Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Level 2: Raisin Ruins

Stage 2-1

A little further from the starting point, you will come to an enemy with a door below, which leads to a 1-Up. To get it, you’ll have to use the whip ability and hold the attack button close to the spikes to grab the life with the whip. Back outside, proceed right to the next screen and make sure to inhale the flame enemy at the entrance to get the fire ability. Continue right until you reach a rope connected to a cannon. Light up the tip of the rope, then run and jump inside the cannon. Wait for it to fire you up to a screen with the first Energy Sphere. Then go right through the door.

Run down to avoid the falling boulder, then step on the switch and wait for the next boulder to roll down. Follow it all the way to the end and pick up the second Energy Sphere before heading to the next area. Climb up the ladders to avoid the falling boulders, then head through the next door. Grab the lolipop and rush through the enemies! In the final screen, go right to defeat Bonkers and swallow him up afterwards to get the hammer ability. Break the metal blocks ahead with the hammer to collect the last Energy Sphere, then head through the exit.

Stage 2-2

Make your way right to the next screen. Grab the stone ability here, as you’ll need it in a bit. Slide down the first slopes until you spot some metal blocks on the right. Use the stone stomp on the wooden beam to crush all the blocks and go through the door at the bottom. Now you’ll need to be really quick. Stomp the wooden beam, then run as fast as possible to the right and jump over to collect the Energy Sphere. If you don’t make it in time, simply leave and re-enter the door to try again. In the next area, swim across the water, then get the water ability from the enemy above the door. Go through that door and spit some water while facing left. Then quickly run to the right to grab the 1-Up before it falls in the chasm. Back outside, go right and swim down the water. Stay at the bottom and swim right to find another door. Inside, hit the bomb switch at the top of the screen to free the Energy Sphere on the right.

Now leave this room and continue right to reach a star. Jump on it to be transported to another area. Pull the lever at the top to open the door, then go through. Swallow the beam enemy in the next area to gain the Flare Beam ability, which lets you control the beam to hit anything marked with a star. Use it to crush down the statues around you. The last batch of statues you will destroy will reveal a portal. Hop in to access the sub-level. Quickly swim swim across the water blocks until you reach the door, then defeat the Sphere Doomer to obtain your two Energy Spheres. Then just go up to the exit.

Stage 2-3

Climb up to the top of the two first areas, until you reach a structure made of moving blocks. Stay close to it and climb up until you spot a large stone block on the right. It’s right before a moving block, so you may miss it — don’t climb up too fast. Inhale the block to clear the path and go in. Get the tornado ability, then use it to smash through the stone blocks to collect the Energy Sphere at the top. Then get to the next area and steal the Hi-Jump ability from the enemy here. Stay in the middle and hi-jump up until you crash through some stone blocks. You’ll collect the second Energy Sphere by the same occasion.

Keep going up to reach the door, then defeat King Doo in the next area. Take the beam ability from him, then head up. On the left, use the beam to hit the bomb and blow up the stone blocks. You’ll find another Energy Sphere in the middle, with a 1-Up. Use the barrels in the next screen to fire yourself up and go in the rightmost barrel at the top. Fire up to find the last Energy Sphere. Then use the center barrel and fire up to the exit.

Stage 2-4

Grab the key at the entrance and head up to unlock the gate blocking the way. Go through the door, then cross the moving “sandways” and swallow the bomb enemy to get the bomb ability. Break the blocks ahead to access the door below using a bomb and enter the room. Put down a bomb on the switch, then quickly run down to the gate below. When the bomb detonates, the gate will open for a very short period of the time. Hurry to the other side before it shuts and pick up the Energy Sphere. Leave the room and continue right to the next area. It’s all dark in here, but you can pick up a candle on the right to light up your way. Carry it along the way until you spot an energy sphere above the ceiling. Continue right, then go up, and left. Break the blocks above you with the candle, then go pick up the Energy Sphere that you saw on the left.

Then keep going right to reach the door and defeat Water Galboros in the next area. Inhale him to get the water power, then go right and destroy the fire blocks to get a 1-Up. In the next room, avoid the cannons firing large fireballs until you reach a crystal. Pick it up and keep going right. While you are holding it, you will not be hurt by enemies and you can pass through crystal barriers. You’ll eventually come to a door leading to a smaller room. Pass through the crystal wall and collect the third Energy Sphere. Back in the previous room, go right through the door and get the ultra sword ability from the glowing swordsman. Smash through everything until you find the portal near the end. Hop through it and complete the sub-level. Note that when you inhale large blocks, you can shoot them at the purple wall to slow it down. Then defeat the Sphere Doomer to collect the last Energy Spheres and proceed down to the exit.

Stage 2-5 Boss: Mr. Dooter

How to beat the Mr. Dooter boss:

Mr. Dooter will jump around a lot, use a tornado attack and ground pound, as well as throw skulls at you. All of that is pretty easy to avoid, and you can attack him in-between each of his attack methods. I found the water ability to work well here, but really any will do. If you choose the whip, you can take what he throws at you and send it back at him. When you get him down to half of his health, he will change his attacks a bit. Sending bats at you, juggling, and still a lot of hopping around. If you ever lose your ability, take the stars from his ground pounds to hit him back. This fight is a little harder than Whispy Woods, but is very similar to some of the mini-bosses, so the usual will work.