Skyrim Walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this epic RPG on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Continue the epic saga of The Elder Scrolls with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next game in the highly anticipated and award-winning RPG series from Bethesda Game Studios. The world of Skyrim revolutionizes the open-world fantasy genre and reminagines a open virtual world that allows the players to explore the world any day they see fit.

Skyrim is rated M for Mature. So please note that viewers must be at least 17 years old or older to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Blood, Strong Language, and Violence.

We’ll be covering the main quests by name, you can search the Table of Contents below to find the help you need in a difficult quest.

Table of Contents

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Skyrim Walkthrough

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Tamriel empire stands on edge as The High King of Skyrim is murdered. Conflict erupts as various alliances lay claim to the same throne, but in the midst is a far greater evil. An ancient evil which has now been reawakened. Coinciding with the grumbling evil is the return of dragons to the world. Now, the future of the Empire and the world hangs in the balance, and the world waits for the prophesied Dragonborn; a hero born with the power of “The Voice”, who is the only warrior that can stand up and defeat, the ancient dragons-kind.

Key Game Features:

  • Epic Fantasy Reborn – The open-world fantasy role-playing game is reimagined once again in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. An epic that pushes technology and the open virtual world to all-new heights.
  • Live Another Life, In Another World – Fit into the shoes of any character you’re imagination can make real, and then play exactly how you want to play in a huge open world. All with the legendary freedom of choice, storytelling and high adventure and fantasy that this series is known for, all raised to the next level.
  • All New Graphics and Gameplay Engine – An all-new gameplay engine powers this epic RPG and brings to life the fully explorable virtual world that features bustling cities to explore, lush fields to run through, rugged mountains to climb, billowing clouds rolling across the sky, and ancient dungeons to tackle.
  • You Are What You Play – Skyrim offers tons of different options for players. Including hundreds of Weapons, Abilities and Spells. Additionally an all-new character system gives players the ability to create their character from the ground up and define them through the actions you take.
  • Dragons Return – A world full of Dragons comes to life before your eyes, unlike of which has ever been seen! Become a Dragonborn, and discover the ancient secrets of the Dragons. Working your way to becoming a master with the ability to use their power yourself!


Understanding the Display

The main display gives off a ton of information that you’ll want to know and understand. Here is how it breaks down.

Compass: Shows direction, locations and Quest markers.

Target Name: Name of the targeted character and its associated healthbar.

Crosshair: Helps you target objects and characters.

Left or Right Hand: Shows your active Weapons or Spells. Shields can be equipped in your left hand.

Favorites: A list of the inventory items tagged as your favorites.

Arrow Count: When you have a bow equipped you’ll see the total number of arrows equipped.

Enchantment Charge: Shows the remaining charge on an enchanted weapon.

Magicka: Casting spells uses Magicka. Magicka regenerates slowly over time; the regeneration rate can be increased by racial powers or enchanted items. Sleeping, waiting, or potions can also restore your Magicka.

Health: The amount of damage you can take. Sleeping, waiting, potions, food or spells can restore your health.

Stamina: Sprinting, power attacks, and bashes use Stamina. Stamina regenerates over time; racial powers and enchanted items can increase the rate it recovers. Sleeping, waiting, potions, food or spells can help restore it.

On-screen Instructions


Icons on the compass indicate the places nearby, such as dungeons and cities and farms. Quest targets also indicate the direction of your active quest. The custom target marker indicates the direction of a custom target you have places on the world map.

Character Menu

There are four main sections of your character Menu : Magic, Spells, Items and Map.


You have 18 skill, under each skill is a bar including how close you are to increasing that skill, the more you can use that skill the faster it will increase.

Positive and Negative Attribute Modifiers

Your health, Magicka and Stamina are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Values appearing in red are being negatively modified by spells, abilities, powers and or other effects. Values in green are being positively modified.

Level Progress Bar

How close are you to raising your character level.

Increasing your skills and levelling up

Increasing Skills

There are three ways you can increase your skill
• Use a skill repeatedly, the lower the skill the faster it increases from use, the higher the skill level,the longer it will take to increase. You can see how far you are from increasing your skill by checking the bar in your skills menu.
• Train with another character, you can pay some characters to increase your skills.
• Find a skill book, skill books increase a particular skill when read.

