Angry Birds Seasons Halloween 2011 Update Adds New Levels

Angry Birds Seasons Halloween will be Updated for the 2011 holiday with a bunch of new content for everyone to enjoy!

The Angry Birds Seasons DLC will include 30 all-new “bone-chilling” levels to play through, a new Orange Bird that can be unlocked, all-new Game Center Achievements for players to earn and even more gameplay to enjoy!

The new Orange Bird starts out as a scrawny thing, but can then be inflated into a massive size by tapping. This makes him great for destroying the defenses that the Pigs have set up from within the walls.

The Achievements players have to earn will challenge you by defeating 300 Skeletons, completing all 30 new levels, obtaining three Stars on each and every stage, and more.

Angry Birds Seasons will set you back cost $1 on iPhone and $2 (£1.49) on iPad. As with other Angry Birds Seasons games though, if you already have bought the base game of Angry Birds Seasons previously, then you’re game will automatically be updated with the new downloadable content. Trick or Treat!

And now for the Angry Birds Halloween theme song!