Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS Passwords, Codes & Cheats List

This Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS Passwords and Codes list shows you some of the passwords to unlock special Pokemon.

These Passwords are handed out at various official Nintendo events or by publications and whatnot to promote the title.

You can use these Passwords to either unlock Pokemon that were previously unobtainable in the game. Or you can unlock certain Strengths or Powers.

In some cases you’ll need to actually head to a certain area to obtain the unlocked Pokemon. You then have to defeat them in a fight before they are added to your collection.

Passwords, Codes & Cheats List

Pikachu – Unlock Code: 7746-3878
Tornadus – Unlock Code: ? (Obtained as an Amazon Pre-Order Bonus)
Tepig – Unlock Code: ? (Official Web-Site Bonus)

Do you know of any other Passwords or Cheats for the game?

Here is a video of Pokemon Rumble Blast in action.