Mass Effect 3 Demo Release Date Confirmed

A Mass Effect 3 demo for the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG, which will conclude the enormously popular trilogy from EA and Bioware, will be available for download on February 14th, 2012, on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC announced developer BioWare via the official Mass Effect 3 Facebook page of the game.

The demo will offer both single-player and multiplayer gameplay sections for fans to experience ahead of the Mass Effect 3 release date of March 2012.

What content will be included in the Mass Effect 3 demo?

“There are two sections in the Mass Effect 3 demo, both included as part of a single download: The single player section includes 2 areas: the opening level featuring the Reaper attack on Earth, and a level further into the game where Shepard travels to an alien home world to seek their assistance in the war effort. This will be approximately 1 to 2 hours of content.The co-op multiplayer section includes 2 maps: Slum and Noveria. This section will be open to players who have qualified for the early multiplayer access as of Feb 14, and will then open up to all players on Feb 17.”

As always, a demo is a great thing and will certainly get anyone who is on the fence (if they exist) convinced about whether they want to dive in or not by offering a small portion for players to play through. Of course, given that the real game builds on your decisions from the previous two games, the actual game itself will offer far and away more than what players will get to experience with a small demo. Which would be like eating one pepporoni off the top of an extra large pepporoni pizza, and then claiming you enjoyed the whole pie.

Yes. I did just say that.

Here is a look at the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3.

The Mass Effect 3 release date is set for March of 2012.