Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Level 4: White Wafers

Stage 4-1

Head right and get the Ice ability from the snowman if you want to get the stars from underneath the fire blocks. Then, get the Fire ability from the enemy above and go right again to break the ice blocks with some fire. Break all the blocks to collect the first Energy Sphere below. Go to the next area and pick up the cannon while heading right to yet another area. Jump in the barrel here and fire away from barrel to barrel until you get to a barrel just in front of three vine enemies with torns and an orange top. Now look closely to notice there’s an opening in the ceiling above you. Fire yourself through the roof to collect the second Energy Sphere. Then, when you get to the next part with lots of barrels, fire yourself into the barrel at the very bottom of the screen to reach a different exit. Follow the path to find the last Energy Sphere on your way. You’ll then fight the Gigant Edge ahead and find the exit a little further right from there.

Stage 4-2

Go right and avoid the falling snowmen until you reach the next screen. Watch out for the falling icicles here, and grab the Fire ability from the fire enemy on the right. Go right again to find a cannon and a fuse. First, I would recommend clearing the path ahead from all the blocks between the fuse and the cannon to make things easier. Then go back left and light up the fuse with the fire ability. Then run right and jump into the cannon to reach a small area. Step on the switch here and run right to get under the door. Then collect the first Energy Sphere above and leave. Continue right and jump into the boot to use it to cross spiky areas.

After jumping into the second boot, break the yellow blocks to reveal a door and go in. Head up by jumping over the snowball enemies to reach the floor above, then crush the yellow blocks to collect the Energy Sphere underneath. Get to the next area, where you’ll need to slide down some slopes until you reach another door. In the next screen, choose a power and defeat Super Bonkers. Steal his ability to gain Grand Hammer and crush the owl statues when they come out of the blocks. The last ones will reveal the portal to a sub-level. You’ll need to carry keys to the doors in order to advance, while avoiding the purple wall. Then carry the cannon to destroy the blocks and go through the door at the end. Defeat the Sphere Doomer to receive your two Energy Spheres, then leave for the exit.

Stage 4-3

Get the floor open and head down to the bottom, while avoiding the cannonballs. Get the Spear ability from the last enemy before heading through the door. Swim right and avoid the spiky shells until you see a switch in the floor. With the spear ability, you can hit this switch and lower the floor, revealing the first Energy Sphere. In the next area, climb up while avoiding the snowballs and stay on the bottom floor. You’ll find a crystal, which you should carry up. It makes you invincible while you are holding it. When you get to the second ladder, put down the crystal and destroy all the ice blocks on the ladder (use the fire ability), then pick back up the crystal and climb up. Go through the crystal barrier, then hit the bomb switch, pick up the crystal again to avoid the big snowball and then collect the Energy Sphere.

Get the Cutter ability in the next screen and head right until you spot a door above a platform. Stand on the platform with the snowman and charge a cutter attack while facing left. Release it and it should go up and cut the rope above. Quickly fly off the platform to avoid being crushed and then fly to the door. In the room here, stand at the edge of the floor and throw the cutter attack at the switch to make the big boulder fall. Then fly up and collect the Energy Sphere. Leave the room and head right to the next area. Ignore the first bomb here, it just leads to some food. Then defeat the Water Galboros and steal his Water ability. Pick up the key on the right and throw it on the platform with the Waddle Dee. Then face left (while standing on the platform with the key) and spit some water at the switch to raise the platform. Pick up the key and unlock the door on the right. Hit the bomb switch and collect the last Energy Sphere hidden there. Then go to the exit above.

Stage 4-4

Strong winds will push you right as you begin this stage. Jump over the enemies to avoid being hurt. On the second screen, you will eventually pass near a barrel just before the next door. Jump into it to be launched up to the first Energy Sphere above. Then go back down to the door. Pick up the horn in the next screen to protect yourself from the cannons and other obstacles and keep heading right to the next area. You’ll spot the little yellow enemy holding a key on the right. Hurry down through the obstacles to catch up on him and get to the end first. Then hit him and steal the key. Use it to open the bottom door and collect the second Energy Sphere. In the next screen, swallow the snowman to obtain the Snow Bowl ability. Use the snowball to crush everything in your way until you reach the snowman body at the end. Place the head to reveal a portal. This time you will be pursued by a purple ceiling so you must press the switches to go down as quick as possible. Defeat the Sphere Doomer at the bottom, then collect the two Energy Spheres and leave the level.

Stage 4-5

Go through the center door, then go left. Pick up the key, then go back through the door and go right this time. Unlock the door, then go through the next door to a room with moving ice blocks. Pick up the cannon to destroy things ahead, then keep an eye on the bottom of the screen to spot a door between two ice blocks. Head through it (with the cannon in hands) and destroy all the metal blocks in the room here with the cannon to collect the Energy Sphere on the left. Press Down to blow up blocks under you. Then return to the previous room and keep going right. Get the Fire ability on the way to the next room. Break the ice blocks in the next area to reveal a door and go in. Hit the bomb here and run right to collect another Energy Sphere if you manage to be fast enough. Then use the barrels to return to the other room.

Climb up the ladder to go through the middle door, then head right. Pick up the key in the next room, then go back to the previous one and head left. Unlock the door and go left again to reach a dark cave area. Pick up the candle close by to light up your way and keep going right until you find an arrow pointing right. Instead of going right, look on the left for several ice blocks blocking a path. If you still have the fire ability, use it to crush the blocks, or throw the candle at the blocks to destroy them. The path leads to a door. Inside, press the switch on the right (even if you take a few hits, run to it), then go collect the Energy Sphere. Return to the dark cave and continue to the right until you reach the exit. In the next area, press the switch to collect the key, then go right and unlock the left door. Get the Energy Sphere from under the floor, then pick up the other key and unlock the right door, which leads to the exit.

Stage 4-6 Boss: Goriath

How to beat the Goriath boss:

Goriath is a pretty tough opponent. He will climb around and jump, throw snowballs and pound the ground ala Donkey Kong. The Fighter ability works really well here. You can basically get above him while he is standing on the wall and simply pound him continuously with the downward kick attack until he is down to half of his health, upon which he will change his attacks. Now he will fire energy beams, but you can still use the same strategy. Just avoid the attacks until he gets on the wall again and keep pummeling him. You can also attack him while he is standing on the ground after his pounding attack. Check the video if you need any help with this strategy. You could manage this easily with any ability, but the Fighter really is the best for this battle.