Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

11 November 2011
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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough Box Art

Bonus Level

Bonus Level Walkthrough Part 1

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  • Bonus Level Walkthrough Part 2

    Like every Lego game, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 also has a Bonus Level that you can unlock.

    You can enter the Bonus Level in Knockturn Alley. Pay a visit to the second floor of Borgin and Burkes shop (behind the bouncing eyes) where there’s LEGO parts spread about the floor for you to put together the entrance to the Bonus Level.

    Finding 1,000,000 studs in the bonus level will complete this final level. To get you over 1 million, it’s been suggested you find the ride-able big mushroom, it’s surrounded by smaller mushrooms and trees, and then ride that big mushroom to grab those extra stud coins it takes you to.

    Complete the Bonus Level to receive the “Collector’s Dream” worth a 25G Achievement on Xbox 360/PC or a Silver Trophy on PS3 along with the satisfaction of getting closer to or having completed the game 100%.

    Please comment below if you have any more info about this mysterious Bonus Level!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When can you get the first Dark Magic spell character?

    Answers: After you are able to use Hermione’s bag (pink platform) go to Hagrid’s house and use the pink platform which will give you a pumpkin that you can fly on. The character icon for Bellatrix is in the air on the right hand side by the trees.
    Thanks for the tip Josiekat10, who says “I don’t know if this is the very first for everyone, but it was for me.”

    Where can you buy additional characters?

    Answers: You can buy additional characters at Madam Malkins in Diagon Alley, it’s in between Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and The Leaky Cauldron. – Tip by Stephanie

    Where can you buy Red Bricks?

    Answers: To buy any and all Red Bricks, go up the stairs in The Leaky Cauldron. Once in the hall, go down and there should be a door on the left. It’s in that room. NOTE: this is not the room with the video clips in it, there is a room before that that has the Red Bricks to buy. – Tip by Brad

    What are you supposed to do with characters that have a question mark above their head?

    Answers: Whenever you see someone with a question mark over their head, it means you need to use the yellow spell on them (it’s called the Focus spell). – Tip by Brad

    Other Gameplay Tips from the Creators

    One of the game’s producer walks you through the Lovegood House level in Free Play mode and gives lots of tips for how to best play Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7.

    As he explains what’s new in the gameplay, he answers lots of your questions in the process. Let’s have a look at what he has to show us in these videos.

    In Part 2 “Lovegood’s Garden”, the Weasley Box gives us Sticky Slippers to climb the Lovegood House wall, there on the balcony we need a Dark Magic character (Fenrir Greyback) to open up the Dark Magic object. That in turn will give you Specter Specs, which are Luna Lovegood’s pink glasses that allow you to see & interact with invisible Lego. This actually allows you to dig up and put together a giant ride-on hare! Because that’s Luna’s Patronus shape!

    In Part 3 “The Peverells”, we go inside to explore the possibilities for fun there.

    In Part 4 “The Three Brothers”, we sneak past Death. This is a Limbo-inspired sidescroller level new to the Lego series.

    In Part 5 “Luna’s Bedroom”, where by puzzling many weird and funny things can be discovered, such as Luna dolls and Xenophilius-Luna!

    In Part 6 “Godric’s Hollow”, he explains what needs to be done on the graveyard. The goal is to use Hermione’s book to match the graves with the symbols from The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

    In Part 7 he shows how Harry must fights a mighty snake. Keep throwing objects at the snake until it’s dizzy, then power-force-throw an object like a lamp at the snake to try and beat it, then finally you can pick up the snake and throw it down the stairs. All in a day’s work for Harry Potter!

    Glitches & Crash Warnings

    Game-stopping Crash Caused A Recall (Wii-only?)

    A lot of owners of the Wii version are reporting that the game is defective with game-stopping crash once you go inside Grimmauld Place. This happens when you can’t follow Sirius Black as the game gets stuck when going up the elevator. So when you finish the tasks in this level and open the door to leave to go out, the game screen splits and you’re stuck just seeing Grimmauld Place from the outside. You can’t move or do anything.

    Nancy & Bridget called Warner Bros Interactive who publishes the game — the service phone number can be found in the manual booklet (usually in the back) — and they said there has been a recall! Not sure if it’s for all systems, but definitely for the Wii.
    Note: Unlike the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC versions, the Wii cannot receive online patches after release to fix game-crashing glitches like this.

    Solution: Kia says that they are recalling the (Wii) game for sure, it was suppose to go into effect before the release. I had to call because I got an auto reply email back from the Warner Bros website contact form saying basically we may or may not reply to you. It is worth it to call them, they will replace your copy for free and all you need to do is email them a copy of the receipt, and pictures of the game disk, the manual, the case and your info. When the new copy of the game is out they ship it to you easy peasy. Good customer service by the way, not many companies would do this, you would have to send them your copy before you could get anywhere.

    Auto-save Glitch (PS3-only?)

    The auto-saving not working is being reported on the PS3 version, where trophies and game progress are not automatically saved before you turn your game off. Stickman says he turned on the PS3 and all progress was completely gone, even though the game was saved frequently. Even the trophies are gone, which is what is weirdest of it all.

    Solution: We recommend manually saving every hour, so your progress does not get lost.

