NCIS: The Video Game Walkthrough Video Guide (PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360)

This NCIS: The Video Game walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this Adventure game based on the hit TV show for Wii, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 from developer Ubisoft. NCIS: The Video Game is also available in a 3DS version.

With NCIS: The Video Game, the hit show enters the world of videogames on consoles, handheld and PC for the first time ever. Co-developed with the creators of the hit TV police drama, the writers of the show created four original episodes for players to experience in this videogame. Travel across the United States and around the globe in order to solve complex murders, espionage and terrorist cases; playing as your favorite characters from the award-winning, live-action television show.

NCIS: The Video Game is rated T for Teen. So please note that viewers must be at least 13 years old or older to watch. This game includes Blood, Suggestive Themes, and Violence.

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NCIS: The Video Game Walkthrough

Key Game Features:

  • Become the Cast and Join the Family – Get to play as your favorite characters from the TV show as you become an NCIS Team Member. Use each of their unique skills in their field of expertise to make it through all four episodes.
  • A New NCIS Episode – This game includes a wholly new storyline for fans to experience, written by the same writers who create the hit Television series.
  • Become Part of the NCIS Camaraderie – Players will bond with their favorite characters from the show and will feel as if they are right there with them as the team’s humor, quirky personality traits and defining characteristics take center stage during segments when the team interacts. With you in their shoes!
  • Complete NCIS Experience – Just like in the hit drama series, you must use your gut instinct along with cutting edge technology to unravel the mysteries behind each episode.
  • User Friendly and Easy to Play – A third-person viewpoint allows you to easily maneuver your character by simply pointing and clicking.

Episode 1 – Jackpot

Jackpot Part 2 – Interview the Guard

Jackpot Part 3 – Match the Shoe

Jackpot Part 4 – Autopsy of Victims

Jackpot Part 5 – Movie Collection (Episode 1 Finished)

Episode 2 – Identity Theft

Identity Theft Part 2 – Discretion Is My Middle Name

Identity Theft Part 3 – Piece of Cake (Episode 2 Finished)

Episode 3 – Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power Part 2 – Body Moved

Abuse of Power Part 3 – Database Hack

Abuse of Power Part 4 – Vial Hunting

Abuse of Power Part 5 – Succinylcholine (Episode 3 Finished)

Episode 4 – Dubai

Dubai Part 2 – Fingerprints

Dubai Part 3 – Diffusal (Episode 4 Finished) – THE END

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