Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

11 November 2011
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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough Box Art

Year 5: Focus, Harry’s Memory

When we arrive in this level, it will not actually teach you the Focus spell in this level, you will actually learn the focus spell later on in the game.

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  • You will need to have a walk and a bash around and construct the digger, however! The digger won’t actually dig in the place you need it to dig.

    You will need to use the digger to dig up the parts where the animal prints are located.

    It won’t work if you use the SQUARE button, we are playing on the PLAYSTATION, you will have to use the CIRCLE button to commence the digging in the correct area.

    Once you have found the cake, you will need to give the cake to the character, it will then activate a cut-scene.

    You are now back inside Hogwarts, you will need to have a smash and bash around to collect some studs here and there.

    Change over from Harry to Snape whilst you’re in this level, you need to find the item the girl character needs.

    You will need to open the door and build the item that falls out, you will then be given the item the girl needs from the painting.

    She will open the door for you and head through.

    Collecting the studs in the room, you will need to find what looks like a bat.

    You will also need to take out all the targets, once you have taken the targets out, you will find the bat and give it to the character.

    Now that you’re in the Ministry of Magic, you will need to head down the hall taking out the items as you head down collecting the studs as you go.

    You will need to find the character on the end his item, this item can be caught when you place the net together.

    Give it to the guard and he will let you through the door.

    Once you have arrived on the platform, you will enter a cut-scene once you have seen you know who.

    Year 5: Diffindo Lesson

    In this level you will be learning how to learn the spell Diffindo!

    You will be able to trace round the lines with your Diffindo spell.

    Once you have traced the object, you will then need to place it back together as it falls out.

    If you see any other red items located around the game, change over to your Diffindo spell and have a go!

    You will need to smash and bash up everything to collect studs, cause I’m sure you would want to go shopping at the end of Story mode!

    The green gas that is coming out of the flower, I would advise you stay way from it as it will kill you!

    In front of the fan that has some books on top, is where your ship is located! Build the ship and then rebuild it for it to make a vacuum, the vacuum will clear the books away.

    Use your Diffindo spell again to trace and make the stairs.

    Once at the top, put the pipe together and shoot your Diffindo spell at the red seal, you will then be able to send the owl or cat up and compete your last Diffindo spell.

    Jump down and head through the door where the blue arrow is located.

    Year 5: Kreacher Discomforts

    Welcome to Kreacher Discomforts!

    You will need to have a look around the room and have a good bash around the place.

    You will be able to open up the door and put the oven together to get a cake! And look up! You will be able to see a flying Santa on a broom.

    You will need to place the cake on the table, he will give you a door knob and you will also get an achievement!

    Open up the door and head into the room, you will then need to have a look around the room and head up the stairs following Kreacher.

    As you move up the stairs you will need to activate the elf pictures on the wall, to move past the shouting painting Harry will need to put his cloak on, one he has passed the painting, head over to the cupboard and put the levers together to close the curtains on the painting.

    Hermione will need to head over to the memory cupboard and then Harry will need to place the door handle on the door downstairs near the spider.

    Open the door and head through.

    Once inside the room, you will see Sirius Black!

    It is time to make your way around the room once you have watched the cut-scene, pick up the bricks on the floor using your action magic and place them on the correct plates.

    You will need to change over to Sirius and he will be able to activate the digging areas.

    Once he has dug the item place it on the green Lego panel along with the other 3 items, once you have completed that, place it on the wall to complete the level.

    Year 5: Patronus Charm Lesson

    Harry is now going to teach everyone how to use the Patronus spell.

    You will need to go around the room shooting at the targets, there is an item that needs to be build and opened up.

    It is a Dementor! Take out the Dementor with your spell.

    You will then need to keep wandering around the room, Hermione will need to send the cat up the pipes, before she sends the cat up, she will need to move the ball with her magic.

    Once the cat comes out of the pipe, place the handle on the chest and take out the Dementor.

    The female character will need to head over to the memory cupboard and put the item together. She will then need to jump on the fan to inflate her Dementor and take it out!

    All the characters are now equipped with the Patronus Spell!

    Year 5: Grawp Befriended

    The first thing you are going to need to do, is make your way over to the tree and break the bark to reveal some items, you will need to make your way around the environment and take out all the white flowers.

    You will also need to use the cat or the owl to get the digging items for you, once it has been dug up, you will need to put it together.

    Once you have put your fan together from the flowers, head up the truck of the tree and follow the path down, you will enter a cut-scene where you meet Grawp.

    Grawp is looking for a trumpet! You will need to have a look & smash around the area putting the items together to see if you can locate his instrument. Once you have placed his trumpet together, he will ask for a duck. Pick up the yellow duck and make it into a jack in the box.

    Once you have build the duck, you will need to build an organ.

    Once you have built and found all the items you will have Grawp as a friend!


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    • andreapappa

      You need to be in freeplay for both. You’ll need a dark wizard for the box and if I’m remembering there’s a goggle dispensers on outside of house which will show up later

    • Monica Metzler

      Going back thru the game and am trying to get a character with a key. Where do I need to go?

    • GrannieO

      Hi Monica – The character that you need is Mrs. Cole – you need to be in freeplay and her token is in the café outside of the Leaky Cauldron – you need a black magic character to get her – the two goblins also have keys but sorry cannot remember where their tokens are – hope this helps

    • moother0418

      I am in Sirius’ bedroom and I can’t get out

    • anonym45

      Attention,! I need help, I just finished year 4, the long credit and stuff. Then I am at the leaky couldron and then I go to Dumbledores office. I Finnished the potion and destroyd the solar system and got the thing In the hat but wtf do I so now? I don’t think I am at year 5 but it’s not year 4 either. . Getting frustrated.

    • GrannieO

      Hi anonym45 – I’m assuming you mean that you have finished Year 5 as Year 4 was in the previous game. There should be a ghost to guide you to the next part, so not sure why you are in Dumbledore’s Office.

    • Daina Mehl

      Hey, i am in beginning somewhere. First question, how do u talk to someone? They have a question mark above their head. Secondly, how do i find a wrench?

    • Holly Merie Tank

      Page 7 says unavailable

    • Hi Holly, I checked and the site’s loading A-OK. Not sure why Year 7 Part 2 wouldn’t load for you, but it works now. 🙂

      Here’s the direct link:

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