Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Level 8: Another Dimension

Stage 8-1 Final Boss: Lor & Magolor

The first part of this level plays like a 2D side-scrolling shooter. Simply avoid the obstacles and shoot the enemies in front of you until you reach Lor and Magolor. Here again, the 2D shooting continues, so move up and down to avoid the attacks and fire away every chance you have. The ship will then envelop itself into a protective barrier and get behind you. You can’t attack it like that, so just avoid the shots until it’s back in front of you. keep attacking and circling around it to avoid the tornado attack. This battle is pretty easy, so save your energy for the incoming fight! Make sure you have a lot of lives accumulated, as this will hep a lot.

You will then face Magolor alone. You can choose from several abilities, but as always, I have to recommend the Fighter one, as the upward and downward kick attacks are quick and do enormous damage. Choose whichever you feel most comfortable with though. Magolor is hard to hit as he will warp around a lot, but if you can get over him with the Fighter ability, you can attack him several times with the downwards kick and get his health down to half almost instantly. Then he will get behind and use a blackhole to try and suck you in. Run to either side of the screen to avoid the attack, then get on him again to attack. Just make sure to avoid his big beam attack by hovering above when you see him charging, or you’ll lose a lot of health for nothing. The fight is long, so keep your health bar full.

When you finally get his health down, he will do like Grand Doomer and refill his bar with protective barriers. There are five to take down, so five hits total. He will make random enemies appear on the screen; always swallow the glowing one to get one of the special powers, then use it against him. Normally, you should be able to use it twice each time. Then he will use a spell to remove your ability. Wait for more enemies to appear and swallow the next glowing one. Use the power twice, then he should be down to one bar. He will probably use the blackhole again, so be careful. Repeat the same thing with the last one and hit him twice again. Then shake the wiimote when the symbol appears on screen up until it disappears to finally finish him off for good… or not!

The fight is not over yet. Magolor will re-appear stronger than before, with a full health bar. However, take note that the game auto-saves at this point, so I would recommend just letting Megalor defeat you (if you have several lives saved up) so you can start this part of the battle over with a full health bar, as always as with an ability (otherwise, you will have nothing). Take the Fighter again for an easy battle. Magolor will have new attacks this time, which are harder to avoid. Keep attacking when you get the chance. Occasionally, Magolor will take you to another screen where he will attack with a sword. If you are already attacking him during this phase, his attacks will miss, so attack continuously with the downwards kick. This is pretty much the same fight as before, so use the same strategy. Except, this time, he won’t be coming back!

Congratulations! You have now finished the game, enjoy the ending.

But then the game asks you “The End?” because you’ll have unlocked an “Extra Mode” that lets Kirby play through the game all over again, but with a harder difficulty. Enemies are bigger and faster, bosses have new attacks, things like that.

This video gives a look at Kirby’s Second Quest:

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