Kinect Sports Season 2 Achievements Guide

Our Kinect Sports Season 2 Achievements guide lists every Achievement for this Xbox 360 Kinect-exclusive mini-game compilation party game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 50 Achievements (0 Secret) with a total of 1000 points to earn in the Xbox 360 version.


1. Birds Eye View (20G) – View a golf hole using the ‘hole preview’ gesture when playing golf.
2. Tee And in (20G) – Hit the ball in the hole from the tee off for a hole in one when playing golf.
3. Spin And In (20G) – Make the ball roll around the rim of the hole and in when playing golf.
4. Bunker Beater (20G) – Hit the ball into the hole straight out of a sand bunker when playing golf.
5. Putting Perfection (20G) – Putt the ball in from over 40 yards on Lighthouse Bay when playing golf.
6. Pitching for Points (25G) – Score more than 50 points in Ocean Driver.
7. Below Par Star! (25G) – Play the full nine holes of Maple Lake and finish under par.
8. Return Master (20G) – Score a point using the ‘power’ shot technique when playing tennis.
9. Ace-Tastic (20G) – Hit your 1st ‘Ace’ serve when playing tennis.
10. Not So Ace! (20G) – Score a return point from an incoming perfect serve when playing tennis.
11. You Cannot Be Serious (20G) – Win your first “objection” scenario when playing tennis.
12. You’re the judge, I’m the jury (20G) – Hit a line judge with the tennis ball when playing tennis.
13. Smashing Service (25G) – Score more than 90 points in Smash Alley.
14. Smash Shot Star! (25G) – Win five points on smash shots when playing tennis (cumulative).
15. Maximum Checkout (20G) – Score 170 (triple-20, triple-20, bull’s eye) to end a game of darts.
16. Nine Darter (20G) – Complete a game of darts with a nine-dart checkout..
17. Bull’s Eye Bonanza (20G) – Hit the bull’s eye three times in one turn (three darts) when playing darts.
18. Ton 80 (20G) – Score 180 (3 triple-20s) in one turn when playing darts.
19. Shanghai (20G) – Hit a single, double and triple of the same number when playing darts.
20. Balloon Buster (25G) – Score more than 25 points in Pop Darts.
21. 180 Star! (25G) – Hit ten 180s when playing darts (cumulative).
22. Grand Slam (20G) – Hit a home run with the bases loaded when playing baseball.
23. Ace Pitcher (20G) – Use all pitching techniques and speeds when playing baseball.
24. Home Runs for Fun (20G) – Score 5 home runs in a single game when playing baseball.
25. Bobble and Out (20G) – Catch a bobbled ball when playing baseball.
26. Read the Signs (20G) – Match the catcher’s signal when pitching a ball when playing baseball.
27. Out of the Park (25G) – Score more than 2500 points in Home Run Hero.
28. Slugger Star! (25G) – Hit the ball 5000 feet when playing baseball (cumulative score).
29. All… The… Way (20G) – Score a touchdown on a kick return when playing Football.
30. Long Bomb (20G) – Score a touchdown with a 60+ yard passing play when playing football.
31. Game Winning Field Goal (20G) – Win a game of Football on a field goal.
32. Calling the Shot (20G) – Complete a pass after calling an audible when playing Football.
33. Far Out Field Goal (20G) – Score a field goal with at least 40 yards to go when playing Football.
34. One and Done (20G) – Score a touchdown on your 1st down when playing football.
35. Running Star! (25G) – Run 1000 yards when playing Football (cumulative score).
36. Perfect Race (20G) – Race a perfect race (don’t miss any gates) on both ski runs when playing Skiing.
37. Go! Go! Go! (20G) – Perform a perfect start out of the starting gate when playing Skiing.
38. Big Air (20G) – Perform a perfect jump on any ski run when playing Skiing.
39. Maximum Velocity (20G) – Go fast by holding the tuck position for at least 10 seconds when playing Skiing.
40. Peak Perfection (20G) – Race a perfect race on all three hills at Sunny Peaks.
41. What Obstacles? (25G) – Score more than 50 points in Downhill Dodge.
42. Perfect Race Star! (25G) – Complete six perfect races when playing skiing (cumulative score).
43. Rickrolled (10G) – Have your first motivational song play when playing Kinect Sports: Season Two.
44. Crowd Control (5G) – Avateer to work the crowd up into a frenzy in any sport.
45. Let the Games Commence (5G) – Play any sport on Kinect Sports: Season Two for the first time.
46. Victory! (5G) – Win any sport on Kinect Sports: Season Two for the first time.
47. Kinect Sports-A-Thon (25G) – Play Kinect Sports: Season Two for more than 2 hours (cumulative time).
48. Challenge Squashed (25G) – Beat your first challenge in Kinect Sports: Season Two.
49. Challenge Challenger (25G) – Send out your first challenge in Kinect Sports: Season Two.
50. You Did It For the Fans! (5G) – Earn your 1st group of Fans by playing Kinect Sports: Season Two.

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Here is a trailer of Kinect Sports: Season 2 in action.

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