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11 November 2011
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim walkthrough artwork

Before The Storm

Having just escaped the attack of the dragon make your way to Riverwood and speak to Gerdur, after accepting the quest of informing the Jarl of Whiterun prepare for your journey and head out into the world of Skyrim.

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  • A Wander Down to Riverwood

    Keep following down the hillside, you will need to listen and watch to what your friend points out too, he will point out to the ominous ruins located on the opposite side of the river.

    Keep making your way to the edge of White River, listen to what your friend has to say, you will be interupted by a fight that is happening, you will be able to join in with the attack, or you will be able to watch your friend take on and defeat his opponent.

    After the fight, keep following on with the path to Riverwood, Riverwood is located on the edge of Whiterun Hold.

    Imperials: Alvor and Sigrid

    When you make it over to Riverwood, you will need to make your way through Riverwood and head to the blacksmith.

    You will need to talk to him and then head inside and talk to Sigrid and Alvors house.

    Once you have finished with the conversation, you are going to have the option to take all the items they are offering to you or not to take them, its your choice what you want to do.

    Once you have decided on what items you want and don’t want, now your map and quest will be updated.

    Once everything has been updated, you will be able to ask anyone any more questions before you leave.

    Stormclocks: Gerdur and Hod

    Head into Riverwood, Ralof walks to the left, Ralof will head over to the Blacksmith to meet up with his sister, you will need to follow on with them down near the river.

    Ralofs sister will tell you that Riverwood is defeatless, once you have finished chatting, your quest updates with your map, you will also be able to ask Gerhur or anyone else around you any other questions you may have for them.

    The Fortress-City Whiterun

    You will now need to make your way over to Whiterun, head across the bridges as you leave Riverwood, you will then need to make your way to the right of the water rapids and make your way down the side of the hill.

    There will be some combat noises coming from the fields of Pelagia Farm, there is a giant in the area, you will be able to join in the combat or watch.

    Heading past the Whiterun Stables and head up the hill and over the drawbridge. As you head towards Whiterun, you will be approached by a guard, he will ask you some questions, you will have to pick out of the 4 options given to you.

    Once you have made it inside the four walls of Whiterun, you will have a load to do.

    Once you have decided to complete your quest, you will need to make your way up the hilltops which the city lies on. Head past the Gildergreen Tree and the Shrine of Talos, you will then need to make your way up the steps and you will have discovered Dragonsreach, this is home of the Jarl.

    Make your way towards the massive fire in the middle of the tables, as you move forward, you will be met by Irileth, you will need to explain to her that you are here to see Jarl. You will need to speak to him about the Dragon that destroyed Helgen.

    You will be able to give Jarl as many details as you please, once you have finished the conversation, you will need to ask for the troops to be send to Riverwood right away.

    Jarl will then give you a small token.

    Black Falls Barrow

    Talk to Farengar the Jarl’s dragon specialist who’s got a secret stone that needs to be recovered from the depths of Bleak Falls Barrow.

    Reliable Sources

    Once you have finished your conversation with Jarl, he will ask you if you would like to talk to his Court Wizard, following on with Jarl where he will introduce you to the Wizard.

    Farengar has a job for you as soon you speak to him, you will then carry on the covasation with him, you will be able to ask and answer some questions to find out a better understanding of the quest and the Role of Farengar in his role with the Jarl’s Court.

    Unreliable Bandits

    When you begin this mission, you are going to need to make your way up the mountain path to the North of Riverwood, heading passed Riverwood Folly, when you make it to the summit of the Nord tomb a blizzard will be happening, there will be bandits roaming around, you will need to expect bandit activity in this area.

    You will need to have a wonder around and locate the arched carved door, when you go inside, the first chamber you will be able to hear two bandits talking around a campfire, you will need to take out the bandits before you head down the stairs.

    Make your way passed the spiderwebs and burial urns, head around the Skeever. There will be another bandit located just in front of you that you will need to take out.

    Once you have cleared him out, you will need to make your way through the Ceremonial Entrance into the room. A Portcullius will be blocking your path, there will be a lever close by but it will be inactive at this moment.

    There is an alcove located on the left,there are three-sided pillars here, you will need to approach the first; they will be able to be activated, each side has a different animal carving, A Haw, A Whale and A Snake.

    The Puzzle Solution is : Rotate the pillars so the A Snake, Snake and A Whale FACE OUT. The Carved Nord Heads above the Portcullis(and the fallen middle one) Hole the answer in their Maws.

    Black Falls Barrow Part 2

    Move your way around the mountain side to find your way into the dungeon. Once you’re in after defeating the thieves keep moving deeper in, when you come across the booby trapped gate you’ll need to arrange the 3 movable pillar stones with animal images into the following configuration, spin each from left to right to have the first and second both showing the snake symbol and the third should be the one that resembles a whale or dolphin, now you can open the gate and wont be hit by poisoned arrows.

