Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

11 November 2011
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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough Box Art

Year 5: Focus, Snape’s Memory

You will need to watch where Nick head, you will see that the character needs a spoon, it is located in the chest, give him the spoon and he will open the door.

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  • Head in the door and you will be inside the level of Focus snake.

    This is not a very difficult level, you will need to put the items together located on the floor and put the sword from the right to the left side of the room.

    Once you have done all that, head into the next room and break open everything, you will need to zap everything and put the items together.

    You will need to keep zapping the cupboards until Sirius falls out, follow on with him.

    Once your outside, you will be able to change over to Sirius and dig up the items in the ground.

    You will need to put the items together and then the Duel will commence!

    Remember to copy the colours of your opponent.

    Once you have removed the four hearts you have one the duel!

    Year 5: The Weasley Twins, Weasley Boxes

    I love the Weasley Brothers!

    When you start this level, you will need to have a mooch around and jump and break everything! You will need to use the hammer to break through the gate.

    Once you are through the gate, you will need to move the trees to see the ingredients you need, remember you will need to used your red Diffindo spell on the red items.

    Once you have found all the ingredients, pick the strength spell, you will need to pull the gate to get the sticky trainers you need to climb up the walls!

    Climb up the wall and pull another gate, you will need to put the firework together as it will break through the wall into the next area.

    Once in the next area, you will need to smash and bash everything you can see!

    The next items you will need to find are the four emblems, once you have found the emblems you will need to match the colour of the emblem with the colour of the shield.

    There is another Weasley box on the roof, you will need to use your sticky shoes to get onto the roof, open the box and a garden scene will grow, growing a vine who will ring the door bell.

    Once the door is open, head through the door and you know what to do! Smash and crash about finding items to build.

    The picture on the wall will give you a very large rocket!

    Once you have found all the pieces to the giant rocket, you will enter a cut-scene.

    Year 5: A Giant Virtuoso

    The first thing you’re going to do is walk around the area while smashing all the items around the room. Once you have finished smashing the items, you are going to need to use your action magic and hit the blue dishes to turn them round.

    You are going to then need to look on the floor for the cats milk, you will need to put the cats milk in the cats dish.

    Under the cats, you are then going to need to rotate the dish so all the boarders and floors match and are straight.

    Once you have matched them all up, the cat will make it into the picture and light the fire!

    You will then be back in the forest and it is time to do some more bashing around.

    You will need to make your way up onto the ledge break one of the arms of the vine flower.

    It will retreat and you will see it in the bottom right hand corner, once you can see where it is, you will need to head over to it, watching out for the mushroom men.

    There will be a digging scene here, so use the cat to dig up the item.

    You will then need to keep using your action magic and smash everything to collect those studs so you can become a true wizard.

    Moving all the leaves around the digging area you will find a second digging area for the cat.

    Place both the items where the arrow indicates, once you are on the upper level, watch out for the mushroom men and collect as many studs as you can!

    Put the scissors together, this will allow you to cut through the tree and head down the path.

    You will then enter a cut-scene.

    Once you have watched the cut-scene, you will need to smash around and find a way to build an item that makes a loud noise!

    Once you have built the bell, you will need to look for the orange circles and ring the bell once you’re in the circle.

    This will cause the birds to fly away and onto a log, ring the bell once more for the birds to lift up the log.

    You will then need to drive your bike and wake up Grawp!

    Follow the orange circles.

    Grawp will break down the barrier and you will enter a cut-scene.

    Year 5: A Veiled Threat & First Lord Voldemort Boss Fight

    Welcome to the final level of Year 5.

    The first thing you are going to need to do is the usual, is smashing up everything, you are going to need to pick up a lolly pop a spider and flowers into the cauldron.

    Once you have blown up the wall, you will head into the next area and enter a cut-scene.

    After the cut-scene, you are going to need to run! When you head into the pause section, you will be able to have a walk around and get stuck in to everything, if you don’t want to stop and just keep running you can.

    Once you get to the next section, you will need to used your Diffindo spell to put the red items together, every time you put an item together, it will bring one of your Lego enemies down!

    You will be able to use Sirius to do the digging section.

    Once you have taken out the 4 Lego enemies, you will need to do a little Duel, remember you will need to match the colour spell of your opponent.

    Once you have finished your Duel, you will then need to take on YOU KNOW WHO!

    After you have taken out a couple of his hearts, you will be faced with a snake! You will need to watch out as the snake will spit fire and slam down in front of you.

    You will need to make your way over to the sprinkler handles on the left and right side, once you have made your way over, the other Lego character will help you out by turning the other level.

    You will then need to take on You know who again, there will be item you will need to build and throw the item at him three times, keep standing behind the shield whilst your building and throwing the item.


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    • andreapappa

      You need to be in freeplay for both. You’ll need a dark wizard for the box and if I’m remembering there’s a goggle dispensers on outside of house which will show up later

    • Monica Metzler

      Going back thru the game and am trying to get a character with a key. Where do I need to go?

    • GrannieO

      Hi Monica – The character that you need is Mrs. Cole – you need to be in freeplay and her token is in the café outside of the Leaky Cauldron – you need a black magic character to get her – the two goblins also have keys but sorry cannot remember where their tokens are – hope this helps

    • moother0418

      I am in Sirius’ bedroom and I can’t get out

    • anonym45

      Attention,! I need help, I just finished year 4, the long credit and stuff. Then I am at the leaky couldron and then I go to Dumbledores office. I Finnished the potion and destroyd the solar system and got the thing In the hat but wtf do I so now? I don’t think I am at year 5 but it’s not year 4 either. . Getting frustrated.

    • GrannieO

      Hi anonym45 – I’m assuming you mean that you have finished Year 5 as Year 4 was in the previous game. There should be a ghost to guide you to the next part, so not sure why you are in Dumbledore’s Office.

    • Daina Mehl

      Hey, i am in beginning somewhere. First question, how do u talk to someone? They have a question mark above their head. Secondly, how do i find a wrench?

    • Holly Merie Tank

      Page 7 says unavailable

    • Hi Holly, I checked and the site’s loading A-OK. Not sure why Year 7 Part 2 wouldn’t load for you, but it works now. 🙂

      Here’s the direct link:

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