move and making Mario’s life a living hell!

Unlimited Lives

This cool secret shows you how to earn infinite lives or up to 99 extra lives using a lonely Koopa Troopa. No word on whether this cheat makes it into the final version of the game. If you know, leave us a comment!

Do you know of any other cheat codes in Super Mario 3D Land? If so leave a comment and we’ll update this cheats page and give you credit!