    Year 6’s The Horcrux and the Hand Level “Snape Duel Glitch”

    In the Year 6 level The Horcrux and the Hand, be careful either when using Ginny or don’t use her at all for the duel with Snape. Rowen mentions playing the end of the level and using the R2 and L2 to switch between spells. If you accidentally picked her pet and you can no longer duel, even after the pet was put away. She was “killed” and the game will no longer respond to any buttons pressed except the Start button, so you have to start the level all over (and if you’ve played this one, you know how annoying that can be with the cave).

    Solution: Don’t duel Snape with Ginny.

    Year 5’s Kreacher Discomforts Level “Elevator Glitch”

    After you open the door in the Year 5 level Kreacher Discomforts, there’s a strong man-thing on the wall. If you have super strength turned on you can go on and open it to reveal a dumbwaiter (small freight elevator). However, every time ST017 went up the dumbwaiter it takes the player to some half-finished glitch screen and there’s no characters to move or do anything. The only thing you can do is press Start, and return to hub.

    Solution: If you go to the same spot in Free Play mode, you can see it’s actually Sirius Black’s bedroom with Buckbeak and an apparition pad in there, so for now it’s recommend you play that section in Free Play mode.

    Year 6’s A Not So Merry Christmas Level “Fires Glitch”

    Reported on the Wii, the Year 6 level A Not So Merry Christmas at the part where Bellatrix comes in and it’s just the adults (there’s a lot of graphics happening on-screen). The glitch happens when you start to put out the fires with anybody. The game just chokes, freezes and then makes a loud buzzing noise. Resetting the console doesn’t solve the issue.

    Solution: It appears that the Wii chokes with that much graphics happening. Slow down. Evox recommends you don’t put fires out on the bottom right of screen, try the top left screen – putting out fires one at time to allow Lupin to dig, build the fire extinguisher and use that to put out fires. Not sure if the key is “upper left” (less graphic-intense) or slowing down or using fire extinguisher. But we got through without it freezing.

    Hogwarts “Stairs Glitch”

    Reported mostly on the Wii, is a lot of people getting stuck going up on the Hogwarts moving staircases. It seems at some points when you’re progressing to go up, the stairs don’t actually activate to let you go up. Instead, nothing happens and you’re stuck.

    Solution: Emilee discovered there is a way around the stairs glitch. Go to the area outside of the great hall. On the far left is the door to the room of requirement (where you went to Hogsmeade in Years 1-4). Walk down that hall, and go off to the right, walk all the way down and go right again, it will take you to the top of the stairs above Dumbledore’s Office. — We had this glitch happen to us, did that, and beat the game. It also made our stairs start working again from the other way too.

    Alternate Solution: You can also contact Warner Bros about the Wii game’s recall to get new fixed copy of your game. You can read all about the recall and how to get the fixed game at the top of this page in the “Game-stopping Crash Caused A Recall”. And please comment below if you’re having this problem on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC version as well.
    It appears there are quite a few of these glitches/crashes stopping people from finishing the game. I think they rushed the game a little bit to be “finished” in time for release alongside the last Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie.

    Infinite Studs Glitch

    In the cafe from the Year 7 Level 1 “Thiefs Downfall”, if you go to the cafe’s counter and see all the plates stacked up and hit them with a spell, Studs will come flying out. Now normally Studs stop coming out of items two or three hits in, but Studs NEVER stop coming out of these dishes! So, round up all your Red Brick multipliers and bam! Infinite easy studs! – Thanks for the tip Eoin

    Solution: See if it works on your version of the game and enjoy it! 😀

    Do you need help anywhere? Please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below. We’re here to help out!


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    • andreapappa

      You need to be in freeplay for both. You’ll need a dark wizard for the box and if I’m remembering there’s a goggle dispensers on outside of house which will show up later

    • Monica Metzler

      Going back thru the game and am trying to get a character with a key. Where do I need to go?

    • GrannieO

      Hi Monica – The character that you need is Mrs. Cole – you need to be in freeplay and her token is in the café outside of the Leaky Cauldron – you need a black magic character to get her – the two goblins also have keys but sorry cannot remember where their tokens are – hope this helps

    • moother0418

      I am in Sirius’ bedroom and I can’t get out

    • anonym45

      Attention,! I need help, I just finished year 4, the long credit and stuff. Then I am at the leaky couldron and then I go to Dumbledores office. I Finnished the potion and destroyd the solar system and got the thing In the hat but wtf do I so now? I don’t think I am at year 5 but it’s not year 4 either. . Getting frustrated.

    • GrannieO

      Hi anonym45 – I’m assuming you mean that you have finished Year 5 as Year 4 was in the previous game. There should be a ghost to guide you to the next part, so not sure why you are in Dumbledore’s Office.

    • Daina Mehl

      Hey, i am in beginning somewhere. First question, how do u talk to someone? They have a question mark above their head. Secondly, how do i find a wrench?

    • Holly Merie Tank

      Page 7 says unavailable

    • Hi Holly, I checked and the site’s loading A-OK. Not sure why Year 7 Part 2 wouldn’t load for you, but it works now. 🙂

      Here’s the direct link:

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