XIII 2: Lost Identity Announced. Is Puzzle-Adventure Sequel To FPS Video Game

XIII 2: Lost Identity has been announced via Facebook. Remember XIII? A comic-based first-person shooter with a cell-shaded graphical style and comicbook influence where speech bubbles were used when people talked, panes and panels popped up to showcase certain elements that were happening, and sound-effects were “written” onto the scene in real-time (“tap-tap-tap”, “BANG!”).

Don’t remember it? Not surprising, as the game recieved only average or above-average review scores at the time, and was panned by critics who said it wasn’t unique enough, with the comicbook style being the game’s only saving grace. That game was published by Ubisoft for Xbox1, GameCube and PS2 in 2003, with PC and Mac versions, as well as a mobile game, also released.

Now a SEQUEL to that game has been announced. However it’s a sequel in name only. The original XIII videogame was in fact based on a comicbook, a 1984 Belgian comic book series called “XIII”, so this game is actually based on that same comicbook series, but is hoping the name “XIII 2: Lost Identity” will peak the interest of those who remember the original XIII videogame.

This time the game is not a first-person shooter, and is instead a puzzle-adventure game, set in the same world as the comic book series, but will expand on the lore of the comics and its offshoots with a unique storyline of its own.

You can check out some XIII 2: Lost Identity Screenshots via the official Facebook.

I wasn’t able to find out what platform this game will be on, but it sounds like it will be either a mobile game or a social networking/Facebook title.

Here is a video showing the intro and opening gameplay moments from the original XIII FPS videogame for the original Xbox, PS2, GameCube, PC and Mac.