Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Level 7: Dangerous Dinner

Stage 7-1

Avoid the lava spouts in the first room and keep going right to reach a screen with falling boulders. Near the end, several boulders will fall and you’ll pick up a key on the way. Carry it to the locked gate on the right and collect the first Energy Sphere. Then you’ll need to defeat Water Galboros. Just be careful to avoid the cannon the ceiling. Swallow up galboros to obtain the Water ability, then go right and pick up the key on the pillar. Using your water power, run to the right with the key to surf on the lava and safely cross to the other side. Unlock the gate below and head through the door. Before picking up the key in here, spit some water on the blocks on the right to create a safe stairway (but only once, or you’ll destroy the block instead). Then carry the key up the stairs to unlock the gate and get the second Energy Sphere.

Head back to the previous room and fly up to the exit. Cross the next room by avoiding the fire and the eels until you reach a door blocked by some blocks. Hit the bomb switch to reveal the hidden door (watch out for the eel though) and go in. Inside, you’ll need to step on the right switches so the yellow monkey below can follow you and bring the key to you. Step on the two first switches, but not the third one. Then step on the fourth and fifth switches, but not the sixth. Lastly, step on the seventh switch, but wait for the moving platform below to be on the left side first, otherwise the enemy and the key will fall. Step on it at the right moment, then step on the last switch and go get your key from the foe. Open the locked gate with it to collect the third Energy Sphere, then use the barrel to return to the previous room.

In the next one, swallow the glowing snowman to get the Snow Bowl ability. Use it on the volcano at the end to reveal the portal and hop in to complete the sub-level. Use the super inhale ability to destroy everything in your way to reach the end, then defeat the Sphere Doomer as usual, while avoiding the cannon. Collect the Energy Spheres after, then leave this level.

Stage 7-2

The first room will have a platform going down as you avoid the enemies around. Swallow one of the bombs to get the Crash ability, which blows up everything on screen. Use it when you see the Energy Sphere on the left and collect it. In the next area, get the Ninja ability from one of the enemies and head down until you have to climb down a ladder with two ninja enemies on the right. Between them on the right wall, you’ll see some lava. You can fly behind the wall of lava without being hurt to find a door. Using the Ninja ability, stick to the ledge right above the door inside and throw daggers at the rope on the right, just when the lava column lowers. You have to be placed right at the perfect spot for it to go through. After cutting the rope, collect the Energy Sphere below and return to the other room. Then keep going down to the next area.

Get the Hi-Jump ability from here, then start going up. At some point you’ll see a wall on the right that only opens up for a few seconds. Charge a Hi-Jump to go through, then do the same again to collect the Energy Sphere above. Check the video if you’re having trouble with this. Then keep going up to the next door. In the dark room, get the candle and go right. Swim in the water but stay at the surface to save the candle. At the end, throw the candle down at the ice to reveal a 1-Up. Run right in the next room to avoid the collapsing roof and pick up the cannon to make things easier.

Hurry to the door and defeat Super Bonkers in the next area. Swallow him afterwards to obtain the Grand Hammer. This time you’ll need to use the hammer to connect pipes together. To lower the blocks, use small hammer hits (instead of shaking the wiimote, just press 1 and don’t do anything). You’ll need to use it several times on some of the blocks until they are placed correctly. On the last structure, crush down all the pipes to reveal the portal. Reach the end of the sub-level and defeat Sphere Doomer to collect your last two Energy Spheres. Then head through the two next doors to reach the exit.

Stage 7-3

Go down to the door at the bottom of the first room to reach a somewhat different looking area. Avoid the meteors and reach the next door on the right. After crossing the bridge at the entrance of this new room, go right and swallow the rock enemy to get the stone ability. Then go back left and use the stone on the grey blocks to crush through them. Run left to collect the first Energy Sphere of this level. Then continue right to the next area. This room moves around on itself, so you just have to wait for the door to pass by. Defeat Dubior first, then keep going right until you find the door.

In the following area, get the Wing ability and fly around the meteors to reach the door on the right. Before going in though, look on the left for a giant meteor hiding a door (check the top when it goes down). Inside, use the boot to jump on the lava spouts, enemies and meteors until you reach an Energy Sphere at the top. Then go to the next area and pick up the horn. The floor will raise and some enemies will fall, so get underneath them to protect yourself. When you reach the top, stay under the yellow monkey enemy above so it falls on you and pick up its key. Go through the door with the key and start climbing up while avoiding the obstacles on your way. If you make it to the top with the key, you can unlock the gate on the left and collect the Energy Sphere behind.

Then swallow the glowing swordsman in the next area to get the ultra sword ability and crush everything ahead. Hit the volcano at the end to reveal the portal to the sub-level and jump in. Again, you’ll need to hit switches with super inhale to advance, while avoiding meteors. Plus, you’ll need to defeat two Sphere Doomers this time! The fight is the same though, just a little harder. Take them down one at a time, while taking your time to avoid their attacks. Then collect the two last Energy Spheres and use the star to reach the exit.

Stage 7-4 Boss: Landia

How to beat the Landia boss:

For one of the last bosses, Landia is actually pretty easy. His flying attacks are very easy to avoid, as he is quite slow. Most of the time, Landia will stay in the corner or in the middle, not moving, or barely. Attack him continuously to lower his health to half very early in the fight. Then he will seperate into four small dragons and spit fire. Also very easy to avoid, then just attack any of the dragons to lower his health again. Just be careful when they start flying around, then attack some more and they should be done for. This fight shouldn’t last more than a few minutes. Now get ready for the real thing!