Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Level 5: Nutty Noon

Stage 5-1

Get on the star and then fly to the right. You can use the whip ability and go through the door in the middle to collect a 1-Up. Then back in the main area, try to get the Wing ability from one of the bird enemies, as it will be very useful for this level. In the next area, fly up and go through the door surrounded by blocks on the left. Collect the first Energy Sphere in the room here, then leave and keep flying up. Go through the door to the next area, where you should either have Cutter, Sword or Wing. Stay close to the ceiling and fly right. At some point you’ll be able to go higher and find a door under a platform. Cut the rope and then head through the door. Collect the second Energy Sphere on the left, then go back to the other area. Go through the door at the end, then go up in the next area.

You can get the Tornado ability here, but keep the Wing ability, as it will be more useful soon. Fly up and avoid the cannons, then you will go up a thin path with round cloud enemies. Hug the left wall as you go up to find a secret passageway leading to the third Energy Sphere. Then go up again to the door. Here, avoid the big spike balls by hiding under or above. When you see a switch, press it and run or fly faster to get to the end before the boulder. Do this with the last one to reach the final Energy Sphere before the boulder gets to you. Be careful not to hit the bombs either or you won’t be able to get it. You really must get to the end before the boulder or you’ll have to start over to get it. With the Wing ability, you can fly a lot faster so this is why it’s really useful to have here. Then just fly to the exit to leave.

Stage 5-2

Run through the first area until you reach the second, with towers moving up and down. Keep going right until you find a bomb on one of the towers. Pick it up and go right while avoiding the enemies so you don’t drop the bomb. Jump from tower to tower until you reach one with metal blocks on top of it. Throw the bomb here to clear all the blocks and reveal a door. Inside, take the bomb ability and charge a bomb throw from the platform before the spike ball. Position the red arrow so the bomb will be thrown across through the opening in the wall and hits the switch. Then collect the Energy Sphere and leave.

Go up in the next area until you reach the top and defeat Moundo. Steal the Stone ability from him, then you’ll come to three wooden beams. Crush down the two first ones, but not the third one! Then go underneath and collect the Energy Sphere on the left. Swallow the beam enemy in the next area to get the Flare Beam. Now you’ll need to use this to light up all the lanterns with a star. For the last one, there are a lot to light, but take your time and you will reveal a portal. Go through the sub-level and defeat the Sphere Doomer at the end to get the two last Energy Spheres. Then go up the ladder and use the barrels to reach the exit.

Stage 5-3

Go up using the ropes so you don’t get pushed away by the wind, until you reach the top. Then, pick up the cannon in the next screen and keep on climbing up until you reach the door. Take either the stone ability or spike ability in the next area and go down. Be quick so you reach the bottom before the yellow enemy on the right. Use spike or stone to go faster. When you get to the bottom, go right and wait underneath the metal blocks until the enemy falls down. Quickly take the key from him and unlock the gate to the right before the blocks below you are gone. Collect the Energy Sphere, then go left to the door. Climb up the ladder in the next screen and get the Beam ability from the enemy here. You’ll eventually get to a door on the right, behind some metal blocks. Use the beam to hit the bomb switch and get rid of the blocks, then go through the door. Avoid the enemies and climb around to reach the Energy Sphere on the left.

Back in the previous room, keep climbing up to reach the door above. In the next area, get the High-Jump ability. Go up until you spot the Energy Sphere. To get it, press the switch on the left, then jump up and pull down the lever. Release it, then charge a hi-jump and jump diagonally towards the Energy Sphere to collect it. Check the video if you are having difficulty with this. Then go up to the door. keep going up and blowing up the bombs to destroy the blocks, then get in the barrel to be launched into the clouds. You should see a bird enemy to the right. Above him, there’s a Energy Sphere hidden in the clouds. Fly up to that corner to find it. Then go right to find the exit.

Stage 5-4

Use the boot to jump on the enemies and go right until you find a big yellow block. Smash it, then go left to collect the first Energy Sphere. Go right afterwards and head through the door. Head up the ladder avoiding the cannonballs and then use the ropes to advance. At some point you’ll spot an Energy Sphere down below between two cannons. Just drop down to collect it, then keep going up and pull down the lever at the top. Go through the door that is now accessible.

Choose a power in the next room and fight Super Bonkers again. Steal his power to get the Grand Hammer, then head on to the next area. As usual, use the hammer on the owl statues in the boxes when they come out to destroy them. Crush the big wooden beam to raise the floor, then go right and use the hammer on the spring to be launched through the ceiling, revealing a portal. Go in and complete the sub-level, which now has moving blocks. Defeat Sphere Doomer and get the last Energy Spheres. Then climb up and pull the lever to open the door leading to the exit.

Stage 5-5

This level is a little different than the rest. You will fight several of the mini-bosses, then get an opportunity to use the right power to collect an Energy Sphere. The first enemy is Gigant Edge. Defeat him and get the sword ability. Then go on and cut the rope ahead to obtain the first Energy Sphere. Then you’ll fight Moundo. Defeat him to get the stone ability, then use that ability on the metal blocks in the room ahead to collect the second Energy Sphere. The third fight is against Water galboros. Get the Water ability after defeating him, then in the next room, use water to clear the fire blocks and collect the Energy Sphere. Then you’ll fight Dubior. Obtain the Spark ability from him, then go to next room and stand above the metal blocks. Use the thunder attack by pressing Down in the center to hit the bomb and blow up the blocks. Collect the Energy Sphere, then head right to the exit.

Stage 5-6 Boss: Grand Doomer

How to beat the Grand Doomer boss:

The Grand Doomer fight will probably be your first hard boss battle. I would recommend the Fighter ability for this battle too, as it always works against this type of boss. The upward kick should be used after each of Grand Doomer’s attacks, which are easy to avoid if you run left and right, depending. He will then drop yellow energy balls, which you can destroy like normal enemies. Then he will teleport around, and create blackholes. Just stay away from those, then run when you see the Grand Doomer charge an attack. He won’t move for a little while after that, so use the upward kick again a few times. If you manage to get on top of him, use the downward kick continuously for some pretty big damage. The boss will then repeat the same attacks and throw some energy balls. Avoid them and keep on attacking.

When his health bar reaches its lowest point, Grand Doomer will turn to steel and his health bar will refill with 4 protection bars. Hang in there! Let go of whatever ability you have and wait for the boss to make some smaller enemies appear. There should be a glowing one in there, most likely the sword enemy. Swallow it to steal the Ultra Sword ability. Everytime Grand Doomer appears on screen, use the Ultra Sword on him to get rid of one of his protections. then hover around to avoid the enemies. Wait until he comes back on screen, then hit again. Repeat this process five times to finally defeat him.