Raising your level

To raise your level, increase any combination of your skill multiple times. Increasing higher value skills level you up faster. You can check how far you are from raising your level by looking at the bar on your skills menu.

Levelling up

When you level up, you must choose whether to increase your Health, Magicka or Stamina, you can also gain one perk selection, you can select the perk immediately or save it for later.


Perks are special abilities and enchantments to your skills. When you level up, you can select one Perk; you can also choose to save it for later. In order to select a perk, you must meet its skill requirements, and have any pre-requisite perks that it requires. For Example: In order to select the Destruction Dual Casting, you must first choose the Novice Destruction.

Item Menus

the items menu displays all of your items. You can filter your items by following categories: All, Weapons, Apparel, Potion,Food,Ingredients,Books,Keys and Misc.

Carry Weight: The amount of weight you can carry before becoming overly encumbered, your maximum carry wait is based on your stamina.

Gold : How much gold you have

Armour Rating: The combined effects of your physical armour, active magical effects and any relevant perks.

Damage: the combined damage of your current weapon.


Successfully casting spells will raise your skills in that spells school. You can buy new spells from vendors or learn them from the Spell Tomes you find in the world.


To use your equipped power, each race starts will a unique power; you may acquire additional powers over the course of your adventure. Only one Power can be equipped at a time, and most can only be used once per day.


Shouts are a special combination of dragon language that produce powerful effects. The longer you hold the shout down the more words you will be able to shout and use, and the more powerful the shout will be.

Once you have used your shout, you will need to wait until you can use another shout. Your compass will finish recharging. When your compass stops flashing you can shout again.

The individual words of each shout must be learned by finding World Walls in the world. After learning a word, you must unlock it with a dragon soul before you can use it. Dragon souls are absorbed by slaying dragons.

Fast Travel

Once you have highlighted a location on the map, you will not be able to fast travel from interiors or whilst your in battle. When you fast travel, time will move forward depending on how far you go. If you have a horse it will fast travel with you. If you are fast travelling to cities, your horse will be placed at a stable nearby.


Once you have activated a quest, you will be able to add targets to your compass and your world and local maps.


The miscellaneous category includes special objectives that might lead to a new quest, location and rewards.

System Menu

Save: Manually save your game at any time

Load: Select from a list of previously saved games


Gameplay: Using this menu, you can adjust the game difficulty, change the look sensitivity, invert the Y axis, change the settings and enable or disable the vibration.

Display: The brightness and HUD option can be ad jested in this menu, you can also toggle the cross-hair,dialogue subtitles and general subtitles.

Audio: Use this menu to adjust volume levels

Controls: In this menu you can reassign the games controls

Help: This menu provides instructions on how to play the game

Quit: Exit to main menu

Dialogue Options

The list of topics you can discuss with this person, you may need to scroll down to reveal additional options. Asking about certain tops may reveal more dialogue options. Lightened dialogue options indicate the tops you have not yet discussed yet. Darkened dialogue option means you have already discussed this topic.

Sometimes you may need some information from a character, special dialogue options will appear including:

Persuade: Convince a character to tell you something with your speed done. A higher speech skill grants a greater chance of persuasion.

Intimidate: Forcefully persuade a character to talk. Success is based on your speech skill and level.

Bribe: Coax a character into talking with a sum of gold.

Brawl: Engage in a fistfight with the character; win and get the information you need. While neither of you can die in a fist fight, if you use a weapon, the fight can turn into a live combat with any associated crime.

Skill Training

For a price, some characters can train you to improve your skills. There are a limited number of these characters for each skill, and a few can teach the skill at higher levels.


Choosing a barter will display both your inventory and the vendors inventory. Items above the divider line belong to the vendor and items below the line belong to you.

The prices you buy and sell items at depends on your Speech skill and perks. Trading increases your Speech Skill.

Hirelings and Friends

You will find hirelings and taverns through the world who you can fire to fight with you. Each hireling has their own combat speciality, and you can give them order. They can also carry your items for you.

Some friends will allow you to take their items from their inventory as gifts, or agree to join you on your journey, you can also sometimes give them gifts in return.