    Note: If you sneak and remain unseen as you move through this barrow, you will be able to follow the third bandit into the ceremonial entrance room and activate the lever on the ground. He succumbs to the dart trap right away

    Keep moving down the winding stairs, there will be a few Skeevers to battle out as you are on your way down.

    When you hear a voice, you will need to head through the doorway which is covered in webs, this will lead you to enter into the Lair of Giant Frostbites. There will be an Arachnid to take out before you venture out towards the trussed-up Dark Elf.

    There will be a bandit you took out earlier, you will also meet Arvel the Swift, he is carrying the golden claw, you will need to have a chat to him, he will tell you how the Golden Claw fits into the door of Hall Of Stories.

    Once you have had a conversation with him, there will be a bandit wondering around, you will need to take him down, he will run off, you will need to shoot him in the back with a couple of your arrows, once he is down head over and pick up the treasure.

    Black Falls Barrow Part 3

    Be careful as you venture deeper into the dungeon there are a few skeletons that want your head so keep a shield handy or make sure your magicka levels always topped up. When you arrive at the golden claw door you’ll need to spin the three rings so they show the Bear, Moth and owl thats from top to bottom and if you want to know where the solution is it’s on the golden claw, go into your inventory and slowly spin it round to reveal the symbols.

    Black Falls Barrow Part 3

    Now it’s time to return make your way back through the dungeon the same way you came in but to save running through the moving blades you can use the levers that are now on your side to stop them swinging once you’ve reached Skyrim you can fast travel back and claim your reward and begin the next quest.

    Knee-Deep in the Nordic Dead

    Follow Arvel, passing through the crypt entrance and you will then need to make your way down to the catacombs.

    Arvel will fall under the wave of Draugr attacks, the Nord undead now turn their attention to you! You will need to battle them and make your way over to the North, open up the spiked gate and pressure plate. You will need to keep to the left, you will be able to activate the swinging trap door without it hitting you. You will then need to use the skewering device against the Draugr, you will then need to have a search Arvel for his belongings. You will need to read the Dark Elf journal for some more secrets, the Golden Claw is among the items in his pockets.

    Keep moving down taking out the Draugr and searching the bodies doe clues and items. You will need to search both the dead and alive as you move.

    Once you reach the swinging blades, you will need to run forward when the blades closest to you swings past you.

    Eventually, you will need to climb up the steps to the tall tower chamber, when you are here there will be another Draugr to deal with.

    The Barrow’s secret lies past a portcullis and above the rushing stream, you will need to locate the chain which is next to the portcullis and activate it, you will then head down the stream with a large cavern and an opening at the far end of the room.

    Head towards the natural bridge which is below the waterfall, stand on top of the waterfall and shoot down to the enemy below, once you have taken out your enemies, you will need to follow on the path to the entrance to Bleck Falls Sanctum.

    Open up the doors and head and weave through the corridors, you will need to start to coax the Draugr into the trap and then quickly run through it into the next Great Chamber.

    There will be a ton of attacks from the Draugr bowmen, you will need to drop oil lamps and burn them.

    Puzzle Solution : The door consists of three “Rings” that will be able to rotate when you activate each of them, each of the rings have three animals on them, you unlock the central keyhole by using the Golden Claw. You will not be able to do this puzzle if you do not have the Golden Claw, the solution to the puzzle is actually located on the Golden Claw itself, you will need to rotate it in your inventory to see the three circular petroglyph cravings on the Claw’s palm, You will need to move the rings to the Bear,Moth and Owl appear on the outer,middle and inner rings. Once you have done that, you will need to insert the Golden Claw into the keyhole.

    Guardian of the Dragonstone

    You will now be given the Barrow’s secret at last, you will need to move to the middle of the stone centre, have a look the chest and the scavenge is there and everything else you need. You will then need to inspect the world wall, You will then be granted a World of power, you will then need to defend yourself from the final Barrow Guardian, you will need to search the enemy once you have defeated him, he is holding the Dragonstone that you need. You will need to then make your way over to the staircase on the chamber to the left, then activate the handle to raise the secret stone slab, head out the exit and into Skyrim.

    Quest Conclusion

    You will need to make your way back to Dragonsreach, once you have reached there, you will need to go straight over to Fargenar, this will be the second time you have visited him.

    Once you are there, he will be talking to you about the “Source”, you will need to hand over the Dragonstone, once you have handed over the stone, you will need to make your way over to speak with Jarl for your rewards, whcich will occur during the initial conversations of the next quest.


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