James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes Walkthrough

24 October 2011
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This James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes walkthrough (formerly Hollywood 61) will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this 3DS-exclusive adventure game.

Become the main protagonist of a murder-mystery of epic, mind-twisting proportions in this 3DS-exclusive Ubisoft adventure. Harnessing the power of the stereoscopic glasses-free 3D little engine that could, players take on an interactive movie format as they attempt to solve the mystery in a way that is very unique. Over 150 puzzles are included and must be solved before the criminal mastermind is revealed. The game includes a 1960s era art ethos, 40 minigames to play and motion controls that can be used to solve the puzzles.

James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes is rated T for Teen. So please note that viewers must be at least 13 years old or older to watch. This game includes Mild Language and Mild Violence.

Table of Contents

James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes Walkthrough

A Murder Mystery Where You’re the One Being Played
The spotlight is on YOU as you become the main focus of a murder mystery of mind-numbing proportions in an all-new interactive 3D world. Solve over 150 intriguing puzzles as you live the thrill of crime-solving a deadly homicide. The game has a unique setting where you are a contestant on a game show, with discoveries peeling back the onion of a diabolical mastermind and a series of murders… as you progress you must contend with the antagonists manipulation with every new bend. In this game, no one is safe, not even you. In order to clear your good name you must solve each puzzle that the killer leaves at his crime scenes and reveal the face of evil before time runs out.

Key Game Features:

  • For the first time ever, play an interactive 3D movie where you are the star!
  • A truly immersive experience that makes use of the camera and the power of the 3DS in unique ways (including realistic 3D puzzles).
  • This murder mystery features a really interesting and unique 1960s art style which offers realistic graphics and effects.
  • Tons of variety in the 150 puzzles on offer, featuring both classic and 3D puzzles.
  • Track your performance in solving the puzzles with a performance tracker.


3D Puzzle 1

3D puzzle 2

Here is a trailer for James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes for Nintendo 3DS.

More walkthrough videos will be posted once they are available.

Thanks to notlikeicareaboutyou for the walkthrough videos.

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