Otomedius Excellent Walkthrough

This Otomedius Excellent walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this Xbox 360-exclusive retail shoot-em up sequel to the Japanese arcade erotic schmup.

In Otomedius Excellent, the gorgeous and well-endowed ladies of the sequel to the Japanese-exclusive arcade hit arrive on American shores for the first time exclusively for the Xbox 360. Besides the drool-worthy scantily-clad girls and the ‘touching’ minigame, this title offers classic Gradius-style shoot ’em up and bullet-hell action, with the girls riding atop Konami-themed rockets/ships inspired by other Konami titles! All of the girls speak as you play, and along with a dazzling array of stunning visuals, thrilling online and offline cooperative play, and a collector’s edition set for fans, you won’t be disappointed with what some are calling the must-buy Schmup of the Year!

Otomedius Excellent is rated T for Teen. So please note that viewers must be at least 13 years old or older to watch. This game includes Mild Fantasy Violence, Partial Nudity and Suggestive Themes.

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Index of Otomedius Excellent Guides:

Otomedius Excellent Walkthrough

Otomedius Excellent offers players a unique side-scrolling arcade shoot-em up (or schmup for short) that is an Xbox 360-exclusive from Konami. The game combines “ships and pretty girls” in a fun combo that could only come from Japan. This game is the sequel to the original Japanese-only arcade title. The game allows players to choose from one of nine pretty girls and offers shooting gameplay inspired by the Gradius and Parodius series. It also offers up to three-player online or local co-op play, improved graphics over previous releases in the series, and has a great soundtrack (which you get on CD if you bought the Collector’s Edition version).

Key Game Features:

  • Stunning Gradius-style shooting action in a 2D side-scroller with pretty girls riding atop badass rockets.
  • Great graphics combine with an excellent musical score to create a feast for the senses. The girls talk as you play, and environments have been rendered in high-definition to take advantage of the power of the Xbox 360.
  • Choose from nine lovely and barely-dressed girls in skimpy outfits; who you are sure to fall in love with. Each has their own personality and lines of dialogue.
  • Team up to create a threesome with friends or siblings (online or offline) and use their help to obtain hard-to-get items that are more easily grabbed with more than one player.
  • Get “interactive” with the girls as you touch them via a special mini-game. See their embarrassed reactions and oogle at their jiggling body parts as you play with them. An additional Gallery Mode allows you to unlock still images of the sexy girls and the Gallery will grow as you play the game and unlock new pictures to view.

Otomedius Excellent Walkthrough – Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Tita Nium)

1. The Big Wave – Boss: Neko Sancho from Parodius.
2. San Francisco – Mid Boss: Gofer Sisters and Tetran, T.B. Rika and Tri Pod Core.
3. Spelunker of Hell – Boss: Ryukotsuki from Getsu Fuuma Den.

Otomedius Excellent Walkthrough – Level 4: The Ancient Bacterian (Aoba Anoa)

The Ancient Bacterian Part 2

Otomedius Excellent Walkthrough – Boss Battle

Otomedius Excellent Walkthrough – Final Boss

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