Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Our Kirby’s Return To Dreamland walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with video guides and strategy tips for this classic-style Kirby platformer for Nintendo Wii that has been five years in the making!

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land returns Kirby and his friends to the side-scrolling platformer landscape in a new adventure built to satisfy both new fans and longtime Kirby fanboys & fangirls alike! Kirby’s new quest begins when a mysterious UFO crash lands at the peaceful Pop Star realm, scattering the pieces of the ship to kingdom come. Thus Kirby sets out to retrieve the ship parts scattered about the world in order to, in his friendly nature, help the poor alien return to his home planet. However Kirby is not alone in his quest! Joining him are his friends; You and three others can team up to help Kirby and join in the fun with playable Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede.

Kirby’s Return To Dreamland is rated E for Everyone and is safe for the whole family.

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Index of Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Guides:

Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Walkthrough

Key Game Features:

  • Kirby’s trademark Copy Ability that made him famous, returns once more, allowing Kirby to inhale enemies and spit them back out; Or suck them in and steal their abilities for himself!
  • This game marks the debut of new “Super Abilities”, which activate when Kirby inhales specific enemies. So the Super Sword Ability becomes activated when Kirby eats a sword enemy, and allows Kirby to swing a giant sword that wipes out the entire screen!
  • All of your favorite classic Kirby Powers return along with many new ones!
  • Have your friends or siblings joint he fun and play four-player Cooperative play! (Additional controllers required and sold separately.) This allows you to defeat enemies and bosses and collect Point Stars and Ability Stars as a team. The drop-in/drop-out play allows others to come and go as they please; with ease. Hey that rhymes!


Here’s the intro cinematic for Kirby’s Return To Dream Land. Followed by the game’s Basic Moves and the Abilities Overview.

Basic Moves

  • (1): Inhale enemies/ Attack
  • (1) + Down: Swallow enemies
  • (1) + shake wiimote: Super inhale
  • Right/Left: Walk (Run if you tap the direction)
  • Down: Slip through some platforms
  • Up: Go through doors
  • (2): Jump (press again to hover)
  • (-): Spit ability
  • (+): Pause menu

Kirby shows off all his basic moves in this video.

Abilities Overview

All the Non-Super Copy Abilities are:
Beam, Bomb, Crash, Cutter, Fighter, Fire, Hammer, High-Jump, Ice, Leaf, Mike, Needle, Ninja, Parasol, Sleep, Spark, Spear, Stone, Sword, Tornado, Water, Wing, and Whip.

Super Copy Abilities are:
Flare Beam, Grand Hammer, Monster Flame, Snow Bowl, and Ultra Sword.

Items Overview

  • Energy Sphere: Find and collect them in each level to unlock secret rooms!
  • 1-Up: Gives Kirby an Exra Life.
  • Food: Any type of food Kirby picks up will replenish his health bar. Some food refills more than other, like meat for example.
  • Maxim Tomato: Kirby’s favorite food, the Tomato, will completely refill his health bar. You will also find boxes containing the Maxim Tomato, that you can carry around and use later.
  • Lollipop: Makes Kirby invincible. Running into enemies will dispose of them. It also allows you to run faster.
  • Crystal: Crystals can be carried around and also make Kirby invincible, but they will not take down the enemies, as opposed to the Lollipop. You can also use them to pass through crystal barriers.
  • Cannon: Allows Kirby to throw cannonballs at everything in front of him.
  • Horn: Protects Kirby from above. Anything that fall on top of it will be disposed of.
  • Bomb: Can be carried around for a short while to blow up the hardest of blocks.
  • Key: Used to unlock some gates.


Level 1: Cookie Country

Stage 1-1

Go through the tutorial level, following the directions on the signposts. (1) to swallow enemies, (Down) to absorb their abilities, and (1) again to attack (try different combinations with the directional pad). Tap (Right) or (Left) to start running, and (2) to jump and fly if you keep pressing. You will then enter a cave; press (Down) to slip through thin ledges, then pick up the Key on the right. Carry it to the door ahead and collect the first Energy Sphere. Move on and press (-) to spit out your current ability. Hold (1) while shaking the Wiimote to inhale large blocks.

Leave the cave and swallow the sword enemy outside. You will gain the Ultra Sword ability, which lets you destroy anything with a star. Use the sword on all blocks with stars, and the enemies on your way. At the end, the blocks will reveal a portal. Hop into it to access a sub-level. Be quick and reach the end of the level before the purple wall gets to you. Defeat the Sphere Doomer in the next screen to obtain the two last Energy Spheres for this stage. Then walk to the exit.

Stage 1-2

Work your way up the trees and make sure to get the cutter ability to cut through spider enemies. Along the way you will pick up a a very useful cannon. Hold on to it to destroy everything in front of you. You will eventually come to a large gap. Jump to hit the switch above with the cannon and cross using the new bridge. On the other side, cannon away the metal blocks on the ceiling, then drop the cannon with (1) and fly up to collect the first Energy Sphere of the level. Then go right and through the door.

Climb up inside the tree, and once you reach the top, look in the top-right corner of the screen to find a hidden Energy Sphere in the branches. Then through the door and fight Gigant Edge in the next screen. Be sure to swallow him up after the fight to gain his sword ability — you’ll need it in a short moment. Stand on the ledge in the air on the right and cut the rope holding the metal platform. You can now collect the last Energy Sphere. The exit is on your right afterwards.

Stage 1-3

Hit the bomb at the entrance to destroy the wall and enter the cave. Use the spark ability to smash through the blocks on the right, then climb down to the door. However, before heading to the next screen, press (Down) to go through the floor and collect the Energy Sphere underneath. You may now proceed to the next area. Head right until you reach the second screen and get the beam ability. A little further ahead, you’ll find a locked gate. Continue right across the pit to find the key. Carry it back to the gate to unlock it and collect the second Energy Sphere.

Then proceed to the next area. Keep an eye on the bottom of the screen to spot a little yellow monkey enemy carrying a key. You must run faster than him to get to the other side before him, while trying to avoid the obstacles. Then steal the key from him and carry it to the right to unlock the gate. Collect the last Energy Sphere behind, then go through the exit door.

Stage 1-4

Watch out for the falling rock pillars as you make your way right. After crossing a bridge, you’ll come to a ladder, but instead of climbing up, continue right through the wall into an opening leading to the first Energy Sphere. In the next area, step on the switch to get the lolipop above. This makes you invincible, so have fun running through all the enemies up ahead! You’ll then find yourself in a cave. Pick up the horn above to protect yourself from any falling obstacle or enemy. Step on the switch at the end to blow up some blocks, then drop the horn and fly to the second Energy Sphere.

Then go through the door above and swallow the flame enemy in the next screen. You’ll gain the Monster Flame ability, which lets you burn any wood marked with a star. Now burn away! The last tree trunk you will burn will reveal a portal. Go through it to complete the sub-level. Simply avoid the spiders or inhale them until you reach the end, then defeat the Sphere Doomer to obtain the two last Energy Spheres. Make your exit to the right.

Stage 1-5 Boss: Whispy Woods

How to beat the Whispy Woods boss:

You should be familiar with Whispy Woods if you’ve played any other Kirby game. He will drop apples and throw spiders at you, and blow gusts of wind. All of these attacks can be avoided easily by jumping around or attacking the apples or spiders. His other attacks include roots sticking out of the ground, and breathing you in, which can be avoided by flying close to the top-left corner of the screen. Between any of these attacks, stay close to him and keep on attacking. If you ever happen to lose your ability, you can swallow the apples or spiders and spit them back at him. But you shouldn’t have any problem with this easy boss.