Grand Theft Auto Five Confirmed By Rockstar

25 October 2011
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Grand Theft Auto V Official Logo

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a reality. Rockstar has confirmed the game’s existance via the official rockstargames web-site which has been updated to show nothing but a splash page with the official “Grand Theft Auto V” logo….

Along with a date printed at the bottom of November 2nd, 2011.

November 2nd, eh? That’s pretty close. It looks like that will be the day that Rockstar officially unveils the long-awaited fifth entry in the best-selling action adventure open-world crime series.

So what do you think the “theme” or “style” of Grand Theft Auto V will be? Will they return to a San Andreas Gangsta vibe? Will they go the Mafia gangster route? Will the game be hyper-realistic to show a true separation between it and the Saints Row series, which has gone the ridiculous route? Or will GTA5 return to a more ridiculous style?

You know, I also can’t help but notice that the banner wrapped around the five in the Grand Theft Auto V logo is done Mexican-style. That banner is how Mexicans draw in their tattoo and gang art. Perhaps GTA5 will have something to do with the drug cartels and gang life in Mexico? That’d be an interesting theme….

We’ll find out soon. What are your predictions?


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