Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Level 3: Onion Ocean

Stage 3-1

Get the Ice power from the snowman near the beginning of the level so you can collect a 1-Up in the water underneath some fire blocks. Then take a ride from the star at the end to reach the next area. Glide down using the parasol and head through the door at the bottom. Cross the next area using the tornado ability, then use the rafts in the next room. You’ll come to a bomb block guarded by a spike ball. Hit it with any ability (the whip works best here) to reveal a door on the right. Go in, then pick up the key on the floor and step on the two switches to raise platforms. Run and jump across them to reach the gate and unlock it to collect the Energy Sphere behind.

Then continue to the next screen and ignore the fire totems at the entrance. On the right, swallow the glowing snowman to get the snow bowl ability. Press (1) and shake the wiimote to turn into a snowball and roll over obstacles. Roll through everything until you get to the door at the far right, then in the next area, roll through the sand castle to reveal a portal. Inside, step on the switches to lower the blocks until you reach the bottom. Defeat the Sphere Doomer to get your two Energy Spheres and complete the sub-level. Then go right to the exit.

Stage 3-2

Swim across the first area, then you’ll cross a long bridge. Defeat Kibble Blade at the end, then take his cutter ability. On the next bridge, cut down the platform, then swim under the bridge and destroy the blocks on the left to collect the first Energy Sphere. Move out to the next room and swim until you get to a large rock where you can see an unreachable switch in the center. Swim up to the water’s surface and swallow up one of these bee enemies to get the spear ability. Then swim back down underwater and stand on the right side of the rock. With the spear, you should be able to hit the switch, revealing a door. Inside, hit all the bombs to reach the Energy Sphere in the middle.

Head back out and proceed right to the next screen. Hop into the boot and use it to jump on enemies and spikes, unharmed. Switch the boot when you get to the other one, then keep going right. Reach the big yellow block at the end and stomp it to reveal another door. Go in and swim up to collect the third Energy Sphere. Then pull the lever above and go right. Keep swimming through the area, avoiding the eels, until you get to the last Energy Sphere in the center of the water. Break the blocks above the eel to collect it, then move out to the exit.

Stage 3-3

In the first room of this stage you’ll be pushed down by strong currents. When you reach the second strong current, stick to the left and go out of it before it takes you all the way down. Inhale the large block on the left, then grab the hammer ability behind. Go down and through the door to the second area. A strong current will push you to the right. When you get to the second moving floor, wait for it to go down to spot a door. Go through it while it’s down and you’ll find a 1-Up in the small room. Hit the bomb with the hammer while the current carries you left to get it. Back outside, swim right and through the door to the next area. Go up and head down the middle path to reach the next door while collecting some stars and food. Go all the way right in the next screen to fight Moundo.

Take the stone ability, then go right to find some meat above the water. Use the stone ability right here to drop down into the water all the way to the bottom, where you’ll find the first Energy Sphere. Now get to the door to the next area and swim up. Head down the rightmost path to collect the second Energy Sphere along the way, then through the door at the bottom. You’ll be pushed by strong winds in the next room; jump to avoid obstacles and collect stars. Then swallow the fire enemy to get the Monster Flame ability. Shoot fire at the statues when they open up to destroy them. At the end, send fire at the squid under the ship when it’s not hiding to reveal the portal. Swim through the water to reach the end of the sub-level and defeat Sphere Doomer to collect the two Energy Spheres. Then exit the level.

Stage 3-4

Swim down to the bottom of the water and hit the switch on the left to raise the floor. Swim down to the door and avoid the spinning beams in the next room. Go through the door that you can see above on your way. Inside, hit the switch to open the floor so all the enemies fall down. Then pull the lever above to drop the key from the ceiling. Go collect the key, but be careful to jump over the switch, or you’ll lose it. Pick it up, then unlock the gate on the left to collect the Energy Sphere. Go back out and swim down to the next area. Here, swim into the water, destroying the blocks in the way, until you reach another door in the middle. Go in to grab the lolipop, then once back out, swim around and enter the door on the other side. It’s hidden behind some weeds, but you can still see it. Hit the switch inside and swim to the Energy Sphere while crashing into the sharks. Leave the little room and keep swimming to reach the door to the next area.

Now you’ll need to avoid some spiky shells. During the second time where you must press a switch to free the shell and swim away from it, hide into the alcove in the floor ahead and wait for it to pass above you. Then follow it to the right. It will crush the metal blocks at the end, revealing a Energy Sphere. Collect it, then go up to the door. In the next screen you’ll find a bomb. Pick it up, then carry it down to the large blocks and throw it to reveal a 1-Up. Be careful with the bomb; jump over enemies and pits, and don’t fall from high ledges. Pick up the next bomb and carry it down again to the next blocks on the left. Throw it across the gap to destroy the blocks and collect the fourth Energy Sphere. Then go down to the final area. Avoid the eels, and once you reach the signpost with an arrow, go up above and swallow the enemy to get the spear ability. Swim until you get to the next arrow and head all the way up to the very top of the room. Hit the bomb above the eel with the spear to destroy the blocks and collect the last Energy Sphere. Then swim right to the exit door.

Stage 3-5 Boss: Fatty Puffer

How to beat the Fatty Puffer boss:

Fatty Puffer’s main attacks consist in rolling into you, jumping and crushing you, and throwing ice. Avoid that by running or flying over him, then attack when you have the chance. Half-way through his health bar, he will get bigger and his roll attack will be harder to avoid, so stay close to the ceiling. He will also throw water at you and make stalagtites fall from the ceiling. If he starts jumping around, run under him to avoid the attack. After either his rolling or jumping attack, he won’t move for a short while. Take that opportunity to attack him non-stop and lower his health bar by a bunch. Avoid more attacks and hit him again to finish him off.