Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Level 6: Egg Engines

Stage 6-1

Take the Fire ability from one of the enemies as you make your way right, until you get to a fuse tied up to a cannon. Light up the fuse, then run right and jump over the obstacles to reach the cannon before the flame. You’ll be launched into a room with a 1-Up. Use the Mike ability here to get it, then go back down. Head right to the next screen, where you’ll need to run while avoiding the Sleep ability. Don’t pick any of these or you’ll just fall to your doom. Jump over them or run past.

In the next room you’ll find barrels again. At some point, you’ll see a door right underneath a barrel. To get to it, you need to time yourself right and launch yourself just when the pressing pad ahead closes, so that you hit it and fall down, instead of go through it. Then head through that door and do the same thing to get the Energy Sphere by firing yourself into the moving plate. Get the 1-Up as well, then head back to the barrel room and go right to reach the next door. cross the next area by running right and avoiding the energy balls, then you’ll find a Lolipop in the room ahead, if you step on the switch. Have fun destroying everything ahead, but don’t go too fast so you don’t miss a door half-way through. Get the Sword ability from the enemy on the right first, then go through the door and cut the rope to collect the 1-Up below.

Then continue right to reach the last area and swallow the glowing fire enemy to obtain the Monster Flame ability. With this, light up the big cannon enemies to blow them up. When you get to the exit door, blow up the last large cannon to reveal the sub-level portal. This one is one of the hardest. You’ll need to swallow the enemies and fire at the bomb switches, while running on the moving walkways. Then defeat the Sphere Doomer to obtain the two last Energy Spheres and finally get to the exit.

Stage 6-2

Move through the first few rooms until you get to the room with small drills falling from the ceiling. At the end, swallow of the water enemies to get the Water ability, then go through the door to a room with fire blocks. Above the last stomping pad, you’ll find an Energy Sphere. Use the water attack on the fire blocks to break them and collect it, then go through the next door. Get the Stone ability from the rock enemy here, then head through the door at the top. Swim through the area until you reach the third small room with spinning wheels. Go to the top where there’s a little opening out of the water and use the stone to crash into the water and into the metal blocks below. You’ll collect the second Energy Sphere.

Cross the two next rooms until you have to fight Dubior. After defeating him, swallow him to get the Spark ability. In the following area, use the thunder shock to hit all three bomb switches in the ceiling, one by one (you have to do it fast). The last one is the important one, as it reveals an Energy Sphere. Then pick up the key in the next room and carry it right to unlock a gate holding the final Energy Sphere for this level. Then leave through the door above.

Stage 6-3

Moving walkway and some wind! When you reach the end of the second screen, you’ll go down a slope with some enemies lined up above. Keep an eye out for a lever in the ceiling just after that part. Jump to pull it and collect the first Energy Sphere. Then continue right and cross the next room. You’ll need to fight two mini-bosses this time; King Doo and Moundo. Tackle one at a time, and make sure you carried the M box to this screen, so if you need some health, you can just eat the Max tomato. After you have defeated both of them, steal Moundo’s Stone ability and keep going right. In the following area, step on the switch and quickly jump into the chasm to the right. Trust me, a platform will appear. Run to the right as quickly as possible so you can collect the second Energy Sphere before it disappears. Then hover to the exit.

You’ll then come to a glowing beam enemy in the next area. Steal its Flare Beam ability and use it to light up all the lanterns around. Head to the door at the very top of the area, then you’ll be faced with somewhat of a challenge. Lighting up all the lanterns here can prove very difficult. Try to wait until they are all lined up and light them all at the same time, and also take your time. You may have to repeat it several times before getting it, but it’s do-able with some practice and timing (and luck). This will reveal an area with the sub-level portal. Go in and swim through the obstacles to avoid the purple wall until you reach the end. Defeat Sphere Doomer and collect the two last Energy Spheres, then use the barrel to reach the exit.

Stage 6-4

Swim around the first room to reach a dark cave area. Pick up the candle and go right until you see a sword enemy. Destroy the blocks above so you can go in and get the Hammer ability. Then go down and right, breaking the metal blocks surrounding the first Energy Sphere. Continue left to find the exit door, but don’t go in yet. Walk past it to find blocks on the left. Destroy them and go through the path to find another door. This alternate path will lead you to yet another Energy Sphere as you swim to the next area. Here, fight Kibble Blade, then steal the Cutter ability from him. Go right and stand at the very edge of the platform just before the waterfall. Charge a cutter attack to hit the switch on the other side, revealing an Energy Sphere on the left. Collect it, then head through the door on the right.

Swim through the next area until you reach two green sharks. Go down, and down again (instead of right) to find another Energy Sphere at the end of the path. Then go right this time to the door. In the next area, keep an eye out as you bypass the eels, as one of them hides a door. Wait until it retracts to get inside. You’ll find yourself in a dark room; swallow the spark enemy here to get its ability, then hit the bomb above to obtain the candle. Go left and jump to light up the ceiling. You’ll see a key above the second bomb switch. Hit that one with the thunder attack, then use the key on the left door to collect the last Energy Sphere. Leave this room and continue to the exit.

Stage 6-5

Avoid the stomping pads and step on the switch at the end to obtain a 1-Up. Then go through the door to the second area. Now you’ll need to stand at the right spot to avoid being crushed by the weirdly shaped blocks. Keep an eye out for the first Energy Sphere on the left just before the door appears. Then cross the next room and defeat the big robot enemy half-way through, since he is hiding a door. Inside, pick up the key on the left and throw it on the moving walkway. Then hurry up and go around to pick it back up on the other side. Unlock the door and get the Energy Sphere.

Then go back to the previous room and right to yet another one of these rooms where you need to watch out for the ceiling. Stand in the right spot before it falls and collect the Energy Sphere that will show up in the center before the end. Then in the next area, head down and pick up the crystal on your way. Carry it down and pass through the crystal barrier on the right. Pull down the lever, then collect the Energy Sphere. Go down again to another room with the falling ceiling, but harder this time. Don’t forget to collect the last Energy Sphere as it appears in the room just before the exit door.

Stage 6-6 Boss: Metal General

How to beat the Metal General boss:

Metal General is a lot easier than world 5’s boss. One of the best abilities for this fight is Ninja, or anything with throwable weapons. During the first part, he will use normal close-range attacks, and get in the middle and launch projectiles at you. Stay still to avoid this, then attack him when he isn’t doing anything for a short while. During the second phase, he will get on a rocket and try to crush you from above. Avoid it by running around, then the floor will be covered in flames. That’s when you may want to use your throwable (daggers, in this case). When he gets back down to use his sword, attack him again to finish him off.