Super Scribblenauts Easter Eggs

25 October 2011
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Super Scribblenauts Easter Eggs Artwork

Our Super Scribblenauts Easter Eggs guide will show you how to find some hidden secrets in this unique action platformer series where you must write words and terms to solve puzzles.

Where to Find the 121st Starite

There is a hidden 121st Star that you can find in the game. In order to obtain it, you must create a Time Machine, and then use it repeatedly until the point where you are taken to a stage featuring another Maxwell (That’d be YOU!). Wha? It’s also here that you will find the 121st Starite up in the tree! Collect it and you will finish the game off with 100% completion!

Do you know of any other secrets or hidden Easter Eggs in Super Scribblenauts? If so leave us a comment and we’ll update this page and give you credit!

Thanks to Theaggyyu for the 121st Starite Easter Egg video.


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