Commanding Followers

You will need to target your followers, hold down the button and enter the command state. You will be able to tell your follows :

• Wait at a specific spot on the ground.
• Use an object in the world, such as a lever or chair.
• Attack an enemy
• Open a locked door or container
• Pick up items in the world.

Not all followers can be commanded, and some may even be able to carry out certain commands. Be warned that guards will find you responsible for crimes that your follow commit.


There are many types of weapons when you are playing Skyrim the damage you do depends on the weapons itself, your skills and any pertinent Perks. Heavier weapons take longer to swing and many do less damage over a period of time than a fast weapon. Heavier weapons also slow you down whilst moving.

Melee Attacks

There are two types of attack, Basic attacks and Power attacks.
Power attacks take stamina to perform, but do double the damage. Power attacks also have a chance of staggering your opponent, allowing you to perform extra attacks. Heavier weapons drain more stamina when power attacking than light ones.

One-Handed and Two-Handed Weapons

Certain weapons like daggers,swards,maces and war axes are one-handed weapons and can be used with a shield. Other weapons like battleaxes, greatswords and warhammers require two hands, you will not be able to use a shield. Two-Handed weapons are slower but do more damage.


Each piece of armour you wear adds to your overall protection or armour rating. The hight your armour rating the better you are protected. The amount of protection you receive from armour depends on the armour. You skill with that type of armour and any relevant perks you have selected.


If you get into a fight with a friend or a guard, you can yield by sheathing your weapon. If your opponent is willing, he will stop the fight.

Sneaking, Pickpocketing and Lock-picking

Sneaking allows you to pickpocket, as well as carry out stealthy attack. Your stealth is displayed when your crouch.

Open eye: When sneaking reticle is fully open, you can be detected
Half open: When sneaking reticle is halfway open, you are in danger of being detected.
Fully closed: When sneaking reticle is fully close, you are hidden.

How stealthy you are is affected by many factors:

• Your sneak skill only helps you when you are crouching. The higher you are in your sneak skill the easier it is to remain undetected. Increase your sneak skill by snagging successful stealth attack, or by sneaking within range of a target. There are a number of sneak perks you can be granted.
• Line of sight: An enemy is less likely to detect you if he cant see you.
• Darkness: You are harder to see in dark areas.
• Movement: You are hardest to detect when motionless, and easiest to detect when running
• Sound: Two-Handed weapons make more noise than One-Handed, spells also make a sound.

Attacking an enemy that has not been detected you grants a damage bonus, the amount of which that depends on can be increased by perks.

Enemies will react to sounds in the environment, like an arrow or traps. You can also sometimes use this to your advantage to lure an enemy out of a certain position.


You must be sneaking to pickpocket. Approach the target and activate them to bring up their inventory. Select an item to steal. If you have been successful, the item will be added to your inventory. If you are detected whilst pickpocketing, a crime will be reported and you will not take the item.

The higher your pickpocket skill, the lower the chance you will be caught. You will be able to look in a characters inventory, its not a crime.

Crime and Punishment

Crimes, Counties and Jail

The following actions are considered a crime and are reported if you are detected. Stealing items or horses, pickpocketing on items, picking a lock, trespassing, starting a fight or killing a none aggressive character.

When a crime has been reported, a Bounty is placed on your head for the city or town you are in. The amount of the Bounty depends on the crime you committed.

Anyone that sees you commit a crime will become a witness, if you manage to eliminate all witnesses to a crime shortly after it has been committed, the bounty will not take effect.

With a bounty, guards will approach and arrest you, if you run, they will come after you. If you escape to a different city or town where you do not have a bounty, the guards will ignore you/

If you are caught by the guards, you will typically have the following options:

• Pay off the bounty and avoid jail. Any stolen items in your inventory will be removed including the items you have stole whilst being undetected.
• Resist arrest. Guards will attack you if you resist. If you escape, the bounty will remain on your head in the city or town, and guards will try to arrest you if you return. If you yield by sheathing your sword, the guards may stop attacking you depending on your reputation.
• Go to jail and avoid the fine. If you go to jail, you can attempted to pick up the lock of your jail cell and escape undetected. To serve your time, activate the bed in your sell and you will appear outside once you have served your time. Your progress towards skill increase is lose depending how long your sentence is.


Alchemy ingredients can be found all over Skyrim. Potion and poisons are created by mixing ingredients together that share a common effect at alchemy workbenches. Potions are consumed by your character to grant positive effects, whilst poisons are applied to your weapons will add additional damage.

The higher your Alchemy skill, the more powerful potions and poisons you can create. You raise your Alchemy skill by eating ingredients and creating potions and poisons.

All ingredients have four different effects. Discover the effect by eating the ingredients and experiment with combining ingredients to discover the remaining effects. If a potion or poison fails, the ingredients had no effects in common. You can also gain perks that allow you to discover more effects by eating.


Enjoy the opening moments of Skyrim, as you are taken prisoner for a crime you have no knowledge of who will save you?

Character Creation

Make your choice between a multitude of races, who will you become?

The Execution

Watch your final moments before the axe falls.


In a rush to escape the dragon destroying the stronghold follow your new found friend to freedom as you begin your first quest.

Bound for the Block

Once the wagon has stopped this is the end of the line for the prisoners, you will need to get out of the wagon, you will need to move forward towards the Imperial Soldier, his name is Hadvar, you will need to move forward talk to him and then start to design your character.

Once you have made your way over to the block and rest your head on it, the headsman will raise his axe,once everyone scatters, you will need to follow on with the person you choose.

The World-Eater Returns

Once the chaos begins, you will notice that Ralof yells for you to follow him, you will need to keep following on with Ralof, when you are following on with Ralof, you will meet up with Ulfric Stormclock, keep following him until you head up to the top of the Keep second landing.

This is the first meeting you will have with a Dragon, you will need to jump across and land in the area upstairs, you will then need to make your way down to the lower level.

Once you are there you will notice that the streets are filled with fire, you are going to need to make your way over to Hadvar and follow him, keep shadowing him whilst your making your way through the streets of Helgen.

You will not be able to help or search any of the dead bodies as your hands are still bound together.

You will need to keep moving until you get to the Main Keep, Ralof will be here, this will cause a bit of tension but after a heated stand off they will part through separate doors.

You will need to pick which door you would like to head through.

Battle Through The Keep

Path A: Helping Hadvar

Once you have headed through the door, you will need to have a wonder around the room and search it, once you have searched the room, head through the open wooden grating that Hadvar opens for you.

You will need to pick up some weapons and armour and then take out the Stormclock Soldiers in the room coming up. Once you have killed them both, you will need to search their bodies and get some new items.

Head over to the gate in the west and unlock it.

Path B: Rendezvous with Ralof

You will need to follow Ralof into Helgen’s Keep , there will be some encounters you will have to deal with, once you have wished him good luck and a good Jouney to Sovngarde, he will cut your rope for you, he will then tell and instruct you to take Gunjar’s gear.

Merge Path: Helgen Escape

Head through the gate and follow the ally, head down the steps. There will be a dragon on the roof, the dragon will cause the roof to collapse, head to the left and through the storage room, there will be two enemies located here you will need to take out. Once you have taken them out, search their bodies and have a look around the room for some potions.

Once you have collected your potion, you will need to head back out into the main corridor and follow your companion down into the torture chamber, you will then need to pick up the items that are on the table, you will need to wait until the enemies have finished fighting to take the items located on the table.

You will then need to head over to the lock and open it, once you have opened the lock, take the clothing and your first Spell Tome, make your way out of the chamber once you have these items.

Make your way past the prison and down the steps, you will need to be ready to take out some enemies, you will be able to leave your alley to take most of the hits from the enemies.

After you have taken out the enemies, you will need to follow out of the dungeon to the bridge, after you have crossed the bridge, you will need to drop down in the hole and follow the water down the stream past the skeleton.

You will be set upon six frost spiders, take the frost spiders out, once you have taken out the spiders, you will need to cross the small natural bridge, your alley will crouch down to the ground and show that there is a bear located in the area.

You will have the options of what you would like to do to get passed the bear.

Once you have made it passed the bear, you will need to head through the narrow winding tunnel, following the stream is the way out.